“Thank the USA”: West wrests Victory in World War II from the hands of Russia

The Soviet Union made the greatest contribution to the defeat of the Third Reich, and a red flag was hoisted over the Reichstag. But, as it turns out, it’s not enough to win, it’s necessary not to let this victory be stolen from us yet. Attempts to rewrite history and mythologize World War II have long been known. What are the anti-Soviet propaganda clichés, such as “throwing corpses”, “won against Stalin” and attempts to equalize Nazi Germany, with its hateful state ideology, and the USSR? But now this “sabbath” is taking place at the pan-European level with the participation of top officials of many states.

September 1 is not only the Day of Knowledge, but also the sad anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. 80 years ago, German troops invaded Poland and quickly suppressed the resistance of the Poles. Two and a half weeks later, on September 17, 1945, the Red Army entered the western regions of this country, inhabited mainly by “fraternal peoples”. The decision was made with the following motivation:

Since the Polish state and its government ceased to exist, the Soviet Union is obliged to take under its protection the life and property of the population of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus.

On the same day, the Polish authorities and the High Command left the country. Western Ukraine and Belarus were included in the respective Soviet republics. In the occupied territory, the German Nazis set up six death camps in which millions of innocent people were destroyed. The liberation of Poland at the end of the war cost the Red Army the lives of six hundred thousand Soviet soldiers.

And now 80 years later, on the round anniversary of the start of World War II, representatives from Russia, the successor of the USSR, were not invited. Instead, the leaders of the EU countries and the Eastern Partnership came, who were noted for defiant statements. In particular, the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, considered it appropriate to say thanks to not Moscow, but to Washington:

We are all gratefully looking at America on this anniversary.

Polish Minister of National Defense Blaschak lamented that his country had not received reparations from Germany because of Russia, which "decided so" for her. Interestingly, today Berlin is absolutely not enthusiastic about such ideas from the undoubtedly sovereign Warsaw. The Polish minister insists that the issue is “not closed,” so one should hardly expect a great deal of affection between these neighbors. The president of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, even stated that for her country the war ended in 1994 with the withdrawal of the "occupation forces".

What does the glow of this pseudo-historical nonsense mean?

Obviously, if the USSR had been preserved, something like this would have been simply impossible. Interestingly, Donald Trump did not fly to Warsaw, leaving his vice president to do so. Now, not even the Americans, but their European vassals are dancing on the bones of the defeated giant. The world is rapidly changing before our eyes. German elites, watching the collapse of the globalist order, sigh across the United States of the post-war standard. Eastern European countries, not having an image of the future, are building their policies on frantic denial and rewriting of the past. This will not bring them to good, but they are not able to stop on their own.

Russia urgently needs its own development project, involving active integration in the post-Soviet space. Only the elimination of the economic, political and military imbalance between our country and the collective West can, in a broad sense, curb this "rampant coven." Otherwise, it will only get worse.
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  1. Mihail55 Offline
    Mihail55 (Michael) 3 September 2019 11: 40
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    Our "partners" see that now everything is possible! Remodeling the story in my own way, "crap" in our own house on Russian television shows ... I'm not talking about the virtual. Silent ... silent ... accumulate internal problems. And we must answer seriously, they will still have sanctions - spit! If there is a worthy ANSWER, we will tighten our belts, but we will be proud of both the state and the authorities. Unfortunately, this is not yet ...
  2. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 3 September 2019 13: 41
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    Those who rewrite the history of the Second World War, we must invoice a cash bill for our losses! For providing a bridgehead for the attack, for the death of our soldiers, for our destruction and restoration! And you need to start with Poland, and not prove to them our innocence. When forced to pay, the census takers will immediately end.
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 3 September 2019 21: 40
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      Those who rewrite the history of the Second World War.

      - pull yourself by the nose. repeat
      Although the German proverb is not very suitable for this.
      More precisely in another way - they looked at themselves in the mirror?

      ... successors to the USSR ...

      That is, somewhere you can find acts of reception / transfer, division of property and territorial division.
      The Russian and other deputies, various commissions and legislative bodies of the republics, in a long and persistent debate, for many months, weeks, hours and minutes drew up a plan for the withdrawal, withdrawal of the republics from the Union. There was nothing left that would not be regulated at all levels. Everything went in an atmosphere of mutual respect on all sides. The same thing happened with the relations of other union states, blocs and communities, both in Europe and beyond. The whole process took a record 3 - 5 -7 -10 years. no

      But it looks more like they threw everyone - and their neighbors, and not so much, and now, a few years later, they suddenly require respect and recognition. Wonderful request but inconsistently.
      Generations of people who now live in the country, for the most part, have nothing to do with that war and Victory. Moreover, they once sold it to the same Americans. sad sad sad
      Well now snot wind up something that was sown - and then reap. hi

      When forced to pay, the census takers will immediately end.

      You suggest sending “boys” so that you can be a little bit, and, if anything, put on the counter?
      Oh well... negative But first of all, the scribes in their ranks should be “finished”. bully And, for starters, at least stop covering the Mausoleum with plywood.
  3. Hassan Abdukhalikov (Hassan Abdukhalikov) 3 September 2019 21: 50
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    HOW TO RECREATE THE USSR (Commonwealth of Strategic Allies of Russia)

    1. To begin with, starting in 2019, it is necessary to begin the implementation of the New Economic Policy of the Russian Federation (NEP RF) to accelerate the growth rate of the Russian economy 2 times or more above the world. (Author NEP RF Abdukhalikov H. A.)
    2. As Russia’s economy grows faster than the world’s, Russia should unilaterally withdraw from the CIS and thereby liquidate this amorphous organization itself.
    3. When the inflation rate in the Russian Federation reaches 1% per year, denominate the Russian ruble at the rate of 100/1 so that 1 US dollar is equivalent to 60 kopecks.
    4 With countries of the former CIS that are loyal to Russia, it is necessary to sign an agreement on the Strategic Union on the following conditions in which the country Ally of Russia assumes obligations of the following nature:
    - Recognition of Russia as the Superpower No. 1 in the World;
    - Respect Russia and its interests in all cases;
    - Provide on its territory the location of Russian military bases for the protection of airspace and external borders at no cost for a period of up to 49 years (for the duration of the Union Treaty);
    - Open your domestic markets and create a single economic space with Russia;
    Russia, in turn, pledges to its Strategic Ally:
    - Protect and respect the economic, political, cultural and other interests of their Strategic Ally;
    - Open access to preferential credit resources from the GIFF of the Russian Federation (According to the NEP of the Russian Federation) as part of the modernization of the economy of the Strategic Ally of Russia, according to the signed Union Agreement (Without prejudice to the domestic economy of the Russian Federation, and due to international guarantees for borrowing in international financial markets);
    - Open your internal markets to the Strategic Ally and create a common economic space with it;
    When signing bilateral Union treaties, according to the above conditions, Russia may on December 30, 2022 create the Commonwealth of Strategic Allies of Russia with the countries that signed the above Union Agreements with the Russian Federation.
    The main constituent agreement of this Commonwealth of Strategic Allies of Russia (hereinafter referred to as the USSR) should be the Charter of the USSR.
    The USSR charter must contain the following points:
    1. The Commonwealth of Strategic Allies of Russia (USSR) is a voluntary Union of the Russian Federation with countries that have signed the Strategic Union Treaty with it;
    2. The Chairman of the USSR is the President of the Russian Federation, secretaries are determined by rotation from among the Presidents of countries belonging to the USSR;
    3. The supreme body of the USSR Administration is the Council of Heads of State of the USSR;
    4. The decision adopted at this Council will have legal force only after ratification by the parliaments of the countries participating in the USSR;
    5. The Supreme Court of the USSR, which will operate on the basis of the Union Treaties and the Charter of the USSR, should become the supranational organ of the USSR.
    If this strategy is implemented, the formation of Russia as Super Power No. 1 will be real, and this strategy will really be able to ensure the security of Russia's external borders from the encroachment of other Super Powers.

    Russia must recreate the USSR and the Russian Empire in the form of the Commonwealth of Strategic Allies of Russia, not in order to feed the Union republics, but in order to use their potential for their own development.
  4. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 4 September 2019 12: 03
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    Six of the United States, such as Poland, will soon begin to work in languages ​​at the US embassy instead of toilet paper.
  5. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 5 September 2019 06: 03
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    If we respect our history, then we will be too tough for the West.
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 6 September 2019 20: 25
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      What a bunch of the near-minded, greedy, power-hungry Russian "democrats" did, led by their half-drunk leader, in the near future and later cannot be worthy of respect among their partners. Encouraging gestures and smiles yes, but no more.

      So, Russia as a trading partner, a supplier of resources is good (the mechanisms are worked out, prices are acceptable), but at the international political level everything is complicated - the reputation is somehow not very good. recourse
      From there, accordingly, the feet of all these sanctions and "censuses of history" grow.