Europe dealt a treacherous blow to Gazprom, slashing itself

The decision made on September 10 by the Court of Justice of the European Union against the Russian gas giant is not only politically motivated, from the first to the last line, but also is an outstanding example of absurdity. Following the Russophobic aspirations of some of its members, which are the “fifth column” of the USA in the Old World, the European Union risks committing energy suicide and driving itself into a truly deadlock situation.

Having made an unprecedented attempt to “twist their hands” to Gazprom before the upcoming negotiations of its representatives with the Ukrainian Naftogaz on transit issues, Europeans forget about a more than real prospect of meeting the impending winter in cold houses.

Who stepped on OPAL's throat?

The above verdict is the satisfaction of the lawsuit filed by the governments of the three “European superpowers” ​​- Poland, Latvia and Lithuania - to annul the decision of the European Commission No. C (2016) 6950 of October 28, 2016. This decision lifted the ban on the use by Gazprom of the OPAL pipeline, which is a continental onshore continuation of Nord Stream at more than 50% of capacity. Initially, such restrictions were envisaged by the so-called Third Energy Package of the EU, supposedly aimed at "preventing the monopolization of the European energy market." In fact, all of this leapfrog was originally utter nonsense with economic points of view: after all, gas into the pipes of the Nord Stream came exclusively from Russia, and there were somehow no competitors to such on the horizon. It is not surprising that in the very near future, the European Commission allowed our Gazprom to use another 40% of OPAL's capacities, which caused natural hysteria in the country, reliably, as it seemed to them, a grief transit company that sucked into the export of our energy carriers. In the same 2016, PGNiG SA, PGNiG Supply and Trading GmbH, Naftogaz Ukrainy, as well as the governments of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia joined their efforts to fill up complaints with all conceivable and inconceivable instances of the EU.

They did not succeed in completely stopping the operation of the pipeline in such a petty way - in the middle of 2017, the claims were "shaved off" by the Supreme Land Court of Dusseldorf. This is quite natural - the owner of OPAL is the joint venture WIGA Transport Beteiligungs-GmbH & Co. KG., Which has Wintershall Holding GmbH (50.02%) and its subsidiary BASF as its shareholders, and PAO Gazprom (49.98%). The Polish-Ukrainian-Baltic hysteria hit the pockets of the German shareholders hard, and they did not intend to indulge the insolence of their eastern neighbors, who were squealing something about a "threat to Europe's energy security". Last year, the same European court of justice sent Naftogaz with its demands to shut down OPAL to hell. It seemed that the mind was winning - and now such a turn. The Germans, whose obedience to the law and awe before any, albeit extremely unprofitable for them, Themis' quirks, are elevated to the absolute, are forced to react. The local regulator Bundesnetzagentur has already ordered Gazprom to halve its supply volumes, announcing that it is “preparing to take supervisory steps” to enforce the verdict. It remains a commercial secret how much of the German swear words were accompanied by such a decision. Germany, like Russia, loses a lot of money on this, but, in addition, finds itself in a much more dangerous position ...

To spite Gazprom Gazprom will freeze!

As it has been repeated many times in the cult series in recent years, the television series “Winter Is Coming!” OPAL's half-ceiling, with a capacity of more than 36 billion cubic meters a year, means Europe’s shortfall in Europe’s colossal amount of “blue fuel” —and right on the eve of the new heating season. Gazprom will somehow survive this, albeit with very noticeable losses, but the Germans and other European consumers of our gas? The big question ... However, the answer to it, in the opinion of those judiciary "clever men" who made a decision giving out suicidal tendencies, as well as those who at the same time moved their hand, lies in the word "Ukraine". They plan to continue to receive Russian gas from there! The same Poles, whose scale of triumph over the satisfied claim is comparable to the triumph of the won world war, are trying with all their might to convince the world that they acted almost exclusively in the interests of Kiev. And the chairman of the board of PGNiG, Petr Wozniak, and the Minister of Energy of Poland, Krzysztof Tchuzhevsky, and even the local prime minister, Mateusz Moravecki, who are now pouring right and left comments in the local media about the “fateful victory” unanimously reiterate that in this way “Saved Ukraine and Europe from shocks”, preserving, to the spiteful mischievous “Gazprom”, transit through the GTS “nezalezhnoy”. Oh oh ?!

In fact, the next round of tripartite consultations on transit, with the participation of representatives of Russia, the European Union and Ukraine, under the patronage of the European Commissioner for Energy, Marosh Shefchovich, scheduled for September 19, is likely to take place. In any case, the head of the domestic energy department, Alexander Novak, has already announced the readiness of our country to participate in such. But what will be the use of these negotiations if Kiev rests firmly against it, like a well-known long-eared animal, and begins to pour in completely unfeasible demands and “Wishlist” that exceed all reasonable limits? Most likely, the negotiations will once again turn into "communication" of the dumb with the deaf, and will end in the fact that the "high contracting parties" seated at the table forcibly leave them, desperately spitting, and each for their own interests. Such an outcome can be predicted with an accuracy of approximately 99%. After all, “unplanned” does not want to backtrack on absolutely insane claims regarding future transit volumes, transportation prices, and still continues to insist on the implementation by the Russian side of the predatory arbitral awards of billions of dollars that Gazprom supposedly has to pay to the Ukrainian side on completely far-fetched occasions. Naturally, Russia does not want to hear about anything like this, and Ukraine flatly refuses to extend transit on our terms. But if only that! There are a number of reasons why Russian gas will leave the Nezalezhnaya gas transmission system on January 1, 2020, almost inevitably.

Winning - Washington and Warsaw

Extorting with a knife at the throat of “signing a new contract on European conditions and principles”, Kiev simply cannot physically conclude it! Indeed, even with the absolutely fantastic assumption that Gazprom would satisfy these blackmailing requirements with some joy, it is precisely under the legislation of the European Union that only a company independent of Naftogaz can be a transit operator. The Ukrainian side needs the so-called unbundling, which the World Bank firmly insists on holding Ukraine firmly by the throat with its tenacious paws - the separation of the state energy company and the gas transmission system and its operator from the structure. However, nothing of the kind has been done today even close! They are busy with endless choices political intrigue, the division of posts and portfolios, as well as the arrangement in the same Naftogaz, excuse me, a permanent mess, called for some reason “reform”. Dreamers and romantics in Kiev (in particular, the local prime minister and child prodigy Alexei Goncharuk) today continue to broadcast something about a “solution to the problem” in the near future, while realists are preparing to completely stop the transit. Local experts at the same time predict Ukraine from January 1, 2020 a daily gas shortage of 50 million cubic meters, at least.

Without a doubt, the roots of the zealous actions directed against Gazprom stretch across the ocean - to the United States. This is eloquently evidenced by the fact of the conclusion of an American-Polish-Ukrainian agreement on cooperation in the field of energy supplies in Warsaw on August 31. Naturally, from the USA. What is Washington’s interest, what is its cunning plan? In order not to wash, so skate, yet force Europe to buy its own expensive LNG, Americans must, first, as far as possible, cut off the Old World from much more reliable and cheap Russian supplies, and secondly, maximize prices on "blue fuel", creating its artificial shortage. All their attacks on Nord Stream-2, Turkish Stream and all other Russian energy projects related to Europe are subordinated to this goal. Knowing full well that a new transit agreement was signed with Kiev, most likely it will not be under any circumstances, the United States, hoping to fabulously enrich its LNG poles with their hands, is also blocking OPAL. Brilliant move! Gazprom will now have to turn around in a hot pan in order to fulfill all the contracts concluded with the EU countries, not to fall under penalties and not give reason to doubt its own reliability as a supplier. You can lay anything - in the very near future will be followed by new sanctions from Washington, with the aim of complicating and delaying (if not disrupting at all) the launch of Nord Stream-2, as well as other meannesses. The fight went seriously and completely without rules ...

Most likely, Russia will nevertheless be able to get out of the emerging extremely difficult situation with minimal losses and without “face loss”. A lot here will depend on the position of Germany and other countries of the European Union, in contrast to Poland, which has its own and not American interests. In any case, the main victims, in the case of the most successful implementation of the Washington scenario, will be just one more time, once again “shooting itself in the foot”, Europe.
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  1. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 12 September 2019 08: 36
    Nothing, they will feel in January and February - it comes to the rainbow for a long time !!!
    1. hamster1979 Offline hamster1979
      hamster1979 (Konstantin) 12 September 2019 16: 17
      Uh-huh, Ukraine will fall apart, Ukraine will freeze, the US will fall apart ... Will the EU freeze? What else? Will EU Citizens Rise and Sweep Pro-American Governments? And Russia "zhyve"?
      1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
        sgrabik (Sergei) 12 September 2019 17: 28
        It’s you, you see, you didn’t quite taste the current situation. One way or another, but ultimately, Europe will lose, and even more so Ukraine.
        1. hamster1979 Offline hamster1979
          hamster1979 (Konstantin) 12 September 2019 17: 44
          A loser? So far, apart from the propagandistic noodles from the TV set, I do not see that anything is falling apart there. Poland flourished as much as workers from Ukraine rushed there. I don't care about Ukraine itself - but even there the hryvnia is gaining strength against the ruble, their growth rates are several times higher than ours - and whoever says anything there - but the country survives, people live in places more fun than here. Go to drive2 - see how many people are engaged in car tuning projects from Ukraine - full of people, exhibitions are held, people live for themselves and do not know that Ukraine is falling apart and freezing. You just need to admit that the tales about the EU freezing, the US falling apart, falling apart and degrading, Ukraine freezing, falling apart, going under the hammer, the people will rise up and demolish the fascist junta - will remain fairy tales. All this is being hanged so that the people here, in Russia, do not notice the impoverishment of a total country against the background of the enrichment of the oligarchs, the inability to increase welfare after a two-fold decline in comparison with 2013, and in general, even minimal economic growth. Total corruption, and now the complete impossibility of the people to influence the government - that's all that this generation of politicians can offer us. Corruption and theft from the budget - in order for the "elites" to fatten, and for the people - there is no money, but you hold on, macaros in your teeth, and work to death - these are the recipes for nonentities and three-graders who have seized power, with hypertrophied conceit and grasping reflexes.
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 September 2019 21: 18
            In principle, your deep frustration, a negative opinion about power, etc. is understandable. But the question is: is there an alternative? Or was it better before that and the country flourished? Well, I can compare it with a story that I remember well and adequately personally, 40 years ago — the USSR was a rather late period, and then with its collapse, the 90s, the beginning of the 2000s ... It was all WORSE, than now.
            Those who are now croaking something "in opposition" there are about the same thing with those who brought our country to the state of the early 90s ... Is it theirs again "to the kingdom"? You had little shame, poverty and devastation? Or are there other candidates?
            Maybe a popular revolution is needed, with a complete redistribution of everything and everything? This is also a possible move, but one should not forget that the generation that makes it never enjoys the fruits of the revolution. Those who are fighting for a new happiness just lick all the crap, and their grandchildren may take advantage of the fruits of the good deal ...
            OK, criticism is fine ... But so where is the way out ??? Any suggestions? ... Or just another pointless chatter ???
          2. Mikhalych Someone (Mikhalych Someone) 12 September 2019 23: 46
            Are you starving?
          3. Vasily Krutov Offline Vasily Krutov
            Vasily Krutov (Vasily Krutov) 13 September 2019 22: 21
            Unfortunately, you are completely right.
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 September 2019 10: 47
    Gazprom will now have to spin its snake on a hot skillet in order to fulfill all contracts concluded with the EU countries.

    There is no need to go anywhere, due to the fact that force majeure came in the form of the EU's refusal to transit Russian gas through existing pipes. And the EU itself is to blame for the fact that its structures are subversive against the EU economy. Asian products will become much cheaper and more competitive than European ones!
    1. hamster1979 Offline hamster1979
      hamster1979 (Konstantin) 12 September 2019 16: 14
      They are not fools. So SUCH force majeure is not spelled out in contracts. This means that they will also make fines pay for short deliveries.
  3. alatanas Offline alatanas
    alatanas (Alexander Atanasov) 12 September 2019 11: 30
    The same happened with the South Stream, just the interest of the "strong" in the EU is more to the North.
  4. hamster1979 Offline hamster1979
    hamster1979 (Konstantin) 12 September 2019 13: 36
    Everything is well thought out. Supply contracts concluded. And you can’t download through the pipeline. There is no one else to sell gas and sell, except Europe. So twist the hands. It’s the same as our distribution networks twist the hands of agricultural producers - according to the same pattern.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 September 2019 13: 54
      Themselves banned gas pump, who is their doctor? But Russia needs to massively introduce NGV fuel.
      1. hamster1979 Offline hamster1979
        hamster1979 (Konstantin) 12 September 2019 17: 33
        About NGV fuel only support. And it’s better to transfer all vehicles to gas, to make their own engines to gas. We have this gas in bulk - and we are buying EU equipment with EURO-5 standards - in a country that trades quotas. At the same time, now half of the car's systems are working to ensure environmental standards - why do we need this ??? To pay environmental manufacturers? On the contrary, we must introduce our standards and support our manufacturer. And not stupid to buy their development. Why do we need their mega economical eco-friendly engines on gasoline, when we can quickly launch the production of our simple, albeit not so economical, and environmentally friendly gas engines - but CHEAP and affordable. Powerful. And its own economy would be breathing. Their manufacturers would appear.
  5. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 September 2019 14: 57
    In order not to wash, so to skate, still make Europe buy its own expensive LNG.

    - this move is actually, like everything that the United States is doing, far-reaching and well thought out. Well thought out much better than everyone seems to think. I was here recently in this very Swinoustje, where the LNG terminal in Poland is located - a very nice Polish town (the former German Swinemunde, by the way, we ourselves made it Polish in 1945), the German border right on the outskirts of the town. And, driving through the territory of Germany, right along the Polish borders, I watched for many kilometers the construction of a line of the onshore section of Nord Stream 2. It was only then that it dawned on me why the damn American LNG terminal was located there. After all, it is inconvenient from all sides, it would seem - why not build it for gas supplies to Europe somewhere on the Atlantic coast, so as not to drag huge gas carriers through the straits into the shallow and busy Baltic? And it was built in Poland, just a couple of kilometers from the onshore part of our gas pipeline, in the place where they could get close to it to the maximum, since the Germans, of course, would not have put it right next to SP-2 in Greifswald. ... That is, now the Americans no longer need to build their own gas pipeline, it will be enough to stretch the pipes to our finished one, and their gas went overland further to Europe, along the pipe that we built for them, as if for ourselves .... (look on the map). It's congenial! And the story with OPAL, I am sure, fits into this chain. And that is why it is Poland and Lithuania that "go" in this. The second move, I think, will be the question:

    How to fill OPAL in the absence of Russian gas?

    and then LNG will come out - the terminal in Swinoujscie, and then, maybe in Lithuania ... Like that ...
    If the Russian Federation wants to somehow solve this, then it must be quick and tough. Otherwise, the "partners" will not stand on ceremony ...
  6. master2 Offline master2
    master2 (Zhora) 12 September 2019 16: 15
    ..cutting by itself.

    - an ominous headline, from the series "Ukraine will definitely freeze this year", and it has not been freezing for six years. Moreover, this year a record amount of gas was pumped into storage facilities. And Europe will not freeze either this winter or next. And I want to remind the clever people with the slogans "cut off the gas for them" how the West brought the USSR to its knees when food cards were introduced. Who has not found - read it interesting.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 September 2019 16: 32
      The West of the USSR never knelt. It was hard, yes. But he didn’t put him on his knees. If Hitler didn’t succeed, then the rest of the following figures didn’t have it, with hernia, as they say ... The format is not the same ... Then it collapsed from the inside, with outside help, yes, but this is a different story and the USSR already not that one was ...
      I would say that it’s worth it to sit on the cards for a couple of months, but put them on their knees and make them accept their conditions. Although now there will not even be any cards. Well, there will be less goods and more expensive on the shelves ... Out of nowhere they will not take gas quickly, even if they explode. When the problems were with Ukrainian transit, furniture was really drowned in Slovakia. The problem is that today in the new Russia it is already impossible to do, and with all this external (supposedly) patriotic mood. Everyone fiddled, and for the sake of the interests of the state, few are willing to sacrifice their own, and even the liberals will dissolve the snot, they will start to nag people ...
      And if the Russian Federation doesn’t really take drastic measures now, it is unlikely that they will win this game ... Either they need to shut off the gas or build a new pipe branch super fast (did you build a bridge to the Crimea? The pipe is even easier, and that’s also a question) national security), or take away the Ukrainian gas transportation system, along with where it stands, or something else like that ...
      PS ... or maybe the problem is that these pipes and gas are no longer a state in fact, but private shops of very specific people
  7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 12 September 2019 16: 21
    Ha. What specialists are all. The stump is clear, Europe is trading and wants to bring down prices, blackmails, spins.
    Here, for the entrance to the store chain, give millions of kickbacks, and there is a bill for billions.
    But Gazprom again, apparently, was a trade union. Not heard about his opposition, the hiring of lawyers, counterclaims, etc.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 12 September 2019 17: 45
      And where are the "vaunted" lawyers, economists and "effective managers", whom Gazprom pays huge fees and "golden parachutes" for their uniqueness and irreplaceability, how did they allow such unfavorable conditions to arise? But because we are used to working as little as possible, but getting as much as possible for it, the result is obvious !!!
  8. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 12 September 2019 17: 19
    The Opal pipe is European and the solution is also European. So it must be performed. Europeans. Gazprom will supply only the amount of gas specified in the contracts. And Europe needs much more. But this is their personal sexual affair. Let them buy Polish-American gas. Do not forbid. The market is the market. The penalty for under-supply of gas under contracts is unlikely to be, and if it does, it is easier to pay for under-delivered gas. For some reason I’m sure that Europeans will not drown the euro and dollars. But the chemical and other industries in Europe will be bent. And no fines at Gazprom will save them.
    The question of Ukraine - I would not consider at all. No transit under any conditions. No transit at all. After all, a market economy. Well, I do not want to have any contract with Ukraine. Is it written somewhere that the RF MUST conclude a contract with Ukraine?
  9. zenitovets Offline zenitovets
    zenitovets (Ivan) 12 September 2019 18: 34
    Yes, for God's sake, they will freeze, not us! And let them vomit ...
  10. Joe Cook Offline Joe Cook
    Joe Cook (Joe Cook) 13 September 2019 00: 42
    Of course, I do not know all the details of the contracts, but for me, so do not conclude a transit contract. And to Europe in pursuance of the contract, here is OPAL, take what is laid down under the contract. You can throw off the price a little. Do not want to take it, your business. That we all clatter with them. For every euro sag? Yes they go! If we go further about this, they will limit the movement by rail, shipping, and air. We will fill railway wagons by 50%.