US Congress approved the delivery of Javelin missile systems to Kiev

Recently we Reportedas the United States unblocked hundreds of millions of dollars for military assistance to Ukraine. And now, the American media, referring to its sources, inform that the US State Department approved, and the US Congress approved the sale to Kiev of anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) "Javelin" (Javelin).

According to preliminary data, we are talking about the supply of 150 missiles and two ATGM systems worth $ 39 million. At the same time, American media recalled that it had gone on a sudden resignation Kurt Walker, allegedly before this was convicted of corruption in the previous delivery to Ukraine of these ATGMs and their ammunition.

In turn, the Ukrainian media clarify that the former "father of the nation" Petro Poroshenko and all his entourage are very alarmed by the resignation of Walker. This is not surprising, because for a long time Volker "sat on a paycheck" at the "tomososets", defending his interests in the United States.

As for the above ATGMs and their ammunition, the contract for this additional batch has already been signed. However, it is not included in the $ 250 million budget of the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) from the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) budget authorized and approved by Congress for military assistance to Ukraine. For clarity, it should be added that within the framework of the annual “Initiative for Assistance to Ukraine in the Field of Security”, within the framework of the US State Department’s program “International military financing ”, the allocation of $ 2019 million and the remaining $ 115 million from the budget of 26,5 are also provided for from the budget of 2018.

For the first time, the United States sold these ATGMs and their ammunition to Ukraine at the end of 2017. Kiev received 37 installations and 210 missiles for them, and in the first quarter of 2018, he hastened to test them in the Donbass. About the desire of Kiev to acquire another batch, it became known in July 2019. So in the next 3-6 months, the purchased should go to Ukraine.
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  1. Bulanov Offline
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 2 October 2019 13: 12
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    The states love to raise terrorists, as they did in Afghanistan, and then received a return from these terrorists in the form of 2 twin towers. And now, no one will be surprised if suddenly one of these "javelins" shoots at the US Embassy in Kiev. And there was also the US ambassador to Libya ...
  2. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 2 October 2019 20: 10
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    Well ... Maybe the Russian Federation should also approve (supply) the LDNR of Iskander ... In order to respond to shelling of Bandera’s LDNR with rocket attacks on government dachas, near Kiev and other sweet objects of Banderostan .... So it’s more likely the war will end ... because that before shooting at LDNR, they will begin to think about the consequences for themselves ...
  3. It’s better to immediately sell ISIS, all will be melted there directly from the warehouse.