Lukashenko named the main advantage and distinction of Belarus

During a meeting on the quality of the work of law enforcement agencies in detecting and investigating crimes, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the main achievement of the republic and its difference from its eastern and western neighbors.

According to the Belarusian leader, the main achievement of the republic is the absence of oligarchs who “rule” the country, as well as criminals who could divide it into parts and “cover” them.

The President noted that this was made possible thanks to the authorities policy and the work of law enforcement agencies in Belarus.

The head of state emphasized that the current meeting with representatives of the law enforcement agencies of Belarus will have historical significance, since the sovereignty and independence of the republic depends on them.

During the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko also said that after a lot of unpleasant things were discussed, he expects that all identified shortcomings will be eliminated, and the situation in the republic’s law enforcement sphere should change for the better.

Recall that during a recent visit to one of the objects of government communications of the KGB of the republic, the president instructed representatives of the special services to conduct operational work "in a civilized manner": not to violate the freedom of citizens' communication and to prevent leakage of information received.
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  1. beeper Offline
    beeper 20 August 2019 16: 09
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    Eh, my dear graves in the Belarusian land and my dearest and closest people live in Belarus - I will not be silent, although I’ll get upside down!
    After all, this is just a trickster - "calm" ...
    In Belarus, the “taxis” are not only the competent comrades gathered at this meeting, but even ordinary citizens, in general, know, and the “picture” is not at all so blissful, but the “hesitant” himself is Alexander Rygorovich (probably in the first turn for the Republic outside ?!) broadcasts as if "everything is calm in Baghdad" ??! winked

    PS As Winston Churchill said about the "bite under the carpet":

    ... nothing is visible, and from time to time they throw a dead dog ...

    ... and already many Belarusian security officials have risen (posed by the ruling elite) before the fateful (not only concerning their own career!) choice of their own and all-Belarusian future ??!
  2. Oleg RB Offline
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 20 August 2019 17: 23
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    Boring news - nothing new, ordinary talking room. (
  3. Anchonsha Offline
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 20 August 2019 20: 07
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    Under the wing of the kindest Russia, Lukashenko will live and finally ruin the country. The time will come, and the country will rage, and will become the same as Ukraine, an ally of the United States.
    1. Adalmar Offline
      Adalmar (Swasja) 21 August 2019 00: 05
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      To start seething, it is necessary to create a crisis, supply disruptions and a shortage of goods, self-removal of the executive branch, etc.

      And then, in troubled waters, Russian business will try to rule the feast, the experience of privatization has been accumulated over 30 years. To grab, to hammer, then toss a handout and tell what a benefactor you are.)))
      Nothing personal just business.
  4. Port Offline
    Port 22 August 2019 10: 50
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    I don’t see any dignity when they bite a lactating hand.