Turkey ready for operation against American allies in Syria

Policy The US in Syria is facing rejection and fierce resistance from Turkey, which is an ally and partner of the Americans in the North Atlantic Alliance.

On the eve of his departure for New York to attend the 74th UN session, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a press conference at which he told reporters that the Turkish armed forces had completed preparations for a possible operation in Syria.

According to the Turkish leader, Ankara does not want a confrontation with Washington, but cannot ignore the support that the Americans give to the Syrian Kurds, who in Turkey are regarded as terrorists and a threat to national security.

Erdogan rebuked Trump that Washington provides the Kurds with hundreds of trucks with weapons that Turkey cannot even buy for money.

The Turkish president also expressed indignation at the fact that the region was hardly cleared of ISIS * when the United States came up with a new organization, the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is no different from other terrorist organizations.

Judging by the sharpness of Erdogan's statement, the work of the joint operations center of the United States and Turkey, which was announced on August 7, proved to be ineffective.
Photos used: https://www.cbc.ca
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 21 September 2019 17: 34
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    Turkey ready for operation against American allies in Syria

    It is time for the Turks to make the final decision on whose side they are, and not to run from one chair to the other.
  2. Bitter Offline
    Bitter (Gleb) 21 September 2019 22: 20
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    Turks are exclusively on their side.
    In addition, there are certain treaties and contracts with allies that, in principle, cannot be violated without undermining the reputation of the state. Not to mention the consequences.
    With the Kurds, it’s not the first year that they’ve been pulling the load. Even if for this half will have to be taken out again, by emergency flights, to Europe.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 22 September 2019 12: 27
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    Erdogan is well done in his own way. It trades and cooperates with everyone - amers, ours, terrorists, etc.

    Like Batko .. Like ours, in principle ...