Turks explained to Europe why Russian gas is better than American

The Turks are a pragmatic people, and they have already appreciated all the advantages that they will receive by consuming Russian gas, which will very soon enter the country through the pipes of the Turkish Stream.

During the interview RIA News" Member of the Turkish Presidential Council for Security and Foreign Affairs policy Nurshin Atesoglu Guney said that Europeans will be cheaper for Russian gas than the one offered by the United States.

The official noted that American LNG, which Europe previously received, is much more expensive than Russian gas coming through pipelines.

According to Guney, the Turkish Stream, the construction of which is in its final stage, is the most important strategic project of all previously signed between Ankara and Moscow.

She also emphasized that Russia’s already operating extensive network of pipelines “makes cost-effective profitability calculations for Europeans who make decisions about Russian gas and give it preference.”

It is difficult to disagree with the opinion of a member of the Presidential Council of Turkey: the importance of the Turkish Stream for strengthening relations between the two countries that had previously fought with each other can hardly be overestimated.

You can be sure that the launch of Nord Stream-2 will also help build confidence in relations between Russia and Europe.
  • Photos used: https://energy.s-kon.ru/
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 6 November 2019 14: 42
    I'm now paying 6,95 rubles per cubic meter for gas. And when the Turkish stream starts working, will the gas price be lowered for me? If not, then why do I need it, this "stream". For Miller to raise his salary even more?
    1. Kuzmitsky Offline Kuzmitsky
      Kuzmitsky (Sergei) 6 November 2019 17: 28
      Yes, my boss once told me that a steelmaker and a metallurgist are two big differences. Why only Miller will receive a salary? And workers of a pipe mill, for example? And the taxes that Miller and the workers of the pipe mill will pay, where will they go? But gas workers will not earn a salary? And steelmakers who will melt the metal for these pipes? Who knows who else! By the way, yes, you will not lower the price of gas.
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 6 November 2019 17: 57
      ... You need it at least so that you continue to pay 6,95 rubles for your cube of gas, and not 30 rubles, as in the same Europe, smart guy! ... So that under the onset of capitalism you continue to receive free treatment , and teach your children, as in the USSR! Although, in fact, no one owes you this for a long time. And there are many other things for which you are hardly able to understand. These are the "conclusions" just finish off! In general, it is extremely surprising that those who have similar, if I may say so, thoughts are born in their brains, generally know how to turn on a computer, read and even write ... fool
      And the army, for example, in your opinion, for what? To Shoigu received the award? And space programs, apparently, especially for Rogozin? ...
      1. Ehanatone Offline Ehanatone
        Ehanatone 11 November 2019 03: 17
        In order for you to continue to be treated free of charge under capitalism, and to teach your children, as in the USSR!

        I missed something: that, the exam was canceled ...
        Or maybe they began to treat in clinics, and not just write out certificates? ...
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 11 November 2019 22: 38
          Yes, you missed a lot of things ...
          ... before the Unified State Exam, which I personally do not like in its current form, I still have to go to school for a long time, which provides ALL the state, which then provides higher, secondary and vocational education.
          And in polyclinics they treat, and they give out certificates, and recommendations about quality can be discussed, but all this also costs money. Go, try to go to a doctor for free in the USA or in Europe, even for help or sick leave ...
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 November 2019 09: 13
    Here is the correct approach. Both ours and yours. Gas from us, money from them, other planes ...

    Money doesn’t smell ....