NATO called the Su-57 fighter a "Criminal"

Specialized aviation media report that the “peace-loving” militarypolitical NATO unit assigned the code designation “Felon” (criminal, felon) to the fifth-generation Russian multi-functional fighter Su-57. At the same time, the Scramble Magazine publication clarifies that initially, during the development of the Su-57, this fighter was assigned the temporary code designation “Frazor” by the Alliance, however, when the Su-57 went into production, NATO decided to change the code.

It should be noted that while there is no official confirmation of the specified information from Brussels from authorized persons. Therefore, believe or disbelieve this information, let everyone decide for himself.

It should be added that the codification is used by NATO to symbolize and classify naval, aviation, missile and other military equipmentwhich the probable adversary produces. Roughly speaking, this is a nickname assigned for easier perception.

By the way, currently in Russia, the contract for the supply of the Ministry of Defense of 76 Su-57 units is in full swing (they will be equipped with three air regiments). Serial production began in July 2019. The first batch of these Su-57s should be available to the Ministry of Defense by the end of 2019.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 31 October 2019 12: 19
    A short (to match the developed high-speed movement in space of this maneuverable Russian fighter) symbol for radio communications of NATO pilots, so that, in which case, they manage to shout it on the air .... wink
    1. Nick Offline Nick
      Nick (Nikolai) 31 October 2019 18: 24
      Quote: pishchak
      so that, in which case, they have time to shout it on the air ....

      Perhaps there is a grain of rationality in this.
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 31 October 2019 19: 37
        Yes there is! wink The Americans were among the first to analyze the number and length of words of their pilots, conducting an air battle with Japanese fighters, with radio targeting in a group!
        And they found out that getting ahead of the enemy with target designation and opening fire is due to the fact that the American "set of words" required for this is usually one and a half times shorter than the Japanese one and, accordingly, takes less time!
        They also analyzed the radio interception of Soviet pilots' communications - it turned out that in a non-combat situation Russian "military slang" is 20-30 percent longer than the American one, but in a combat situation it is significantly reduced and becomes super effective when the words are replaced by "interjections" from "Russian obscene". ...
        Therefore, the Americans assign short, generally understandable "slang" designations to the military equipment of their enemy in peacetime! winked

        There is a lot to learn from American engineers and military personnel - after all, not all "Americans are stupid"! Many of them have very good brains and they know how to use them perfectly (very pragmatic and rational style of thinking!) To achieve their goals!
        Such serious opponents cannot be overwhelmed with "hats", but you always need to be ahead in the search for non-trivial solutions! yes
  2. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 31 October 2019 15: 03
    It’s not for you to hang up labels - they would be silent, while in memory !!!
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 31 October 2019 19: 55
    Well, they came up with a name, and okay, maybe we should introduce such a practice? winked Take the F-35, give it a suitable name ..... The criminal is already there, then the victim is needed repeat How does it sound like a bourgeois there? sad