Kill Hitler: what would the success of Operation Valkyrie lead to?

July 20 marks exactly 75 years since the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler and the attempted military coup in the Third Reich. Today it is customary to write about those with a remark “unsuccessful”, although, in truth, they deserve much more the epithet “mediocre”. Nevertheless, the current German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, not so long ago tried to pay tribute to the "heroes" of these distant days, calling them "role models", people who "shaped the history of new Germany, following the voice of their conscience" and at the same time "courageously opposed to Nazism. "

Do you want to know that of the pathos sayings on this issue, the chancellor's frau is true? Exactly nothing! Of those who planned and tried to carry out Operation Valkyrie, the anti-fascists were the same as a ballet troupe from a herd of hippos. In addition, the “new Germany” with which they raved would have been much more dangerous for our country than an unfinished Nazi Reich.

In the same way, Soviet historiography, which was ideally ideologized to the limit, at one time always tried to push into each phenomenon or process the “contradiction between productive forces and production relations”, squeezing all the magnificent diversity of human history into the Procrustean bed of the “class struggle”. Modern Western scholars, and even more so propagandists, do not spare their strength in order to reduce any event to a "confrontation between democracy and totalitarianism." It turns out to be especially hilarious in Hollywood “masterpieces”, when a crowd of some antique or medieval goblin, regularly raising their own owners to the pitchfork because of the most banal hunger, suddenly starts to chant slogans with modern “maidans” and almost demand the observance of “human rights” and “Universal values” ... However, we were distracted. And the talk is that of the conspirators who dreamed in 1944 of hitting Hitler and his closest assistants, they are trying to sculpt “fighters against the Nazi dictatorship” according to the same scheme. Nothing of the kind stood close!

Patricians and plebeians of the Third Reich

In order to put an end to the question once and for all - who, against whom and for what purposes tried to make a coup on July 20, 1944, you will have to find out the extremely important, but more than poorly covered question of who the military consisted of and политическая the top of the Third Reich. The generally accepted: "Yes, they were all damned fascists there!" it was definitely true for our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who were putting tanks and guns tearing at Berlin on cannons and machine guns or generously pouring bombs on Wehrmacht columns. But we live in a somewhat later time ... Yes, I allow myself to remain of the opinion that the real anti-fascists in Nazi Germany were either killed, or stayed behind the "thorn" of concentration camps, or sat in such a deep underground that to find them couldn't even the ubiquitous Gestapo. The rest of its citizens are involved in Nazism and are guilty of its existence to one degree or another ... But now - not about that, but about that deepest abyss that lay between various representatives of power in the Nazi empire.

The best way to become aware of this would be to have a quick look at the list of inspirers and participants of the Valkyrie, or rather, their pedigrees. So: Baron Rudolph-Christoph von Gersdorf - the son of the Count and Burggrafini, who had their genealogy since God knows what age. Job-Wilhelm Georg Erdman “Erwin” von Wiitsleben - a representative of one of the oldest noble families of Prussia, ended the First World War as an officer of the General Staff. Henning Hermann Robert Karl von Treskov is a native of yet another kind of Prussian noble family who have made a military career for generations. Kristiaan August Ulrich von Hassel - a nobleman, whom contemporaries spoke of: "patrician by birth and upbringing." Well, and finally, the “protagonist” on July 20, the unfortunate demolition Count Klaus Schenck von Stauffenberg ... This one generally belonged to one of the noble families of Southern Germany, who had a kinship with almost the royal house of Württemberg. And the other leaders and the “ideological fathers” of the conspiracy are all representatives of ancient clans, immigrants from the military and industrial aristocracy, few of them did not flaunt the noble prefix “von”. Behind everyone, if not cadet corps and military academies, were prestigious universities. The absolute majority fought in the First World War, ending it in command positions.

Kill Hitler: what would the success of Operation Valkyrie lead to?

Count von Stauffenberg (far left), Hitler (center) and Keitel on July 15, 1944 at Wolfschans

And now let's recall the “genealogy” of those who actually led the Third Reich, starting in 1933, with the advent of the NSDAP. Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolf Hitler himself - all of them had the origin that is not what it was, as they used to say in high society, “vile”. That is - from the peasants. Well, except that at the head of the SS, relatives related conditionally to the "middle class", but Adolf’s dad managed to break into small state officials. Which, however, did not change at all the attitude towards them of those whose listing of noble relatives would hardly fit into a thick book. The rest - and even worse! The woe-artist Hitler, the unfortunate writer-graphomanian Goebbels, the agronomist Himmler ... And these people gave orders to those who had not only their own higher military education and front-line merits, but also entire generations of their ancestors in general and field marshals uniforms! How do you think they could respond to this? Well, try to imagine the feelings of Denikin, Kolchak and Wrangel, if they suddenly had to serve under some kind of wild whim of fate under the leadership of Trotsky and Budyonny with Voroshilov! So, all of the “backgrounds” listed above did not even hate Nazism, but to the dominance created by them at the highest posts of plebeians and upstarts. And where was their “anti-fascism” when they diligently shouted “Heil Hitler”, and, moreover, seized foreign lands for the glory of the “millennial Reich” ?!

Military Conspiracy - Traces and Parallels

Those who shed tears abundantly today on the “heroes of July 20” and praise the Valkyrie participants to heaven, prefer to bashfully remain silent, or they are somewhat crumpled to mention that the conspiracy, in fact, began to form at the end of 30 years. Doesn’t it remind you of anything? No associations ?! But it was precisely at this very time that the “stripes” began to stir actively in the USSR. By the way, it was mainly those who maintained close contacts and ties with German colleagues. I have no iron proofs, but the fact that I have absolutely no intention of leaving the political leaders who are sober-tempered by the generals and arrange in their countries the most classical military dictatorship in their countries was not leaving me. But only comrades Stalin and Beria, betrayed by headquarters and garrisons, managed to inspect and uproot in time (though, alas, not to the last roots), but the Heroes of Hitler and Himmler slammed. They gave future putschists time to "shut up", go to the bottom, gaining additional contacts and connections, drawing up more and more new plans for a conspiracy. So we sat up to the "Valkyrie" in the end ...

Some “historians” are trying to convince us that the conspiracy arose because in the year 1937–38, the “noble German military” were opposed to Hitler’s “aggressive plans” and were dreaming of preventing World War II. Lambs, right! Pigeons of the world ... Wehrmacht military against war. Mice against cheese. No matter how! Firstly, the general-field marshal shoble was deeply offended by the Führer for the purge he had done at the top of the Wehrmacht in 1938, having knocked out eight dozen representatives of the general-officer "elite" to hell with the dog. And secondly, among the “old-regime” servants, such as the chief of the General Staff von Beck, there was a strong belief that Hitler, who was desperate for Czechoslovakia, would doom Germany to another grand defeat - cleaner than what it had in the First World War. There was a fraction of truth in this, and a considerable one. If London and Paris hadn’t offered Adolf Czechoslovakia on a silver platter, hoping to subsequently poison him in our country, if the Czechs had not raised their shamefully legs, they would have asked for military assistance from the USSR, who was ready to give it to them ... The story of the Third Reich really could have ended, almost without beginning. However, everything turned out differently.

Calling the Valkyrie conspirators "staunch opponents of Nazism," Western propagandists either confuse black and white, or they lie completely consciously. These “persistent” painfully drastically reduced their activity after September 1, 1939 - when the victorious Wehrmacht, with almost no loss, began to seize one European country after another! The thunder of German boots on the pavement of surrendering shamefully capitals, more than suited "rebellious" generals. But they did not seem to notice concentration camps, ghettos, executions, and torture - after all, plebeians from all kinds of SS and the Gestapo were engaged in them. Yes, field marshals with pedigrees of thoroughbred bitches infuriated the fact that the corporal commanded them. But everything worked out! Pruha pearl with a steam locomotive - right up until this locomotive began to wind the guts of the Aryans themselves onto their wheels. First, near Moscow, then near Stalingrad and Kursk ... That's where our "fighters against Nazism" again ran into scalded cockroaches - since kerosene was already smelled specifically for them. From the dusty drawers of the staff tables, the slogan was removed that "the Fuhrer is an insane upstart, destroying the army and the country," and at the same time the plan for a military coup.

Valkyrie v. USSR

Accordingly, attempts to eliminate Hitler intensified sharply, starting in 1944. True, they were one more absurd than the other. Either they put a bomb disguised as a bottle of cognac into the plane, and take it, and don’t work, they choose a suicide bomber from his environment - and he will give the rear one at the last moment, saying that Hitler left, why activate the bomb! The shitty of the Germans were shaheeds ... The conspirators literally became fixated on the idea of ​​definitely blowing up the Fuhrer, and not plundering him in any other way, which ultimately led to the absurdly failed attempt to smash Adolf Aloizyevich, undertaken on July 20, 1944 in Wolfschants. By the way, here is the time to once again return to the "bright" personality of the one who attached a briefcase with explosives under the table to the leader of the Third Reich - Count von Stauffenberg. They are trying with special force to sculpt the “hero of resistance” and the “bright martyr of the struggle against Nazism”. But it’s nothing that this same “anti-fascist” in letters addressed to his own little wife from occupied Poland called the local population “a terrible rabble of Jews and half-breeds” who need to “control the whip”, and best of all - more quickly “colonize the land here with German settlers” "! Not a Nazi, no? Well, then let me ask you - who, then, would you like to enroll in those ?!

The result of the assassination attempt on Hitler in Wolfschans

Some “scholars” deign to write that Stauffenberg de “subsequently revised his views.” Obviously, this was greatly facilitated by the English bomb, which had successfully flown to the count on his head, somewhat reducing the number of his envious eyes and raking Aryan pens. However, there is no doubt - neither this "hero", nor every one of his companions in the Valkyrie, and in their thoughts did not keep rejecting the main postulates of the possessed Third Reich, like the superiority of the German nation over the rest, and its right to dominate as much as possible a large number of peoples and territories. And, first of all, they were not going to retreat from the damned “Drang nah Osten”! The “New Germany”, which, so that some Frau wouldn’t try to rub it in today, even under the chancellor’s position, the conspirators planned to “revive”, most likely, in the form of a monarchy with the same Beck at the head, they would not stop the war with the Soviet Union and . And to liberate the same Poland or Czechoslovakia, by the way, too. The bastards in general uniforms simply really assessed their own strengths. They understood that the Wehrmacht would not pull a war on two fronts in any case. The participants in the conspiracy saw their main goal as the conclusion of a separate peace with London and Washington, necessary in order to transfer all forces and means to the Eastern Front.

But this is so - for starters ... First of all, Berlin had to be cleared of the leaders who were not shaking hands for the West - Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels. Already with them, neither Churchill, nor Roosevelt, nor their representatives would have sat down at the negotiating table, even with all their will - the public would not have understood. No wonder the attempt to "build bridges" with the British, undertaken by the powerful chief of the SS, failed. And it’s not only a matter of Comrade Stirlitz’s skill ... Having got rid of the leaders who are already completely imbued with blood and possibly officially abandoned the ideology of Nazism, the Valkyrie organizers, according to reports, planned to go much further than a simple reconciliation with the West. On the agenda was the question of offering the British and Americans a military alliance to counter the "Bolshevik hordes rushing to Europe"! Are you really sure that this would not have come to this? Very, very vain ... It is not for nothing that Stalin, precisely in 1944, strictly forbade military intelligence and other special services of the USSR to make any attempts to eliminate Hitler. It was such an outcome - the unification into a single anti-Soviet front of the whole West, led by "renewed Germany", that he was afraid of. Would we overpower such an enemy? Perhaps yes! But how many millions more Soviet soldiers would fall into the land of Europe?

Operation Valkyrie was not a "fight against Nazism" and, moreover, "an attempt to stop the war." Well, would swastikas be obscured on the wings of the Messerschmitts and on the sides of the Tigers (which I personally am not so sure of) - would it make it easier for our great-grandfathers, on whom this scum would still be pearl? What difference does it make under what names the SS and the Einsatzgruppen would revive - and there is no doubt that they were expected to be revived. Nothing but the same, if he was wrong, under the new sign the hypothetical victory of the general’s conspiracy would not have brought the Third Reich. If Frau Merkel does not understand this - her problem, and for this, let the Germans headache. The main thing is that everyone understands correctly: we are the descendants of the Winners. For every attempt to create and chant false “heroes” and “fighters against Nazism” is nothing more than an attempt to steal and downplay the unfading glory of our ancestors, who hoisted the red banner over the Reichstag without any dubious “helpers”.
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  1. Panting Offline Panting
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 20 July 2019 18: 07

    In the same way as Soviet historiography, which is ideally ideologized to the limit ...

    I have a question for the author: Whose story is not ideological? Probably American, based on sheer lies and distortion of facts, or whose ???
    1. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
      Dart2027 20 July 2019 19: 51
      Quote: Fervor
      I have a question for the author: Whose story is not ideological? Probably American.

      The article says this:

      Modern Western scholars, and even more so propagandists, do not spare their strength in order to reduce any event to a "confrontation between democracy and totalitarianism." It turns out to be especially hilarious in Hollywood “masterpieces”, when a crowd of some antique or medieval goblin, regularly raising their own owners to the pitchfork due to the most banal hunger, suddenly starts to chant slogans from modern “maidans” and almost demand the observance of “human rights” and "Universal values ​​...
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  4. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 21 July 2019 01: 18
    Merkel would be better off declaring a real struggle against the neo-Nazis and Bandera of Ukraine, whom Berlin, Warsaw, Paris and Washington supported during the coup in Kiev.
    This would be an order of magnitude more important, but her gut is thin, that’s grinding all kinds of nonsense to please Uncle Sam.
  5. Wooh Offline Wooh
    Wooh (Barmaley) 23 July 2019 17: 00

    What would the success of Operation Valkyrie lead to?

    Who knows. One thing is certain: if a woman had Faberge, then she would be a grandfather. good