The second lawsuit: Huawei requires the United States to screw the confiscated equipment

Recently we Reportedas the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co Inc. decided to sue US authorities for organized persecution. And so, the Chinese "comrades" have already filed a second lawsuit against the US authorities. This time, Huawei's requirements relate to equipment seized by the US Department of Commerce from the company.

It should be noted that in Washington it is believed that Beijing can use the equipment seized from Huawei for espionage. In turn, the Chinese completely reject this. They are trying to challenge the decision of the Americans, who decided to "subject telecommunication equipment to export control rules."

It is allegedly about equipment that the Chinese first delivered to the United States, and then sent back to China. However, this equipment did not reach China.

Huawei explains that equipment, including a computer server and an Ethernet switch, was located in a California lab for testing. When the tests were completed, this equipment was sent back to China. Moreover, an additional license (permit) for such actions, according to US law, is not needed. After all, this equipment does not belong to the category of controlled, manufactured outside the United States and was supposed to return to the country where it was manufactured.

The Americans, in turn, claim that the equipment was confiscated in Alaska. At the same time, Huawei confirms that the equipment "remains in a bureaucratic suspension in the Alaskan warehouse." Now the Chinese are asking the court to lift the arrest from the equipment and admit that the confiscation of the equipment was illegal.

It should be recalled that the first Huawei lawsuit was filed in May 2019. It concerns the requirement to declare unconstitutional part of the US national security law, because of which Huawei was put on the "black list" of the US Department of Commerce.
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