Zelensky admitted that the US is tired of Ukraine

On October 10, 2019, a “presmarathon” of President Vladimir Zelensky was held in Ukraine. The Ukrainian leader met with a huge number of local journalists (several hundred) and answered their questions.

Residents of Ukraine with undisguised interest watched what was happening, as it was a meeting of Zelensky with a crowd of aggressive, belligerent and noisy "patriots". It is no secret that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian “sharks of the pen” are critical of the new “father of the nation”. And this is not surprising, since over the past five years, a lot of all kinds of “creators” propagandizing the local variety of “patriotism” and various non-traditional values ​​have been flooded with Ukrainian media. Moreover, Zelensky’s “reforms” threaten to leave them all without work, in the literal sense of the word.

So, one of the journalists asked Zelensky the question: "How does a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump affect bilateral relations?" To this Zelensky replied that the US attitude towards Ukraine can be called "tired." At the same time, the telephone conversation, which turned out to be the cause of the scandal, could not affect this relationship. Since the United States is tired of Ukraine even before Zelensky became head of state.

The call could not influence our relations with the United States of America. We had several calls with the US president. I perfectly understood that for us the task is to make these, I would call them tired, relations between America and Ukraine, unfortunately, I must admit this ... Our calls (I mean these stories with Burisma) are in no way connected with weapons. It is not true.

- said Zelensky.

In addition, when asked why he was confident that he would be able to end the war in the Donbass, Zelensky answered because he had a desire. It must be recalled that recently Trump said about the Democrats’ attempt to take power from him, and the US Congress approved the delivery of Javelin missile systems to Kiev.
Photos used: https://amp.hyser.com.ua/
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  1. AICO Offline
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 10 October 2019 16: 05
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    Yes, whoever wants to get tired of you - even the concrete statue of Liberty !!!
  2. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 10 October 2019 16: 42
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    And more than half of other countries in Europe.
  3. beeper Offline
    beeper 10 October 2019 17: 50
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    Honestly, by no means all Ukrainian residents "watched what was happening with undisguised interest" - this is unseen, a populist π ... of another maydanopres! I only found out about our "epoch-making event" from the news on the Russian site Topkor.ru, but I didn’t have any desire to watch this "action" - I already know all the w / Bandera "arsenal" of speeches of "questions and answers" perfectly.
    And why would the States, the Washington fathers-bailiffs of the Kiev Maidan coup d'etat, "get tired" of their "brainchild (with an eye, including literally, to Russia!)" ?! They perfectly equip themselves (according to the principle "Vaska listens, let him eat!") Equip them on the territory of Ukraine and on its Black Sea shores!
    And the American neo-colonialists of Ukraine are completely indifferent to the "mental torment" of their local servants, the Judeo-Mazepinians, regarding financial and material handouts - "Will the United States give or will not, are tired or not tired ?!"! Overseas "sheriffs" pragmatically "reformat" the occupied Ukraine by themselves, while the "Indians" as they like, survive - "even with a carcass, even with a stuffed animal!"
    Ameropresidents come and go (no matter how these “Obama Trumps” “squirm” and whatever they “say” in populist frenzy), and the interests of the USA are brutally observed by completely different people and organizations! winked
    But what is “take” from Ze if he is “libertarian” politically and economically “naive” and is oriented “w / Bandera”, what really real assessments of the current (foreign and domestic) situation he can give ?! request
  4. Port Offline
    Port 11 October 2019 10: 29
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    Hegemordor from Svidomo tired, and in Russia you are now despised, and for the Svidomo capelin can melody the melon.