The Russian Railways told when they will launch the Moscow-Petersburg High-Speed ​​Railway

Within the framework of the meeting of the Federation Council of the Federation Council on the implementation of the parliamentary control over the implementation of the comprehensive plan for modernization and expansion of the main infrastructure, the construction of a high-speed highway (HSR) connecting the capital and St. Petersburg was considered, among others.

According to Dmitry Kattsyn, head of the center for the organization of high-speed and high-speed rail services of Russian Railways, the company’s launch of the Moscow-St. Petersburg high-speed rail is planned for 2026. It is reported RIA News".

The reason for such a significant project implementation period is long-term planning, which can take about three years, and the difficulties in directly implementing such a high-tech project in the conditions of the Russian landscape and climate.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Akimov told reporters that the total cost of the HSR project is estimated at approximately 1,5 trillion rubles, and the route of the route has been extended to Nizhny Novgorod. The project was approved by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Recall that the high-speed railway is designed to move trains that are capable of speeds from 200 to 400 kilometers per hour.

At present, Russia does not have this kind of highways.
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  1. Breard Offline
    Breard (Serg) 9 October 2019 08: 16
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    Hmm ... YES, the development is rushing! Thanks to Yeltsin-Putin! Hurrah!
    There is NO such abundance of oil and gas in China ... trillions of dollars! Just from the Russian land ... Hmm ... in China there is corruption too ... though the Chinese are shooting for it! Unlike us Russians ... We are being appointed to new positions ... or the prosecution is being stopped - how much noise was due to the governor of Sakhalin ... 570 kg of money in his modest houses in Moscow and Sakhalin, pens of 6 million each rubles, a collection of watches - 30 rubles!
    And today ... the process stalled ... and in the process everything confiscated by "hard work" was returned! And soon they will be released at all! Yes, that the governor of Sakhalin ... a simple cook, but Putin ... this is POWER!
    Yeahhhhhh! Eeehhh in what hole ... present-day Russia ... just as a detail

    As of December 2014, the total length of the HSR in China is 16000 km.