New oil and gas province in Taimyr will cost Russia 10 trillion rubles

As the deputy head of the Ministry of Energy (Ministry of Energy) of Russia Pavel Sorokin told the public, speaking at a briefing on incentives for mining companies in the Arctic, about 10 trillion rubles will be needed to develop a new oil and gas province in Russia on the Taimyr Peninsula. investment. He emphasized that “nothing exists there yet,” but did not specify what kind of time period for investments could be discussed.

This is a very big waste. All in all a waste. And the confirmation of the forecasts that are, at 100%, spending can amount to 10 trillion rubles, of which only a little more than half is drilling, the rest is infrastructure and field development

- said Sorokin.

In turn, the head of the tax and customs department policy At the same briefing, the Russian Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance), Alexei Sazanov, said that the state would compensate for the cost of creating infrastructure in the new oil and gas province only from additional federal budget revenues at a cut-off price of $ 42,4 per barrel. Moreover, the profit tax will be reduced only for the costs actually incurred. At the same time, the volume of lost revenues of the National Welfare Fund (NWF), due to the redirection of these funds to co-finance the costs of mining companies in the Arctic, is estimated at about 50-60 billion rubles. in year.

There is a condition that if the oil price is lower than the base oil price, then there will be no deduction. The base price in the budget is set at 42,4 dollars, it is indexed every year. A deduction will only occur if the price of oil is higher than the base oil price recorded in the budget

- said Sazanov.

Sazanov added that the company will not be able to claim compensation in excess of its infrastructure costs, and basic budget revenues will not be affected "under any scenario." In addition, when answering a question, he completely ruled out the possibility of adjusting the cut-off price in the budget rule to increase compensation, explaining that “this was not even discussed”. After that, Sazanov explained why compensation for Arctic benefits is not “quasi-financing from the SWF”.

If you look at traditional projects, then infrastructure is a state. Therefore, to say that this is quasi-financing from the NWF is impossible - we are building roads in other areas from the road fund

- Sazanov explained.

Sazanov said that the entire infrastructure in any case will go to the balance of the state. He recalled that the final decision on the approval of the new system of benefits remains with the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. Moreover, a decision has not yet been made regarding co-financing from the budget for the exploration of new territories.

It should be recalled that in September 2019, Siluanov informed that he did not exclude the financing of the Arctic LNG-2 project from the NWF.
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  1. Victor N Offline Victor N
    Victor N (Victor n) 28 October 2019 11: 49
    This approach of the state to the development of territories and economic development is now the most rational. Good luck!
  2. gorenina91 Online gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 28 October 2019 13: 16
    Personally, I have already written that it is not Africa that Russia needs to "master" - this is an absolutely empty wasteful business, but to study and develop its gigantic territory ...
    - And I already wrote that it is necessary (just yesterday it was necessary) and urgently to create a new Russian ministry (although in our routine Russia it may already be useless and too corrupt and will not work) ... - then most likely a new transnational energy company ("transnational" just in case) ... - Gazprom is not suitable for this ... - this is a failed organization and this will not pull ...
    - Our oligarchs have nowhere to put their money, and they will easily invest in this new gigantic business; but they are afraid of the Chinese, who only dream of starting a big boss in Russia ... - Therefore, the oligarchs need serious state guarantees (but with our today's "guarantor" this is hardly possible ... -that's if someone else is chosen). .. - Most likely, our oligarchs will be able to change our government ... for the reason that serious capital has accumulated (they have already stolen, and there is nowhere to put the money), but there is nowhere to invest it ... - this gigantic money should work .. - and this gigantic money has already outgrown our wretched government with all sorts of Silanovs, Chubais, etc. - They have long been cramped ... and not interested ...
    - Our current state apparatus is too old and only ... slows down ... - some kind of Africa, Venezuela, etc ... - it's all the day before yesterday ...
    - Russia has such gigantic opportunities, such colossal projects should already be ready, and Russia will solve everything ridiculous litigation with a dwarf beggar Western Europe .., which has no gas, no oil, no Cosmos ... - Is this Russia today we have to do ... - it's just darkness ...
    - This project "Taimyr" (there are other similar ones) is quite real, only Silanovs, Chubais and others like them should not be allowed to it ...; which is hardly possible under the current government ...
  3. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 28 October 2019 17: 35
    Taimyr is a huge storeroom filled with numerous polymetallic ores - platinum, gold, nickel, copper and all the other elements of the periodic table, oil, and gas, with the purest condensate, but ..... delivery of all this to the "mainland" by "carrots" on the Northern Sea Route will cost a pretty penny until a railway is built there, which also requires a lot of money. Yes, and Norilsk needs to be raised again, huge deposits of polymetals have been discovered there again, but our moneybags Potanins and Abramovichs raised everything that was possible from the existing mines without investing a penny in the modernization of the combine and the development of production, and now the whole city is falling into decay, and in 15-20 years it will be closed altogether, and only this new project can raise it to the proper height, but only with new owners and leaders of the city, and not with regular crooks. The first gas flares over Taimyr were lit more than 50 years ago at the Tazovskoye and Messoyakhskoye fields, so we can assume that under the entire Taimyr tundra there are huge deposits of gas and gas condensate, and this is in addition to all kinds of ores, so all this needs to be developed and money invested there, and not to American Funds, and not to fatten "friends" on all continents, as we did during the Soviet era.
    1. Victor N Offline Victor N
      Victor N (Victor n) 28 October 2019 18: 45
      Much is already being done, the Northern Latitudinal Railway continues, and much more - there are no fools in the Government.