“You killed your father!”: Why Vasily Stalin wanted to escape to China

Among all the children of Joseph Stalin, the figure of his son, Vasily, is perhaps the most controversial and, at the same time, the most tragic. It would seem, unlike his brother Jacob, he survived in the crucible of the Great Patriotic War, became a general, a holder of many awards ... However, with all this, he ended his life, deprived of everything - not only orders and titles, the right to live in the capital and pension , but even his father's last name. In September 1955, a trial was held, the verdict of which, the son of the recently deceased Leader, was declared the "enemy of the people." Next year it will be possible to celebrate a sad "anniversary" ...

Why did it happen? What revelations from him were Khrushchev and his accomplices so afraid of? What secrets hide the life and death of Vasily Iosifovich Stalin? I'll tell you now.

"Vaska red"

Before you start a conversation about the tragedy of Vasily Iosifovich Stalin, it is necessary to begin to recall how he was. Gossip, dirt and lies around him had plenty of them in life, and even after death - even more. Drunkenness, revelry, countless novels and completely wild antics - all this, I do not argue, was. However, where does the far from angelic character and burrows of this person come from? First of all, we must remember that he was 12 years old when his mother passed away. And not just left, but committed suicide. Eyewitnesses say that at the funeral of Nadezhda Alliluyeva, Vasily literally hung on the neck of a sobbing father, begging: "Dad, do not cry!" Can you imagine the publicly roaring Stalin ?! I’m even afraid to imagine it ... The tragic death of his wife was a terrible blow for Joseph Vissarionovich. According to the memoirs of his comrades-in-arms, for a long time after the incident, they were even afraid to leave him alone (he repeated: “I do not want to live anymore”), after the suicide of Nadezhda, Stalin changed unrecognizably.

She crippled me for life ...

- his true words. And here in this was little Vasya with his younger sister Svetlana. Now psychologists would be worn with this child and treated him for a “deep psychological trauma”. And then ... For a long time, the main way of communicating with a father who was literally petrified after the loss, for the boy were letters that he signed with the accustomed family nickname: "Vasya Red." His hair was indeed red as fire.

The main word that determined the education of Vasily Stalin, and indeed, perhaps, his relationship with his father, was "severity", even rather incredible severity. Vasily himself subsequently blamed that he was supposedly “given to the education of the guards,” as a result of which he grew up a real bully, was addicted to drinking and smoking. This, of course, seems to be self-justification, since in those years the children of almost all responsible party members and statesmen saw their fathers more often in portraits than live, but not everyone was drawn to the bottle ... Although, there is also some truth. Stalin, one might say, was not involved in raising children. Again, remember that during the time it was - the formation of the USSR, collectivization, industrialization, a mortal struggle with the opposition. In addition, I allow myself to suppose that each meeting with Vasya and Sveta tore in a living way the scarcely scarcely begun wound left in his soul by the suicide of his wife. “How can you ?! What about the children? ” - you ask. Well, you'll probably be right. However, hardly anyone here has the right to judge. At least those who have passed such a grief in life. One way or another, it would be fundamentally wrong to say that Joseph Vissarionovich at least somehow indulged his son or indulged him. The Leader’s letter to one of the teachers of the school (the most ordinary one), in which Vasily went, was preserved. There, Stalin calls his own offspring a "capricious little bastard" and a "savage", and demands that he be "demanded more strictly" from him, without reacting to "false suicide threats." And also promises to "take by the neck" from time to time his son. Such an upbringing ...

Vasily Stalin with his father

Stalin's Falcon

At school, Vasily Stalin, as they say, did not have enough stars from the sky, he studied medium. And he did not differ in exemplary behavior at all. He went to heaven for the stars later - to the famous Kachin Air Force School. I don’t know how true the claim is that he, like his elder half-brother Yakov, wanted to be an artilleryman, but the pilot, cadet Vasily Stalin, who did not shine in theoretical studies, turned out to be from God. Two years later, a fighter was already entrusted to him. After serving as a junior pilot (son of the Leader!) For some time, Vasily, who had experienced mortal torment at his desk, nevertheless went to graduate first at the Air Force Academy of the Red Army, and then at Lipetsk courses for squadron commanders. It ends before the war itself - in May 1941. The Great Patriotic War is met by a pilot-inspector of the 2nd Air Force Directorate of the Red Army, and already in September he heads the inspection of the Air Force. In December of the 41st Vasily Stalin received the extraordinary rank of major, in February 1942 he was already a colonel. “Here he is, the career take-off of the son of the Supreme!” - someone will say. And it will be absolutely wrong. In combat aviation during the years of World War II, there were ups and much more abruptly - almost from oldies to generals. Levers, Gubenko, Zakharov, Serov were no one's "sons". They just fought heroically. And by the way, Vasily, who received the rank of colonel at age 20, "stuck" in it for a very, very long time. And just because of the father.

How did Vasily Stalin fight? Perhaps, a full idea of ​​this can be given by the circumstances in which he received his first (out of three) Order of the Battle Red Banner. Autumn 1941 The enemy is eager for Moscow. The most difficult battles are going on in the Oryol direction, and the Red Army clings to every patch of native land. A flock of Nazi bombers flies to a military airfield near Mtsensk. In a matter of minutes, planes, warehouses, and runways will be swept from the face of the earth. The infantry will again be left without air support. At this moment, some crazy pilot rushes into the cockpit of a fighter and yells: “From the screw!” Everything would be fine, but only in the combat vehicle there is not a single shell, not a single cartridge. There is nothing to shoot ... Realizing this, the pilot, soaring into the sky, rushing right into the forehead trying to go to bomb the Fritz. Those who see that they are dealing with the abnormal, hastily turn away and shamefully flee back home. The army commander observing all this from the ground (in his thoughts he had just said goodbye to his own aircraft) exhales:

I don’t know who is in the cockpit, but as soon as he sits down, the “Red Banner” is on his chest!

Smiling Vasily Stalin jumps out of a landing fighter with a kind of hussar chic ... Researchers are still arguing - how many German planes were shot down: two or five? How many alone, and how many - in a group? But does it really matter ?! The main thing was that he shot down, made many sorties, from which he could not have returned, just as Timur Frunze, Vladimir Mikoyan, Leonid Khrushchev, the sons of the “Kremlin elite” who burned in the sky of that war did not return ...

Pilot "raider"

The main problem of Vasily during the war was the constant and vigilant supervision of his father, especially intensified after the deaths of those whom I mentioned above and, especially, the tragic story with Jacob Stalin.

One captive is enough for me!

- allegedly the father screamed at him, who could be understood in a purely human way in this situation, although I personally do not believe in such an episode.

Nevertheless, “special orders” on Vasily’s maximum “cut-off” from sorties went regularly. It drove him into a rage, to nervous breakdowns. Well, and to the binge, of course ... That's what they were reported to the Kremlin regularly and with all due zeal. In the summer of 1942, under the command of Vasily, a special air group of the best Soviet aces was created, in which the best of the best, including pilots who already had the title of Heroes of the Soviet Union, were selected for battles near Stalingrad. They fight perfectly, but someone reports to the Supreme that in between fights, fighters pour not only fuel into the tanks of their cars. Vasily was found guilty of everything that happened (as if they hadn’t drunk in other parts then!). By Stalin’s personal order, “for soldering the subordinates and the collapse of the discipline commander,” part is disbanded, Vasily is reduced and recalled to Moscow. But this only leads to even worse - having arranged a merry New Year's eve at the country cottage, Stalin Jr. encounters his former lover there, who, responding to his newly inflamed feelings, stays with him for several days. At the same time, she somehow forgets that she has long been married to Roman Carmen, the most famous film director in the USSR. A scandal breaks out and, offended in the best feelings, the husband runs with a complaint to the only one who has at least some power over Vasily.

Vasily Stalin at the controls of an airplane

It is not known how consistent with historical truth the resolution allegedly imposed by Joseph Vissarionovich on the denunciation: “Return fool Carmen!”, But very much, you know, in his style. Vasily is sent for 15 days to the “lip”, removed from the post of chief of inspection and generally do not know what to do next. Indeed, in his resolution, the Supreme also indicated this: “Do not appoint any command posts without my knowledge!” Nevertheless, I allow myself to assume that Vasily was more than pleased with the results of the incident. In February 1943 he was again at the front! Again in the sky, again in battle. He commands a fighter regiment and pounds the Nazis in the tail and mane. He knocks them down! Report to the Supreme: “Risk! Climbing the rampage! Torn to the hell! " Stalin Sr. clenches his fists, but for the time being he can’t do anything. Vasily himself gives him a new reason for disgrace. Fond of hunting and fishing, he understood the latter somewhat, let's say, in a peculiar way. “Fishing gear” at one of the fishing trips he arranged was not fishing rods, but ... aircraft rockets. Instead of a rich soup - one killed, one crippled and fragments received by Vasily himself in the leg and face. And again - dismissal with the phrase "for revelry and drunkenness," recall to the capital, the most difficult operation, eight months of treatment. And yet he did! The 286th Guards Fighter Nezhin Division takes Berlin under his command. Vasily Stalin becomes General from the thirteenth performance - in 1946. From the previous dozen lists, the Supreme Personally deleted it, also tearing to pieces the submissions to the title of Hero submitted to his son. To please the assignment of a new rank, Vasily called at 4 in the morning. His only words were: “Well, if father gave, then he is definitely worthy!”

“Father is being killed! Already killed ... "

Despite everything, his formidable and severe dad, whom he implored the kid to not cry, Vasily loved earnestly and wholeheartedly. Their last public quarrel occurred in 1952, when Joseph Vissarionovich literally put his son out from a festive banquet on the occasion of Air Force Day - at that time he was already lieutenant general and chief of aviation of the Moscow military district. According to eyewitnesses, Vasily appeared to be fairly “succumbed”, and when asked by his father about why he was not firmly on his feet, he threw: “I'm tired!” Well, he really had a tremendous responsibility for holding an air parade, compounded by the fact that the previous such event ended badly - the crash of one of the latest IL-28 bombers participating in it. But, there is no doubt, he did not fail to note success after landing with his pilot subordinates. To the question asked by Stalin-senior Air Force Commander Pavel Zhigarev: “And does he often get so tired with you?”, The answer follows: “Yes, all the time!” Vasily explodes, yells at the head with obscene words, almost climbs into the fray with him. The result - removal from office and sending to ... Military Academy of the General Staff. A somewhat strange manifestation of paternal anger, don't you find? Let me make an assumption - everything that happened at the famous Kuntsevo cottage of the Leader was nothing more than a performance. The Supreme tried again to get his son out of attack. Which one?

Many researchers are inclined to believe that just at that time - in 1952-53, Joseph Vissarionovich was preparing for the implementation of some completely colossal plans. Someone speaks of the fundamental changes in the Soviet Union associated with the final removal of the “old guard”, “faithful Leninists” from their leadership, and at the same time with them - the Trotskyists who were not completely finished off. Others are talking about preparing a war with the Western world, having won, Stalin hoped to get rid of the eternal danger of a blow to the back from yesterday's "allies", and at the same time, to resolve the dispute about the advantages and prospects of the capitalist and socialist development path. Who is right? Perhaps both. One thing is absolutely accurate - it was these plans that cost Joseph Stalin life. His death, which today an increasing number of historians categorically refuses to recognize as natural, was the first step towards the destruction of the USSR and the establishment of world domination of the United States. Did Stalin know about the plot being plotted against him by the party elite, as well as the fact that Washington and London were frantically looking for ways to eliminate it? Could not know, could not help but foresee. Some people believe that the Leader was preparing a preemptive strike, which, alas, was late. And one of the leading places in his plans to neutralize the impending threat (and in the future, too) was played by one of the few people whom he could trust completely and completely, absolutely not fearing betrayal. Vasily Stalin.

Why did they deal with the Leader’s son?

There is more than reliable evidence of those to whom Vasily openly declared:

I am alive while my father is alive! If something happened to him, they would tear me up right away ...

How he looked into the water! Lieutenant General Stalin sobbed over his father’s tomb and there was no one to tell him: “Don’t cry!” It was during the funeral that he threw to the Leader's "associates" gathered in the mourning hall: "You killed him!" The fact that they are trying to squander Joseph Vissarionovich with the help of the poison (and that is exactly what it most likely was), Vasily publicly announced even before the fateful March 5th. Moreover, judging by the memoirs of his contemporaries, during the farewell to the deceased and the proclamation of the fatal words that became for him, he was sober, like a glass. However, they “killed” - they could also forgive - you never know, the son escaped, nevertheless. Probably, in view of it, he was "tortured with overwork." After all, Vassenka? Much worse for a bunch of conspirators gathered at the tomb was that Stalin Jr. promised to "tell the world the truth" about the true causes of his father's death. And even, it seems, he rushed with these revelations to the embassy of the People's Republic of China! If the usurpers had nothing to hide and their hands would not be stained with the blood of the Supreme, so let them run around. At least to the Chinese, at least to the Mexicans ... But no, Vasily calls for the Minister of Defense Bulganin and demands to immediately roll from Moscow to hell - to command some Volchekhren military district. The poor fellow forgot that he was dealing with Stalin, and therefore the ornate and obscene listen to the answer. Well, since you don’t want "good" ... March 26, Vasily will be thrown out of military service without a pension, not even leaving him the right to wear a uniform, and after a month and two days, they will arrest him.

Vasily Stalin, right

He is charged with "embezzlement", "abuse of official position", and subsequently, and the most dangerous, deadly article of the Criminal Code 58th. "Anti-Soviet propaganda and agitation." To Stalin ... The “Investigation” lasts two years, during which Vasily “pickles” in Lefortovo. Beria has already been killed, Khrushchev has seized power, and this bald scum is preparing his last blow - the Twentieth Congress. Well, how can you let your son go when you’re going to finally trample your father in the mud ?! In 1955, Vasily Stalin was “judged” and sentenced. Naturally, it is impossible to prove any embezzlement; under the “abuse” they sum up his colossal activities for the development of military sports in the Moscow Military District - the construction of swimming pools and stadiums, uniforms and apartments given to athletes. In total, they "hang" 8 years "with a loss of rights." The “prisoner Vasily Vasiliev” enters the Vladimir Central. He comes out of there in the early days of 1960 - they almost drove him from Stalin’s prison to Khrushchev’s office. Now they are trying to buy Vasily - he, who has become practically disabled in prison, is promised to return the title, awards, pension, even the stolen property that can be found. They promise a pretty nice "three rubles" in Moscow. Well, agree now! What will you prove to whom ?! Pretending to be broken and ready for anything, Vasily “breaks away” from surveillance and disappears for several days. Intercept him, having arranged for this a car accident, have time on the way ... to the Chinese embassy! It becomes known that this time Stalin (incidentally, personally acquainted with Chairman Mao since 1949) was determined to seek asylum there. And the Chinese, who were well aware of what was happening in the USSR, were going to give him this refuge.

He will serve another year, so that in the spring of 1961, with a passport with the name "Dzhugashvili," he will go under guard to Kazan, where all foreigners were denied access tightly. And in the spring of 1962, Vasily Stalin was buried with a diagnosis of "alcohol poisoning." According to eyewitnesses of the burial, there was no living place on his face and body from traces of beatings. And the woman who lived with him then with horror recalled the search that lasted for days in a tiny apartment, during which they hollowed the walls and tore off the floors, obviously in search of hiding places. With what? Well, certainly not with jewelry ... What materials that could shed light on the death of the Leader were sought by those who carried the last shelter of Vasily? What compromising evidence did he go to the Chinese embassy about Khrushchev and his pack? Why was he forced to seek protection and help there, desperate to be heard in his homeland? We will never know that again. Alas…
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    Yes, in 1953, power in the USSR, having killed Stalin, captured the clan of the Eastern Satanists. Since then, the country has been doomed.
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    Stalin had another son. Receptionist. Artyom Sergeev. For some reason I was not seen in brawls, boozes and other tricks.