A storehouse of technology: why a fierce struggle ensued for Motor Sich

Motor Sich OJSC is a Ukrainian strategic enterprise specializing in the production and repair of aircraft equipment and engines, caused a fierce struggle between the US and China.

Recall that after the ban on the supply of products to Russia in 2014, the position of Motor Sich significantly worsened. To save the company from imminent ruin, Chinese companies volunteered, who in 2016 acquired 56% of the plant. Then, in 2017, the representatives of the Celestial Empire intended to build an assembly plant on their territory, inviting 3000 specialists from Ukraine. However, Washington did not like this turn of events.

As a result, at the “request” of Western partners, the SBU joined the case, which discovered a number of violations and blocked part of the Chinese assets. Then, as a result of litigation and subsequent negotiations, the Chinese representatives voluntarily returned 25% of the shares to Ukraine and accepted a number of obligations, including those excluding technology transfer.

This summer, Skyrizon and Xinwei Group (China) and Ukroboronprom submitted an application to the antimonopoly committee for the concentration of 25% and 50% of the shares for further joint management. In addition, Chinese representatives promised to provide a grant of $ 100 million to the Ukrainian aircraft industry. Washington’s reaction was not long in coming.

Advisor to the US President on national security, John Bolton (now fired), as part of his last visit to Ukraine, bluntly stated that the states are categorically against such "cooperation." Without hesitation, the very next day, Donald Trump suspended the supply of weapons to the “Ukrainian partner”, which looks like nothing more than blackmail.

It is worth noting that the "fears" of the Americans are not unfounded. Despite its power, China is seriously lagging behind in engine manufacturing. However, if the Chinese received a unique technology for creating D-18T engines for a military transport aircraft and D-136 for the Russian Mi-26 helicopter, the Celestial Empire could acquire its own air fleet for large-scale landing operations.

Naturally, such a turn does not suit Japan. That is why the country of the rising sun is an active "shadow" lobbyist for US interests in this conflict.

It’s hard to say how it will end. But, as the president of Motor Sich V. Boguslaev stated, the failure of the deal between Ukraine and China will inevitably entail the dismissal of 10 thousand employees of the enterprise.

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  1. Hayer31 Offline Hayer31
    Hayer31 (Kashchei) 17 September 2019 19: 57
    10000 employees remaining unemployed will seek work - where? = If specific officials work correctly, then the population of Russia will increase by 10000 and the industry will rise, and most importantly, Ukraine will weaken, but since officials think only how to steal this will not. It's a pity.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 18 September 2019 09: 57
      We could well have lured the best specialists to ourselves, into Russian aviation design bureaus and factories, but for some reason this fact doesn’t bother the officials responsible for this activity, apparently they think that we have a lot of highly qualified specialists, but in reality it’s not at all so, they are extremely necessary for us.
      1. Hayer31 Offline Hayer31
        Hayer31 (Kashchei) 18 September 2019 18: 06
        And I’m talking about this, and most importantly 10000 will come with their families, and this will be 40000 already, and most importantly they will be Slavs and will assimilate in 10-15 years like in the USSR, but the Edinaros need Uzbeks and Tajiks. V.V. in the answer.