Rada deputy ridiculed colleagues with lack of knowledge of the Ukrainian language

Deputies of the Ukrainian parliament became hostages to the law on the exclusive use of the Ukrainian language, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of the previous convocation, consisting of garbage that surfaced during the Maidan.

Attempts by Russian-speaking deputies to follow this law lead to the fact that they become the laughing stock not only among fellow deputies, but also in the eyes of Ukrainians.

So, the first session of the newly elected parliament turned into curiosities related to the fact that the deputies did not know the language recognized as the only state language.

In particular, the deputy Anton Kisset tried to tell his colleagues about the problems of Odessa wine-makers on the “old move”, however, he only made laugh at those present in the session hall of the parliament and was forced to switch to Russian.

Despite this state of affairs, it is hardly worth expecting that the new Ukrainian government will abolish or amend this law, at the risk of provoking the discontent of the radicals and nationalists.

Therefore, in the future, many more Ukrainian parliamentarians will have to become a laughing stock not only in the eyes of their colleagues, voters, but also in the eyes of the rest of the civilized world, of which Ukraine has been trying in vain to become a part from the moment it gained its “independence” in 1991.
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  1. beeper Online
    beeper 30 August 2019 13: 37
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    And what about the other deputies of ZRada to laugh (they’re smiling at each other, smiling, they don’t laugh at the video), because they are also inherent in the artificially “problematic” problems of the Odessa colleague - few of them are competent and it can be said plainly, not to mention clearly “working” on the occupation of the Galician-Polish “guar”, which is understandable only to Westerners, ?!
    Communication in the "supreme legislative body" with such a "dictate" is significantly slowed down and complicated, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the "work (?????!)" Of the so-called "public servants"!
    But the destructive Maidan of the “reformers” was by no means the “result”, but the “process” of the parasitic (and archival — for the country and the majority of the working population) “sitting out trousers and skirts” for considerable state cost and benefits ??!
  2. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 30 August 2019 14: 41
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    It just becomes a little sad when you see and listen ... as adults, respectable, convicted by legislative powers, begin to break their tongues and try to talk about state affairs in gibberish ...
    - At the Move it’s good to write letters, at the bazaar of bargaining ..., and in other matters ...
    - This is not a “letter to write to the Turkish Sultan" ... - Interestingly, but foreign special correspondents learn to speak a foreign language ...? - In general, import correspondents speak Russian rather poorly, and some are just so disgusting ... - And our "a-Glitzky" express themselves - just great ... - some can’t even be distinguished from the Americans, or the English (spar any dialect) ... like natural British ... - But imported special correspondents do not speak Russian well ... - One can only imagine ... how they speak mov ... if they even speak it ... - Hahah. ..
  3. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 30 August 2019 17: 48
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    Oppositionists have found the perfect solution - let those who need laugh, they will hear their deputies. After all, Avakov also speaks in one of the Ukrainian dialects, little distinguishable from the Russian language, and the radicals are silent in a rag and listen.
  4. Port Offline
    Port 31 August 2019 07: 00
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    Nothing strange, because there is not a single ethnic Ukrainian, any parliament is teeming with alien parasites, for which the country and the people to which they suck are just booty and a means of profit.