Who is Zelensky and what awaits Ukraine in the near future

We all became eyewitnesses of the events in a certain country X, where at first the oligarchs dissatisfied with the past power, having thrown themselves around the chervonets, hired a person to play the role of president, now they are preoccupied with selecting and hiring people who are ready to play the role of deputies, who then, given the wishes of the puppeteers who hired them will hire people to play the role of ministers. I have only one question, where after all this they will find people who agree to play the role of the people of this unfinished?

Great Dumb

On June 10 of this year, the press secretary of the newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, a wonderful Kherson girl, Yulia Mendel, (with a wonderful surname that reminds me of the surname of Dr. Josef Mengele from the Auschwitz death camp, who, by the way, died a natural death in 1979, and not on the gallows in 1945 ), with a wonderful Galician accent (where did you just learn? In Genichesk or what?), with undisguised surprise, she told the journalists listening to her, opening her mouth, that she was personally very surprised by the fact that

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine did not react in any way to the fact that the Ukrainian parliamentarian Yuriy Boyko, as well as the Ukrainian citizen Medvedchuk, traveled twice to the aggressor country, met with representatives of the largest state company of the aggressor country and there are absolutely no legal decisions in this regard.

We are talking about the trip of the leader of Oppoplatforms-For Life, Yury Boyko, and the chairman of the Political Council of this party, Viktor Medvedchuk, to Moscow, where they met with Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Medvedev, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation, on March 22 and June 7 of this year. They promise a 25% discount on gas. This, of course, is a terrible crime before the people of Ukraine and those who committed it must, of course, face the punishing hand of the Ukrainian Justice and be punished to the fullest extent of the Law. Touching in all this is the twofold mention of the aggressor country, as in the good glorious times of the drunken Confectioner, and the appeal to Medvedchuk as a citizen, not even a comrade or a lord. Get up, citizen Medvedchuk, the court is coming!

There is a well-established stamp in the acting environment that the larger the actor, the longer the pause. Judging by the pause taken by the newly elected President of Ukraine, who, as he began to remain silent 3 months before the election, is still silent, the great Actor visited us. Anyone speaks for him - from his friends in the 95th quarter and his wife, to Beni Kolomoisky and Jean-Claude Juncker, and he only smiles and is silent. Also, you know, you need to be able to. Now it’s the turn to speak for the president’s vow of silence and reached Dr. Mendel.

And while all those who are observing the process are struggling with the question: “Hu from Mr. Zelensky?”, I will try to help them in this and remove some cover of the unknown above the newly appeared light of Ukrainian democracy. Everything to the point of banality is simple. We were visited by the Great Mute. And he will remain silent until the parliamentary elections, the struggle for which is unfolding right before our eyes. Zelensky’s task is to keep his electorate on both sides of the Dnieper, and therefore to break into a cake, but to push the early elections to the Rada until people become disappointed in him and his virtual party, which is inevitable. The task of all his opponents, except Poroshenko, whose support also melts before our eyes, like spring snow, to prevent him from doing this. Among these opponents there is even the recent sponsor of Ze, who led him to victory in the presidential election, Benya Kolomoisky, who is not at all interested in Vovochka gaining a coalition majority in the Rada with his party “Servant of the People” and out of his control, and therefore playing now against him. Not to mention others political forces that also do not want to strengthen the position of the newly elected president.

On this occasion, we even observe some kind of oligarchic consensus when all the oligarchs united against the good Clown, as they recently united against the Evil. Therefore, Oppoplatform is pleased with the statements of the press secretary of Zelensky, Dr. Mendel, about the aggressor country and the citizens of Boyko and Medvedchuk, who need to be brought to justice, thereby contributing to the outflow of the pro-Russian electorate from the Great Mute Zee to the Oppoplatform of Medvedchuk and Rabinovich. Therefore, we are witnessing an unnatural union of two, until recently, worst enemies, Beni Kolomoisky and Rinat Akhmetov, who have joined forces to prevent the monopoly of Ze on the Ukrainian political Olympus. And if everything is clear and understandable with Beni, he has his resources in the form of a new batch of two bad Gene - the party of two mayors of Kharkov and Odessa Kernes and Trukhanov “Trust in Affairs” together with his old gasket - the party “Vidrodzhennya” Vitaly Khomutynnik throws a torpedo under “Servant” people ”Zelensky in the hope of chopping off the votes of the South-East and partly the Center of Ukraine, where Rinat Akhmetov’s comrades are breaking down is completely incomprehensible to me. Instead of uniting with Oppoplatforma Medvedchuk-Rabinovich with guaranteed access to the Rada under the 5% barrier, Oppoblok of Akhmetov-Novinsky-Vilkul-Kolesnikov and Muraev, who joined this list with his party Ours, are thrown into the arms of Beni Kolomoisky , with whom they run the risk of replenishing the ranks of losers, so this barrier has not been overcome. Sly Benya will kill two birds with one stone in such a way - and he will pull away the voices from “Servants of the People” and “Oppoplatforms”, and he will not let his worst enemy Akhmetov into Rada, thereby burying his hopes of passing the 5% barrier. What Rinat is thinking and where he is looking at, I do not know. After all, his old laying Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko also risks not getting into the Rada, and going to bed under Julia is not part of Rinat Leonidovich's plans. And then what? Full ambush.

But the omnipotent Beni is also not as wonderful as he would have liked. He is being wiped from his protégé by the impudent Yankees, hence his activity in the media space, his verbal interventions frightening many people about the appointment of the head of Naftogaz Kobalev as Prime Minister and the preservation of Avakov’s influence. About the Pinchuk Danilyuk man, whom he called "a mongrel, who walked there and nodded," I generally am silent. This is said only with the purpose of influencing the decision, which they cannot influence, because if they can, they act, rather than say. It seems that Benya changes his shoes in the air, changes vector and lies down under the Kremlin in a desire to recoup from another strong card, because his old card is beaten by Pinchuk’s people, who took his protégé into circulation, and also appeared on the horizon with another even stronger figure, against which Beni has no cards at all. No from the word "completely." And this is not the shadow of Hamlet’s father, but the shadow of Donald Ibrahimovic, next to which the shadow of Hamlet’s father fades and melts like ice cream in the sun.

But Victor Pinchuk in the struggle for influence on the President was not even the Terminator, but a caliph for an hour. Having detached his father-in-law Leonid Kuchma into the ranks of his advisers, in addition to a smaller riffraff who penetrated the ranks of the Ze-team even at the moment of its formation under the banners of the American embassy with the flags of the Democrats-suckers, he did not even have time to enjoy the fruits of his victory, as he immediately met with Trump people sent to Kiev with the sole task of wiping out both Beni Kolomoisky’s people and Soros-Pinchuk’s people from the guarantor of Ukrainian democracy. And I have a feeling that Donald Ibrahimovic will win this fight outright. The trustee of our cowboy, the former omnipotent mayor of New York, Rudolf Giuliani, has already made his first move with a horse, abandoning his planned visit to Ukraine, referring to the fact that the guarantor of Ukrainian democracy was surrounded, like shit flies, by the enemies of America and Trump personally, people of one Ukrainian oligarch . And I have such a suspicion that these are not Beni Kolomoisky’s people, but Viktor Pinchuk’s people. And the Soros fishery Leshchenko there is still the smallest fly among them, Ivan Aparshin, Zelya's adviser on defense issues and the future power minister, this retired colonel will be more likely to be a maggot, he is a man of Soros and mad Clinton grandmother - that's who does not suit Trump. This means that this will not happen! Such people, surrounded by the President, are not needed at all by the White House. And he has the tools to put pressure on Pinchuk. Now we are looking at who Trump will appoint to the post of US Ambassador to Ukraine. This will be the key figure!

US Ambassador

Ukrainian media are somewhat confused. They report, citing sources in Washington, that the US State Department decided to send to Kiev not a full-fledged ambassador, but only a US Chargé d'Affaires to Ukraine. And this situation supposedly will last until the presidential election in the United States, which will be held in November 2020.

With reference to closed sources, it is reported that this chargé is likely to be an experienced diplomat and former military man William B. Taylor, Jr., 1947, who was ambassador to Ukraine from 2006 to 2009. It is specified that Taylor is very competent and has a finger on the pulse in the field of defense, knows the situation in eastern Ukraine and understands economic and other issues. However, Taylor does not belong to the "Trump people" cohort, but rather, on the contrary, is close to that part of the political community that opposes the president. Moreover, Trump has questions for Taylor. For example, the ex-ambassador was an adherent of the version that Russia allegedly interfered in the US elections in 2016 - something that Special Prosecutor Mueller could not prove during 2 years of investigation. And it is clear that such a position cannot but irritate Trump, but, apparently, he is limited in time in choosing a candidate for this position, so Shiloh (Jovanovitch) exchanges for soap (Taylor), who, like his predecessor, is also a career diplomat. which is not enough. But most likely, his candidacy will not be final, since Trump in Ukraine needs his own person whom he can trust, but for his approval you need to go through a long process of verification and approval through the Senate. Therefore, we are carefully looking at who they will become.

Let me remind you that the past US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch (Marie Louise Yovanovitch, 1958) was urgently recalled to Washington for consultations on May 6, 2019, after which she returned to Kiev on May 11 to transfer cases, and the State Department was quick to announce that on Monday 20 May 2019 (on the day of the inauguration of Volodymyr Zelensky), her powers are terminated, and her legs will no longer be in Ukraine. Nobody expected this from Trump, since there were only 1,5 months left before the actual expiration of Jovanovitch's powers, and one could have waited. But, apparently, the leak from Prosecutor General Lutsenko about her interference in the 2016 elections on the side of Madame Clinton was so great that Trump did not wait, and Christina Queen was urgently delegated from the US diplomatic mission to France to Ukraine to the post of attorney-at-law, replacing her disfavor at the White House and urgently withdrawn by Marie Yovanovitch. With her arrival in Kiev, Taylor Queen will not be recalled, and she will remain in Kiev as Deputy Ambassador for Economic Affairs. In America, meanwhile, the scandal with "Ukrainogate" is gaining momentum, the peak of which should be released in November 2020.

To remove the anxiety of the Ukrainian comrades from myself, I can only add to this that the United States does not close the embassy, ​​it just lowers the level of diplomatic representation a little. You never know what could happen to Ukraine over the next 1,5 years. Times, you know, are not easy. And for manuals, grants and other “consultations”, it will be possible to continue to run on Sikorsky, 4, at the US Embassy. And it doesn’t matter, the temporary attorney will sit there, a janitor, a gardener or a cleaner.

The Lensky. Growth factor

But back to our rams. More precisely to the ram. Consider the psychotype. It seems that the regiment of Napoleons arrived - Zelensky 170 cm, like the GDP! Medvedev - 163, Fradkov - 170, Kiriyenko - 170, Kozak - 171, Shoigu - 175, Rogozin - 179, Lukashenko - 188, Tramp - 190, Poroshenko - 184. Why does Putin surround himself with such midgets, or is it by chance? True, Janek’s height was 193 cm and this did not save him! Lenin - 164, Stalin - 162, Mussolini - 169, Hitler - 175, Kirov - 167, Voroshilov - 157, Yezhov - 151, Chkalov - 164, Khrushchev - 160, Beria - 172, Zhukov - 164. Generation of midgets! Hitler - next to them is the grenadier! By the way, Napoleon Bonaparte's height was 169 cm. I ask you not to cling to anyone - the generation of midgets is about the generation of Stalin, I do not consider Putin to be a midget, and even more so a weakling, on the contrary, I consider a person who will not go down, but has already entered History, a caliber figure Peter 1, and according to deeds and according to him. Not below!

I consider the Napoleon complex here exclusively as a plus. Since childhood, these people have been imprisoned in the struggle, and all their life they prove to everyone, and above all to themselves, that they are worth something. A bunch of examples in history, you yourself know them. Lenin, Stalin, Beria, Hitler, Kernes, Luzhkov, Rem Vyakhirev (Miller’s predecessor as head of Gazprom), do not count them as numbers ... By the way, very big growth gave the same effect - de Gaulle, Peter 1. Therefore, my and your hopes for Zelensky are not unfounded. Ambitions there are higher than the roof, not Putin, unfortunately, but not Vegetable-Yanukovych - he can go far if not stopped.

Now everything is playing for that - and his environment is also quite prone to compromises solely for reasons of personal gain, there are all pragmatists. I'm talking about puppeteers - specifically about Benya and Pinchuk. Benya is generally a very interesting type, the only one that does not cause rejection in me is purely physiognomic, but I almost never make a mistake. “Only cowards pay taxes” - this expression perfectly characterizes him. It will be more difficult with Pinchuk, he walks near Soros, but here our American "partners", I hope, will squeeze it. So in this I share the optimism of some of our experts who rush about the idea of ​​a big deal Benya-Kushner-Trump-Putin, but the hacking of trampists with the Clintonoids for leverage over Zelia will be hot. And I think Trump will overwhelm - now, after the end of Mueller’s investigation, everything is in his hands.

However, I would not discount the factor of the national oligarchy. He, it is not funny to admit this, is the only one who is interested in maintaining the subjectivity of this country. I'm not talking about compradors now (they, unlike Russia, are almost absent in Ukraine due to the lack of innumerable natural resources other than land), but about a nationally oriented bourgeoisie, which is not at all interested in falling victim to transnational corporations in the struggle for Ukrainian resources and resources production. It is precisely their struggle for access to the trough that we are now observing. And as the resource base is narrowed and the trough is shredded, this struggle will only become fiercer. And Ukraine risks repeating the fate of Moldova when both the collective West and the Kremlin came out in a consolidated manner against its only oligarch Plahotniuc.

In Ukraine, Putin did not even wait for a go-ahead from the West, being the first to include targeted sanctions against very specific oligarchs, playing on their interests and forcing them to cooperate. The hunting season for them is already open from June 1 this year. The catch promises to be rich. Coal miners Akhmetov and Pinchuk and gasmen Benya and Firtash are standing in line there. GDP deprived some of the markets for their products (Pinchuk), others of anthracite coal for their metallurgical and energy-producing enterprises (Akhmetov and, again, the same Pinchuk), and beckoned others with cheap gas and solarium (Benya and Firtash). Putin plays like clockwork. I have only one question - why was it not done this way before, under the bloody Pastry Chef regime?

The game of thrones

There is only one answer - there was still no time. Now the time has come. Interesting observation. In 2004, the first Maidan was the overthrow of billionaires, which were replaced by millionaires. Dollar, of course. The war was for access to the trough. Dorval. Barely torn them off then. By the way, in 2002-03, in Ukraine, under the red director Kuchma, GDP growth rates of 12% were unprecedented in Europe. Even China cannot dream of such now, it is fighting for 5-6%. Dropping to the trough in 2004, the heroes of the Maidan, these rates collapsed to 2-3%. Yanukovich-Azarov, who came to replace the "bloody regime," was able to raise this figure to 4%. But music didn’t play for long, 2014 came, and with it Maidan-2.0, again millionaires pushed billionaires, and the pace collapsed to zero, even going into the negative sector. In 2019, these millionaires, who in 5 years of their robbery again became billionaires, naturally, the millionaire moved the dollar again, though already hryvnia, Vovochka Zelensky, his condition at the time of victory was even less than that of the Klitschko oligophrenic brothers (which about $ 20 million). One must think that in 5 years, one dollar billionaire will again become more, and one country less. That's how we live…

But the whole point is that we will not live that way for long. Now, looking at Moldova, it becomes clear and understandable what fate we all are destined for by the powers that be. Therefore, studying Zelensky’s psychotype in detail, whether he is capable of great things or not, makes no sense, because he is just a pawn in this game, a doll in the wrong hands. And these hands are not Beni Kolomoisky at all. Until recently, he completely in vain believed that it was his hands. Now he understands how wrong he was. Victor Pinchuk didn’t even think about it, he was just allowed to hold on, and he himself is glad to exchange this right for at least some guarantees of his own inviolability, in the hope of spending his old age somewhere in Washington, a caretaker of some Gallery of Modern Art, preserving everything overwork hard earned (stolen). In Ukraine, the interests of the powerful, geopolitical players, converged, and they are cut into the trash, so much so that only chips fly in the form of the people of Ukraine. Only local oligarchs interfere with this, who in vain believe that it is their cow and only they have the right to milk it. Petro Poroshenko was entrusted with the sacred task of bringing them down as a class. In part, he coped with this task, only began to confuse his own pocket with the pocket of the curators, for which he suffered. And now watching how his friend Vlad Plahotniuc hastily leaves Moldova, not even having time to plunge all the loot into them with overwork, he already imagines how this could end for him. Not even the fact that they will let me escape. It’s not an hour, the fate of Muammar Gaddafi will repeat, although I am more inclined to the fate of Hosni Mubarak, who served the Americans faithfully for 30 years and was left to their fate in 2011. He was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment, testifying, lying on a special modular hospital bed in a cage, who spent 6 years between the cell and the hospital and was pardoned only by the new President Mohammed Mursi in 2013, which, however, did not save him from new prosecutions. The same fate awaits Petro Poroshenko, who has his hands to the elbow in the blood of the Ukrainian people, and all the loot that is bursting with hard work falls out of his pockets.

We will not regret this little guy, the sooner it happens, the better, and where will he hide, I have a big question? He has absolutely nowhere to run, the earth will burn under his feet and he will be handed over at the request of the Ukrainian court from everywhere. The task of Zelensky, set after the interception of control by his external curators from Washington, will complete what Confectioner had begun and counter-buy all the remaining alligators to please external customers. And these external customers are by no means the only entities with American jurisdiction. Here we can observe a rare consensus that happened not so long ago in Moldova, where the interests of external players have already coincided. Now, after the end of the work of the Muller Commission, we are surprised to see the second consecutive coincidence of the interests of the White House and the Kremlin, confirmation of which will be recorded on the sidelines of the Osaka summit at the end of this month. And then the moment of truth will come, who from the powerful of this world will get this no-man's land at the end? Land in the literal and figurative sense of the word, as well as factories, factories, newspapers, steamers (the latter, however, have already ended with the efforts of others).

The funny thing in this story is that the bastard-oligators are the last island of subjectivity of this lack, they are fighting for their loot beyond their hard work, not wanting to give it to the transnational corporations (TNCs), already lined up in anticipation of the time “Ch”. The Russian Federation also has small interests there, all this idle talk about the insignificance of the country 404 for her only to lower its carrying value. Both those (the Russian Federation) and others (TNCs) hope to finally completely consolidate everything here, in order to then collect it for nothing (RF) or for debts (TNCs and the IMF), after which the 404 country will become an object of external management, finally losing its subjectivity. Whether the people of this country will be better off from this is not a fact! But Putin is not the director of Ukraine, he is the director of the Russian Federation, and is only concerned about the interests of his own country, and it’s difficult to blame him, you know. I’m not even talking about the States here; they are the last ones who worry about the fate of the feeding territory and the population living there. Crows are already circling over this territory surrounded by a yellow-black fence. It’s not a fact that Vova Zelensky will cope with the mission entrusted to him, but you understood the trend, not he, so the other will finish what was started. Amen…

To summarize all that has been said, I can only say that we all became eyewitnesses of the events in a certain country X, where at first the near-political party of dissatisfied with the past power oligarchs, having thrown off a chervonets, hired a person to play the role of president, now they are preoccupied with selecting and hiring people who are ready to play the role of deputies who, then, given the wishes of the puppeteers who hired them, will hire people to play the role of ministers. I have only one question: are they aware of the director’s plans on this subject and where, after all this, will they find people who agree to play the role of this unfinished people?
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  1. Glenni Offline Glenni
    Glenni (Andrei) 18 June 2019 08: 58
    Are there few problems in Russia? Why not write about it? You can’t? But not tired of Ukraine?
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 June 2019 17: 20
      one of these problems is Ukraine, and I am writing about it
      1. Glenni Offline Glenni
        Glenni (Andrei) 19 June 2019 15: 50
        Sir, the big problem is Russia, Ukraine has nothing to do with it. No need to learn how to live.
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 19 June 2019 16: 37
          Are there few problems in Russia? Why not write about it?
          No need to learn how to live.

          This is not for me, this is a psychiatrist! Understand with yourself for now. That Ukraine is not a problem for you, but you will write about Russia, as soon as you hear - do not teach us how to live. An obvious case when the left half of the brain cannot agree with the right.
  2. Jack clubs Offline Jack clubs
    Jack clubs (Eugene) 18 June 2019 09: 37
    We were visited by the Great Dumb. And he will be silent until the parliamentary elections,

    Putin has been silent for 20 years, and no one knows for sure, hu, Mr. Putin. So this is just a plus Zelensky, like everything that is written in the article. And the plus so far is completely undeserved.

    Therefore, we are witnessing an unnatural alliance of two, until recently, worst enemies, Beni Kolomoisky and Rinat Akhmetov, who joined forces to prevent the monopoly of Ze on the Ukrainian political Olympus. And if everything is clear and understandable with Beni, he resources his in the form of a new batch of two bad Gene - the party of two mayors of Kharkov and Odessa Kernes and Trukhanov “Trust in Affairs”, together with his old gasket - the party “Vidrodzhennya” Vitaly Khomutynnik throws a torpedo under the “Servant” people »Zelensky

    And just yesterday, everyone around was saying that Benya bought Ukraine and now almost completely controls it. It turns out that Ze is not a puppet? this is the discovery.
    It seems to me that reality is much more complex and humane, sometimes stupid, than all these bulky schemes and labels that hang politicians, especially Ukrainian ones. And no one is omnipotent and omniscient.
    But Boyko and Medvedchuk's trip to Moscow is a stupid setup. Nobody authorized these persons to negotiate on behalf of Ukraine. And the fact that Russia has voiced its support for very dubious characters .. VA General Then again we will have to blame everything on the Ukrainians.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 June 2019 17: 34
      And yesterday, everyone around said that Benya bought Ukraine and now it is almost completely in control of it.

      Do not overestimate Benya, all his strength is in the egg, but it is in the chest of Koschey-Trump. And regarding the stupid trip of two Ukrainian citizens to Moscow, I wouldn’t draw such conclusions either, you will judge about it in 2 months, when Oppoplatform will break the bank in the parliamentary elections.
  3. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 18 June 2019 10: 26
    "And Vaska listens, but eats" - this is about Zelensky.
    However, the "unfinished" remnants of the old-timers who do not want to give up their feeder interfere with his work - RADA, powder, and others people old formation.
  4. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 18 June 2019 10: 51
    See perfectly personifies a galloping Ukraine with a pan on his head. Let this chimeric state, populated by the people, be incapable of statehood.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 June 2019 17: 38
      this people is no different from the Russians, do not spit in the mirror
  5. unsinkable Offline unsinkable
    unsinkable 18 June 2019 15: 50
    This territory cannot be a priori a state.
    The complete circus in which the main clown came.
    A clown, like a cop, cannot be a former. Clown, he is a clown in Africa.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 18 June 2019 17: 39
      what about the clown in the white house? no need to hang tags!
  6. damage Offline damage
    damage (Kirill Lemurov) 18 June 2019 15: 50
    Everything will be fine.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. sergeu2 Offline sergeu2
    sergeu2 (sergeu) 18 June 2019 19: 13
    It is necessary to attach this Bendery pindusik.
  9. Mona kisa Offline Mona kisa
    Mona kisa (Alla Palm) 19 June 2019 21: 58
    The comedian’s height is relatively small - 166 centimeters. What was repeatedly heard in his native “Quarter” a lot of jokes.

  10. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
    Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 24 February 2020 11: 30
    The author, well, what about your forecast? Come true?) Where are the new forecasts?