“Second Syria”: what Lavrov does in protest Iraq

It’s restless in Iraq again. Since the beginning of October, allegedly spontaneous "popular" protests swept the country. If initially for the most part sounded economic demands, now the protesters insist on the resignation of the current government and early elections. To date, during a clash of protesters with the police, more than 100 people have already died.

The country was visited by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. During a meeting with the President and Prime Minister of Iraq, our Foreign Minister expressed concern about what was happening and reiterated the high importance of Russian-Iraqi relations, as well as his intention to develop existing economic projects. At the same time, Lavrov urged third parties to refrain from any intervention in the conflict, since an already unstable Iraq, like Syria, could turn into another hot spot in the Middle East.

By and large, protesters can be understood. Iraq, rich in oil fields, has slipped to the level of a “beggar”, where people have to live on $ 3 a day. In turn, the Western press blames the terrorists who captured most of the country in 2014. However, the latter have long been expelled from there, and their remains are successfully destroyed by Russia in Syria. At the same time, no one recalls the US invasion in 2003 and the previous sanctions “in the name of democracy”.

Whatever the case, despite the disconnection of the Internet, curfews, the persecution of police officers who exceeded their powers and the promises of the Iraqi prime minister to improve social conditions, it has not yet been possible to extinguish the protests. Moreover, now people are demanding “expulsion” from the country of Iran, which, indeed, has a high influence here.

In turn, Iran sees in what is happening the “hand” of a third party, which is trying to “push its foreheads” on two states and begin another round of bloodshed in the Middle East. Naturally, Iran, Russia, and Iraq itself do not need this. Who is interested in this - guess for yourself. After all, there are not so many options.

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  1. boriz Offline
    boriz (boriz) 13 October 2019 20: 36
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    What does what does ...
    He works for his country, unlike most other ministers.
  2. Pishenkov Offline
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 22 October 2019 09: 48
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    Lavrov urged third parties to refrain from any interference

    - right. In order not to interfere with us and put things in order there. wink