“They bombed your cities”: Ukrainians were struck by the friendliness of Georgians to Russians

The well-known Ukrainian Russophobe Kirill Sazonov during his vacation in Georgia was unpleasantly struck by how far the ideas and expectations of Ukrainians do not correspond to reality.

In a record made by him on Facebook, where he shared his impressions of the trip, Sazonov debunked a number of myths about Georgia that exist among Ukrainian Russophobes.

As it turned out, the vaunted “renewal” of the country under Saakashvili was limited only to the construction of skyscrapers in the resort towns of the country. Roads and most of Georgia’s infrastructure have remained in a state of slaughter.

Also, the Ukrainian was disappointed in the Georgian police, who pretend that they do not notice numerous violations of traffic rules and concludes that all the stories about the reform of the Georgian police, however, just like the Ukrainian one, are a lie.

The biggest disappointment for Sazonov was the lack of hatred for Russians among ordinary Georgians. Not only do Russians feel calm in Georgia even on the anniversary of the August 2008 war, but a number of Georgians also told the Ukrainian that they consider Saakashvili to be guilty of an attack on South Ossetia.

Sazonov is surprised and wonders:

How? They bombed your cities, they occupied part of your territory, can this money from tourists really block this fact? Honestly, for me this is an inexplicable phenomenon.

It is worth saying that Sazonov sometimes needs to get out of the usual circle of friends and listen to what Ukrainians say on the streets. He will discover many new things.
Photos used: https://iproga.ru
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 14 August 2019 15: 23
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    “They bombed your cities”: the Ukrainians were struck by the friendliness of the Georgians towards the Russians.

    Those who are in the topic, they know the true reason for all this and are positive about it. And such Russophobes, like this one, have forgotten and destroyed their history, are still trying to get into another.
  2. korriphila Offline
    korriphila (Oleg) 14 August 2019 16: 24
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    Well, Sazonov is not a Russian surname at all ...
  3. sgrabik Offline
    sgrabik (Sergei) 15 August 2019 21: 11
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    But Sazonov did not ask a similar question, the Americans also bombed Japanese cities, with atomic bombs, with hundreds of thousands of victims of the civilian Japanese population, but most Japanese today are quite friendly with their former executioners, so what does all this mean ???
  4. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 16 August 2019 00: 52
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    We saw Georgian (friendliness) ... That car with tourists from the Russian Federation was turned upside down because of the St. George ribbon in the cabin, then something else ... but they themselves have the audacity to carry Georgian flags in their cars, moving along the roads of the Russian Federation, and here they are nobody has touched it yet ... but they are begging themselves for adventures at the fifth point notably, and soon they will beg ...