The engine for the Mi-38 helicopter successfully passed the next tests

The TV7-117V engine, manufactured by UEC-Klimov for the Russian multi-purpose helicopter MI-38, has successfully passed icing tests. This was announced on the eve of the press service of the developer company.

This test stage and the results obtained play a very important role. After all, the icing that occurs in the clouds directly affects the general technical characteristics of the helicopter. During the tests, the device rose to a height of 4 km, at temperatures up to -30 ° C.

It is worth noting that the TV7-117V unit is highly reliable and reliable, and in terms of economy and take-off power, it has no analogues in its class at all. All this greatly expands the capabilities of the Rostec offspring (UEC-Klimov is part of the state corporation) and makes the aforementioned engine popular and competitive.

Recall that the maximum power indicator of the TV7-117V reaches 3140 hp, and in take-off mode - 2800 hp At the same time, the fuel consumption is 205 g / hp, and the dry weight of the engine is 435 kg. According to the resource management system, the unit is designed for 2110 flight cycles.

At the moment, the mid-range multipurpose helicopter MI-38 has already passed certification at Rosaviatsiya. Serial production of the machine is planned to be deployed at the Kazan Helicopter Plant.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 30 July 2019 22: 19
    The news is very good, but not for Ukraine. As the saying goes:

    Harness for a long time ...
  2. Galar Offline Galar
    Galar (Timur) 31 July 2019 09: 26
    Everyone is busy around these numbers, it is high time to make the engine 5-6 tons, then the helicopter will really get new qualities ...