Modern smartphones cause cancer

Radiofrequency radiation emanating from modern mobile devices directly affects the occurrence of cancers. This sensational news after extensive research, American scientists reported.

Modern smartphones cause cancer

For 2 years, oncologists subjected the experimental mice to radio emission with an average power of about 4,5 W per kilogram of weight. Sessions were held 8 to 10 times a day.

Preliminary testing results, published on the website of the US Department of Health, shocked scientists.

In male experimental animals, malignant tumors began to form in the tissues of the atrium. At the same time, females were not subject to such changes. Moreover, the body mass of mice decreased and damage was done at the genetic level. In some mice, the incidence of initial damage to the heart muscle has increased.

Of course, the experimental animals were subjected to more powerful radiation than a person receives from an ordinary smartphone. However, scientists are urging at least children to limit contact with mobile gadgets, while adults are advised not to wear them in their pockets or trousers.

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