The TV channel "Rustavi-2" is blocked after swearing at Putin

The Georgian TV channel Rustavi-2, which is associated with the name of the fugitive President Mikheil Saakashvili, resorted to a brutal provocation, the purpose of which was to aggravate already tense relations with Russia.

One of the channel’s leading ones, a certain Georgy Gabunia, began Sunday evening broadcast of his PS program with swearing at the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Corresponding video опубликовал Russian journalist Dmitry Smirnov on his Twitter account.

The host’s act provoked the indignation of the residents of the Georgian capital, who on the night after the transfer gathered near the building of the television company and threw eggs and bottles at it.

The participants demanded to dismiss the host and dismiss the Rustavi-2 CEO Nick Gvaramiy, who, commenting on the host’s trick, said that he considered the broadcast unacceptable, but "shared the host’s position."

The management of Rustavi-2 decided to suspend broadcasting until "until the security of the TV channel is protected."

The press service of the television company issued an official statement in which the leadership apologized for the words of the journalist.

Gabunia’s trick, made not from the great mind of a Georgian journalist, caused a huge resonance in the country: the first persons of the state — the president and the prime minister — had to speak with condemnation of his behavior.

Recall that this morning, after the completion of the last Aeroflot flight from Tbilisi, air traffic between Russia and Georgia ceased.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 8 July 2019 08: 32
    Actually, I’m also the mother of many politicians, but in order to get hit through the head with the help of the media. Therefore, we look at the actions of the government of Georgia. If they get fired, then normal things can be done with them, but if not, then they are all hit there.
    1. Yuri Mishanin Offline Yuri Mishanin
      Yuri Mishanin (Yuri Mishanin) 8 July 2019 09: 24
      Mr. pseudo-steelmaker! And what was so "crushing" that Russia did to Georgia? Stopped plane flights to Russia? Ha ... ha ... ha! Yes, this is such a trifle that it would be embarrassing to talk about such a punishment for over-pressed Georgians! But Georgia really dealt a crushing blow to Russia! She insulted V.Putin all over the world, insulted Russia itself and its people, swore on television - this is a crushing blow! It has become common to wipe your feet on Russia! So far, I do not see anything significant on the part of Russia to punish Georgia for a "crushing" moral blow not only on Russia, but also on the population of all of Russia! On the contrary, officials are looking for ways to forgive Georgia or find small answers, such as stopping passenger flights. I am ashamed of our country that so often, we repeatedly substitute both cheeks and the back of the head for blows. Yes, for such an insult, the Americans would wipe the Georgian economy to dust, and we all play with them !!!
      1. Don36 Offline Don36
        Don36 (Don36) 8 July 2019 09: 50
        It’s even good that this animal smeared Putin, maybe now the Kremlin will understand that it’s time to cleanse Russia of a foreign beast sick with Russophobia, and not to import it additionally. The manual labor of all these Gaster only interferes with Russia. From the course of history, any student knows that all these manufactories (enterprises with cheap manual labor) produced little and unimportant quality, for the most part. Only mechanization of labor, new machines and workers with a good education (and not these yesterday's shepherds and melons) will be able to produce a large number of competitive products of high quality. If Putin says nothing, then this will prove once again that it’s time to resign to a soft-skinned grandfather who can only raise taxes within the country on ordinary people. In the Kremlin, in recent decades they have become accustomed to fooling foreigners and not to reckon with the opinion of the indigenous population of Russia, and this is a bad habit, the indigenous population of Russia is not necessary and harmful to the state as a whole.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 8 July 2019 11: 35
    Yuri Mishanin, you reason absolutely correctly. I put you a plus sign. Just do not be rude, and the Georgians, too.