On the NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea, an emergency occurred with the Polish Navy ship

On June 16, 2019, the Polish landing ship Gniezno, with a total displacement of 1665 tons, disgraced itself and “glorified” the Polish Navy throughout the world. And he did it right before the eyes of tourists resting on the beach. He participated in the NATO exercises Baltops-2019 in the Baltic Sea and “Courageously” landed on the beach in Lithuania. Some Polish media outlets, in a fit of “patriotism” historically prevailing in them, wrote before that in the style of “Trembling Russia”. And so, such an embarrassment.

The crew managed to damage the ship on the stones on the beach. Moreover, a ship specially adapted for landing on an unequipped coast. The press secretary of the 8th Polish Navy Coast Defense Flotilla Grzegorz Lewandowski has already confirmed what happened.

The ship was practicing landing operations and during one of the exits to the beach collided with an underwater object, damaging the lining of the bottom

- Lewandowski reported sadly to the media.

The ship was supposed to return to base on June 17, 2019. During the incident, none of the Polish military was injured. All escaped with a slight startle. True, a hole formed in the hull and water began to flow into the ship, but the Polish Navy assures the public that the injured ship is in working condition. It was specially built under “totalitarianism” in such a way (1988) that it could calmly endure such situations. So don’t worry - “stumbles”, the Baltic is shallow.

It should be recalled that the NATO exercises Baltops-2019 are held from June 9 to 21, 2019 in the Baltic Sea. They must demonstrate the unity of "democracy" in the face of "Russian gas aggression" inexorably creeping toward Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. 18 NATO countries take part in the exercises, more than 40 warships, 12 thousand military personnel and 40 aircraft are involved. The U.S. Navy's 2nd operational fleet, recreated in 2018, even partially got here.

But the Poles ruined everything. However, it is already a tradition for someone to spoil NATO exercises. For example, in November 2018, the crew of the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad, worth about $ 500 million, simply sank its ship in the Norwegian Sea, cheerfully celebrating the return of the Trident Juncture from NATO exercises. But Norway is a rich country, there is a lot of gas, which is so expected in Poland.

So we will be watching with undisguised interest the next NATO exercises in the waters of any sea. And we are also waiting for reports in the Western media that the Russians damaged the next Alliance ship and the iceberg crew has already been presented for state awards in the Kremlin.
  • Photos used: https://pl.wikipedia.org/
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  1. nesvobodnaja Offline nesvobodnaja
    nesvobodnaja (Unfree Press) 18 June 2019 09: 33
    Are NATO exercises a free show for vacationers?
  2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 18 June 2019 10: 20
    It’s interesting, but in the Baltic Sea in general, here’s such a landing here where can the NATO troops be landed? Most likely they are preparing to attack Finland, apparently. She is there just not a member of the alliance, where this is theoretically possible. In the Kaliningrad region simply unrealistic - they will drown everything on the way, and there are so many troops there per square meter. square meter, that such a landing operation is unrealistic in practice ... To enter and land on the Gulf of Finland is also absolutely suicidal.

    But if you attack the United States with such a macar, say from the Pacific Ocean, then success can be said to be guaranteed laughing The coast there is long and is not seriously guarded by anything, it’s a well-known fact that inside the US troops capable of conducting large-scale military operations, the cat wept - they all have them scattered around bases around the world. And they are unlikely to expect such impudence at all, and this is the trick! They will not hit nuclear missiles on their own territory and population - that’s all laughing the plan for the capture of the United States without the use of nuclear weapons by landing operations is ready laughing All that remains is to agree with the Chinese to provide manpower, and ... forward! "Goodbye America"...
    1. nesvobodnaja Offline nesvobodnaja
      nesvobodnaja (Unfree Press) 18 June 2019 12: 20
      What you ... what you ... will still hear.
    2. damage Offline damage
      damage (Kirill Lemurov) 18 June 2019 16: 09
      Will we collect Chinese rubber boats from all of our fishing stores and sail on them across the ocean?
  3. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 18 June 2019 13: 40
    Rename the ship "Guzno" in a festive atmosphere.
  4. damage Offline damage
    damage (Kirill Lemurov) 18 June 2019 16: 06
    So what’s special and especially shameful?
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 18 June 2019 18: 33
      I agree with this, the situation for the exercises is quite standard.
      And as for the rubber boats: the Russian Federation has few aircraft carriers, this is a fact, but transport for landing is quite enough, for this not only special DCs are used. And if you connect the Chinese comrades, then everything will be fine. They, I think, in a short time for such a thing even inflatable BDK will build .... wink
      1. damage Offline damage
        damage (Kirill Lemurov) 19 June 2019 09: 36
        Better inflatable aircraft carriers.
  5. semsemch Offline semsemch
    semsemch 18 June 2019 17: 07
    The Polish landing ship Gniezno, with a total displacement of 1665 tons, disgraced itself and “glorified” the Polish Navy throughout the world.

    Somehow from the note did not understand how Gniezno "disgraced himself and" glorified "the Polish Navy throughout the world"?
    Teachings are teachings. In the course of exercises, anything can be. For this they are carried out.
  6. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 18 June 2019 18: 01
    Typical situevina during exercises in ALL countries of the world.
    And they pulled the way an owl onto the globe with a headline and text soldier