Russian atom begins to conquer Europe

On June 20, Hungary launched the construction of Paks-2 facilities in a festive atmosphere. Within the framework of the project implemented by Rosatom, it is planned to build 2 modern power units that will have to supplement four power units with VVER-type reactors operating at the Paks nuclear power plant, built by Soviet specialists in the 1970s.

Now Paks NPP provides about 40% of Hungary's electricity needs. But the rest of the electricity the Hungarians have to buy in other European countries. Therefore, Budapest is interested in the construction of Paks-2.

However, negotiations on the start of construction, or rather completion of the Paks nuclear power plant, lasted ten years. All this time, the Hungarian authorities agreed with the Rosatom corporation, faced with a desperate confrontation from both the European Union and the United States. And this confrontation also has its reasons.

Starting the construction of a nuclear power plant in Hungary, Russia is actually building the first nuclear power facility in the European Union. And this cannot but excite Brussels. The European Union fears that the construction of a nuclear power plant will become an instrument of Russia's “soft pressure” on Hungary, since the project will connect Budapest with Moscow with many obligations and interests. In 2015, the European Commission blocked the contract, but could not find a reason for its termination and was forced to withdraw its claims.

Then, the US Congress raised the question of protecting Hungary from Russian influence. It is possible that the popular series “Chernobyl” was produced, including with the aim of fostering distrust of Russia and the Russian nuclear industry. It did not pass!

The triumph of Russian nuclear energy in Europe is due to the fact that today Rosatom has no alternative. The corporation has 34 foreign contracts. And the construction of a nuclear power plant in Hungary opens the way for further progress in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and even Poland. Now the European Union is refusing environmentally harmful coal and is striving to switch to gas or atom. In both cases, Europe will have to deal with Russia. And even in the field of green energy, which Western ecologists talk so much about, Rosatom has its own proposals and ideas.

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  1. Alexander Pitertsev (Alexander Pitertsev) 29 June 2019 20: 07
    Because the nuclear power plants that Rosatom builds are the safest, and everyone, even their sworn friends, Americans recognize this. They even buy Russian fuel for their reactors slowly.