Western media admitted: Russia and Turkey greatly humiliate the US in Syria

The agreement between Russia and Turkey on joint patrolling in northern Syria, reached as a result of the six-hour talks between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, came as a surprise and failure for the United States.

This opinion was expressed by reporters of the American CNN channel.

They emphasized that Washington became the largest geopolitical loser in this deal, which made a gift to Putin by withdrawing troops from the Kurds.

Correspondents believe that by such actions the United States was humiliated and deprived themselves of a place in shaping the future of Syria.

The American Senator from the Democratic Party Bob Menendez, whose words are quoted by USA Today, did not hold back the bitterness.

It becomes clear that the United States has faded into the background. Moscow and Ankara got what they wanted.

The parliamentarian noted that policy US President Donald Trump, who he spent in the Middle East, is nothing more than surrender.

Meanwhile, Russia has begun to implement its part of the agreements, and controls the withdrawal of Kurdish units beyond the borders of the 30-kilometer zone adjacent to Turkey.

After 150 hours, it is planned to begin joint patrolling of the Russian and Turkish military, and no one doubts that it will take place.
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  1. chemyurij Offline chemyurij
    chemyurij (chemyurij) 23 October 2019 20: 26
    We understand that the United States is not doing anything for nothing, even if it is at first glance a hasty abandonment of its position. I think it’s a little more complicated, in the sense that the USA miscalculated here, and perhaps their task was as follows: Turkey begins military operations, Syria too, Russia helps it, the Kurds, accordingly, would also get involved, well, the terrorists of all stripes, as without them in Syria, the French - somehow very much threw them into the suit, could very well become a sacred victim - and so, to push all their foreheads was the task. And further, further, the United States would be on a horse, like, well, where are you going without us, only you will be left alone, like you in a fight, followed by the UN Security Council, the initiative, and the full-scale deployment of American troops and maybe NATO troops legally. And here once and somehow everything resolved, dispensed with the United States, it turned out that a full-scale war could be avoided, and the United States were only an obstacle, while they were based there, it provoked and provoked hostilities, as soon as they disappeared from there, the question was resolved peacefully by the way. Somehow, I think the USA miscalculated, thought too highly of themselves. It, of course, may not be the way I imagine it, but it may be.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 24 October 2019 11: 31
    - No, well, you think, good people ... how simple and obvious everything is ...
    - And everyone agrees with this, and all this was so quickly recognized ... - and the journalists of the American CNN television channel; and Senator from the Democratic Party Bob Menendez ... - what a quick-spoken unity of opinion ...
    - Well, all this is praiseworthy ... of course ... But it is also natural: Democrats against Republicans ..., Republicans against Democrats ... and that's it ... - That's all ... - And what else? ?? - Give me a "pre-election" .. that's all ...
    - Now about the Americans .. - about both at once (donkey and elephant) ...:
    - And what should these Americans do in Syria? - Start armed participation? - And against whom?
    - Against Turkey, which temporarily lost its roof? Against Russia? Against the Kurds?
    Now, if the Americans did not quickly drape from their homes, then they would be forced to get involved in all this ... But they made the only right decision ... They simply relocated to their border base in Syria and engaged in waiting. .. - Chinese tactics ...
    - What to wait for? And to wait for very soon serious disagreements between Russia and Turkey ...
    And these differences are already embroidered in black and white ... - they are simply embedded in the bios of these ridiculous "Russian-Turkish relations" ... - The interests of Russia and Turkey in Syria are, after all, diametrically opposite; and the Syrians themselves simply hate the Turks ... - what can you expect here ... - only an imminent conflict and clashes ... - And the American scoundrels just sit and "wash their hands" ...
    - Such a simple and unpretentious "American humiliation" ...