Russian floating nuclear power plant "feeds" the Far North

Electrification of remote regions of our country is not an easy task. This is one of the main factors holding back their development, along with inaccessibility and sparsely populated. Together, all this creates a vicious circle - one problem interferes with the solution of another and vice versa. In Russia, they decided to break this circle, and it was decided to start with energy supply.

Today, a unique development of domestic engineers set sail: the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power plant. The development of this ambitious project began in the middle of the zero, and the construction of the NPP itself began in 2007. And now, after 11 years, the station embarked on its mission. First, Lomonosov will be towed to Murmansk, where it will be loaded with nuclear fuel, after which the station will go to its permanent parking place - to Chukotka, where Pevek, the northernmost city of Russia, will be supplied with electricity. Commissioning is planned in 2019, the plant will have to replace the obsolete Bilibino NPP and Chaun TPP.

The floating nuclear power plant is equipped with two 35 megawatt water-cooled nuclear reactors KLT-40S, which will provide up to 150 megawatts of thermal power. Simultaneously with the transportation of the station, in Pevek itself, preparations are underway for the city port to accept the "Academician Lomonosov".
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