“Russian men are very sensitive”: Italian about life in Russia

While many Russian youth are thinking about emigrating to the EU in search of a better life, some representatives of European youth are learning the Russian language in order to study and live in our country. I told the portal about the reasons for my love for faraway Russia Ru_Open a native of Italian Sardinia, Alexis.

Love from the first word

In 2006, at the age of eight, Alexis included a program on her father’s computer saying greetings in different languages. She liked the simple “good day” in the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy so much that the girl decided to study Russian. She bought a dictionary and tried to do it on her own, learning the alphabet. Alone to master the "great and mighty" was beyond the power, but this prompted the curious Alexis to further study of Russia and its culture.

From Italy with love

The “Russian vector” of her studies led her to take part in the international student exchange program Erasmus. This non-profit project provides an opportunity for students and teachers from the EU to live and work abroad to increase the general level of education and expand relations. Named after the philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam. As part of the program, Alexis got a chance to study in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

northern capital

The strong wind was the first impression of the girl upon arrival in St. Petersburg. There are a lot of people in the city, its population is about 5 million, but there is no crowding sensation. Everything is clean and tidy; it’s a pleasure to walk along Nevsky. There was music everywhere. Usually Alexis listens to her with headphones, but there was no need for this, music accompanied her everywhere. And, surprisingly, the weather was good all that time, and "the sky was the bluest that she saw."

Apparently, the girl brought her with her from Italy. St. Petersburg never sleeps, an invisible engine puts everyone in a continuous, but unhurried movement. For comparison, walking around Rome is a real stress for her.

About Russians and Italians

According to Alexis, our compatriots are much kinder, more responsive and sensitive than Italians. On the plane, when her phone broke, a neighbor invited her to use hers so she could call her friend. In her homeland, young people almost never give girls flowers, this is customary only on Valentine's Day. In Russia, otherwise, she saw a huge number of Russian guys and men with flowers. The manner of courtship is also different:

In Italy, in order to attract the attention of girls, guys often whistle and call her names with not very decent words. When I was in Russia, a young man who liked me stopped and made a compliment.

The girl complains:

It seems to me that kindness in Italy is on the verge of extinction.

According to her, Italians are very proud of their past, but "ashamed of the present." Russians are proud of their country.

Still, according to Alexis, Russians, as a rule, do not speak English, drive cars madly and can tell their whole life to a stranger.

Russian kitchen

Surprisingly, an Italian with a discerning taste highly values ​​our cuisine:

Cheesecakes - this is the best that mankind could come up with for breakfast.

“Russian men are very sensitive”: Italian about life in Russia

She liked buckwheat, dumplings, mushroom soup and salted fish. Pilaf was "simply divine."

What is worth changing in Russia

The girl did not talk about bad roads, garbage or corruption. She calls on many Russians to change their attitude to their own country, and not to build illusions for those who dream of Europe as an earthly paradise. In response, they tell her that she too is captive to the image of Russia from the time of Tolstoy, which has long been gone.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 30 October 2019 17: 20
    ... European youth learn Russian

    And they’re doing the right thing, Respect to them for that! good

    Russians are proud of their country.

    Yes there is! But she did well, she said golden words, and most importantly, everything was said in essence. yes

    According to Alexis, our compatriots are much kinder, more responsive and sensitive than Italians.

    Of course, we always help those who need help.

    She liked buckwheat, dumplings, mushroom soup and salted fish. Pilaf was "simply divine."

    But what about dumplings and pancakes, this is generally a masterpiece! good

    ... and not build illusions for those who dream of Europe as an earthly paradise.

    All right she said yes , we have our own paradise and it is very good.
    PS Well done, Alexis, she made the right and worthy choice when she decided to live and study with us.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 30 October 2019 23: 23
    ABOUT!!! Here, at least a real Italian ....
  3. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 31 October 2019 10: 16
    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    ABOUT!!! Here, at least a real Italian ....

    Believe me, they are real everywhere.
  4. nbv Offline nbv
    nbv 31 October 2019 13: 56
    Complete nonsense. Bulgaria is full of Russian women married to Bulgarians, but I do not know a single Russian married to a Bulgarian. There are a lot of sites where Russian girls and women are offered dates and marriages with Bulgarians, but I don’t see a single one with Russian men. What Bulgarian will marry a lazy alcoholic ?! In the Russian forums in Bulgaria, I do not find a Russian man married to a Bulgarian, but it is full of Russian women.
  5. Bitter Offline Bitter
    Bitter (Gleb) 1 November 2019 20: 36
    And what, there are no more cities in the country?
    Why Leningrad, and not somewhere in Motohovo? It would also be possible to go to Hamburg or Amsterdam, there are also enough "sensitive" Russians. laughing
    But somewhere in the "Bushes" there are not only sensitive, there are also terrible ones. wassat
    An Italian girl should be checked for Ukrainian-Moldavian roots. yes