In Ukraine, published evidence of US pressure on Kiev in the Biden case

A scandal continues to flare up over US pressure on Ukrainian investigators and Kiev’s interference in the US election.

This time, the Ukrainian side poured oil on the fire in the person of MP Andrei Derkach, who published documents that prove that the US embassy was putting pressure on the Ukrainian investigation.

The data published by the Ukrainian parliament prove that the first deputy director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Gizo Uglava, for several years provided the US embassy with closed information.

In simple terms, the Georgian "reformer" was simply a sexot of the American intelligence services, rooted in Ukrainian government agencies.

In particular, this is evidenced by a letter published by Derkach, in which Polina Chizh, an NABU employee, was instructed by an American Embassy employee to provide information on the case against Nikolai Zlochevsky, the former Minister of Ecology and owner of Burisma Holdings.

Recall that from Burisma Holdings the strings lead to the Biden family, to which the Ukrainian company paid a kind of "tribute."

After the publication of materials, Andriy Derkach was convinced that international corruption of this level could not do without the participation of Poroshenko.

Given the newly discovered circumstances, it can be assumed that Trump’s struggle with the Democrats will receive a new impetus, and new horizons will open for Petro Poroshenko, limited by a barred window and chamber walls.
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  1. beeper Offline
    beeper 9 October 2019 21: 28
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    The mistake was Offal and other insane maydauns, inherently a petty politicking kleptoshusher, a miserable small-town Jewish Judeo-Mazepa from the looted and impoverished amero-Maidan colonies (in "fabulous itiases" he contemptuously characterized in 2014 his serfs - Führers "euromaidan", who even appeared at their then-gentleman is the American President B. Obama!), imagining himself with something (not a "trembling creature", but a "right having one ?!") and brazenly interfere in the election of the American president, shamelessly putting incriminating evidence on the head of the election headquarters about of the main candidates - the current owner of the White House and the lord of all amerocholopov, D. Trump!

    It seems to me that the VAZ will be even more foolish if now (after his overlord went all-in and frankly, right up to the threat of impeachment, expressed his burning desire to him!) In a joking way "will go into confusion" and "let him go brakes "Trump's persistent harassment over the investigation of the facts of" feeding "in Ukraine Biden’s son - this odious corruption" ball "is now on the Ukrainian side and if it is not kicked back -" at the place of demand ", then the current ameropres, even this one," cadence ” Mika (although this “setup” is still the rotten legacy of his “farther”, Offal, but overseas “sheriffs”, the problems of the Ukrainian “Indians” are, in general, completely uninterested - “Dad” Donald will certainly punish the current “dragger” - "for intractability"!) ??!
    Of course, for such a “deflection”, See will receive “nuts” from dissatisfied rivals of the Trump groupies from the American “democrats,” but this, so far, is the lesser evil! smile

    I think that if Maidanoprez Zelinsky tries to please "both yours and ours," too hesitant with the "investigation" of Biden’s dirty tricks in Ukraine, then he will be even more deeply involved in overseas "showdowns", already in the role of a banal "scapegoat (dac vidbuvayla) ", both for the" Republicans "and for the" Democrats "- they will eventually agree among themselves, but VAZ and its banderlozhe camarilla will be made" the most extreme "with a whole heap of" dead cats "on the neck ?! wassat And rightly so!
  2. Bulanov Offline
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 10 October 2019 09: 35
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    Congratulations, Mr. Pischak! You may now have identified a new nickname Zelensky "VAZ" - if I'm not mistaken. I will not be surprised if they begin to call him “Lada” from this feed.