The terrorist Sentsov spoke about his dream regarding Putin

Recently we Reported, as released by the decision of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian extremist terrorist, Oleg Sentsov, promised to return to the Crimea in a tank. So it is not surprising that after that he became popular with various media specializing in Russophobia and interference in Russian political processes.

For example, recently, on September 27, 2019, the Ukrainian "patriot" Sentsov was invited to broadcast the German international "public" television and radio company Deutsche Welle (DW). And do not be fooled by the buzzword “public”. All of this “public” has a specific name and surname, as well as political views.

During the interview, Sentsov was asked what his most cherished dream was. And Sentsov gave an answer, like a real “European” and a Ukrainian “patriot”. He stated that he was dreaming of Putin being in the dock.

According to Sentsov, Putin must answer for "crimes against Ukraine, Moldova, citizens of European countries and against Russia itself." In addition, Putin "must be tried in The Hague for the downed Boeing in the Donbass."

He did not give a direct order, but it is a consequence of his actions, his system, that a passenger plane was shot down.

- claims Sentsov.

Then Sentsov began to accuse Putin of the war in the Donbass and the death of 13 thousand people. That is, it was not Kiev that moved the tanks to the Donbass and began to use MLRS, artillery and aircraft against civilians - "Putin is to blame."

It should be noted that Sentsov, as a director by profession, quickly entered the role. And he began to present himself as a “prisoner of conscience”, fighting not with Russia, but with the “Kremlin regime”.

Moreover, he actually admitted that he led a group of Ukrainian "patriots" engaged in terrorism in the Crimea.

Then they decided to set fire to the office there. And then one decided that this was not enough, said that bombs should be planted. Well, he was like that, the kid is crazy

- Sentsov explained, trying to shift responsibility to another.

At the same time, it remains a mystery why the Ukrainian "patriot", who loves Ukraine so much, still speaks Russian.
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  1. Port Offline Port
    Port 28 September 2019 16: 18
    Well, he was like that, the kid is not in himself.

    In B / Ukraine, 80% are crazy, and what to do with them.
  2. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 28 September 2019 17: 36
    The terrorist Sentsov spoke about his dream regarding Putin.

    Probably a little there was once a prison sentence in a colony, I decided, probably, to go there again, there is a place for terrorists.
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 28 September 2019 18: 35
    Mut-kalamut carries, spoils, as breathing - fabulous maydaun! yes
    The Germans, the German authorities (who took an active part in the "Euromaidan" coup d'etat, with the expectation of putting their creature - a German citizen, one of the odious "Fuhrer" Maydauns! " and uses its European colony "Ukraine", as well as Poland and the Baltic states, to promote purely American interests in Europe, disregarding "common European" interests!). There is nothing else to do but "make a good face in a bad game" and, following in line with the anti-Russian and anti-European "sanctions policy" of overseas overseas suzerains, pull the delusional "ideas" and "verbal diarrhea" ?! request
    Really the deplorable "experience of Hitlerism" - the consequences of the mass Nazi psychosis did not teach the Germans anything, again they strive for the same "rake" ??!
  4. Screw Offline Screw
    Screw (Gennady) 29 September 2019 04: 40
    Sintsov is a torpedo, he is the dye of publications, he marks like a dog, all Russophobic angles. Now it is possible to cut the distribution area of ​​Deutsche Welle, and other anal.pressy, both geographically and financially.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 29 September 2019 16: 34
      This nits should not be let out of the camp, it would be better if they quietly strangled him, everything would have been written off to the internal camp dismantling. SBU does not stand on ceremony with our people in Ukrainian prisons; several people have already been beaten to death there.
      1. Alexander Skorik (Alexander Skorik) 29 September 2019 18: 51
        Yes, let him come to the Crimea in a tank, our guys will practice a little for the real purpose - combat training, however!
        Besides, he himself is a "quilted jacket and a Colorado", he gives such an interview, but for some reason not on MOVE, but in the language of the occupier !!! Lyashko and others like him should correct him.
  5. Wow, how angry! Well, never mind, they carry water on the angry, on the inflated - bricks!
  6. LeftPers Offline LeftPers
    LeftPers (Anton) 30 September 2019 06: 43
    .... Oleg Sentsov, promised to return to the Crimea in a tank ....

    Welcome to the Russian tracked tank.
  7. Panting Offline Panting
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 30 September 2019 07: 16
    Ivan Andreevich Krylov and his fable "The Elephant and the Pug" are more alive than all the living.