Answer to the North Koreans: in the Far East, 3 schooners and 262 fishermen from the DPRK were detained

The armed attack of North Korean poachers on Russian border guards, carried out on September 17, provoked a tough response from the Russian security forces.

According to the press service of the FSB Border Directorate for the Primorsky Territory, Russian border guards carried out a mass arrest of poachers from North Korea who hunted in exceptional economic waters of Russia.

As follows from the message, 3 schooners and five motobots were detained, on which there were 262 North Korean fishermen.

During the inspection, about 30 thousand carcasses of illegally obtained squid and fishing equipment that were banned in Russia were identified and confiscated from poachers. The detained ships were transported to the ports of Nakhodka and Posyet for further investigation.

According to local residents, poaching in Russian waters by North Koreans has become a mass phenomenon.

According to them, the cause of this is the plight of the population of North Korea, which forces them to engage in poaching.

They note that on the Russian coast, the storm often throws the schooners and motobots thrown by the Koreans, whose condition speaks of the extreme poverty of poachers.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 27 September 2019 12: 32
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    An armed attack by North Korean poachers on Russian border guards provoked a tough response from the Russian security forces.

    That's right, poachers need to be punished, and then they will begin to be afraid to commit such incidents.
  2. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 27 September 2019 18: 46
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    Because they shot at the border guards of the Russian Federation, they should not be detained, but you need to heat them like rats ...