Polish President: Unlike the Russians, the Poles are fighting to the end

On June 13, 2019, Russia's great “friend”, President of Poland Andrzej Duda, began a joint press conference in Washington on congratulating U.S. President Donald Trump on his birthday and allowing the deployment of a squadron of American reconnaissance drones against the Russian side on Polish territory. After that, Duda said for several tiring minutes that he was sleeping and seeing how Russia was becoming a friend of Poland.

It should be noted that Duda, from his overwhelming feelings of communication with Trump, even called the Poles “bolder” in comparison with the Russians. Trump smiled and nodded. He, unlike Duda, studied history and knows how at the end of August 1939 the warlike Polish media wrote that “48 hours after the declaration of war, the Polish cavalry will prank at the gates of Berlin,” but a few weeks later the Polish army literally dispersed. And the "brave" Polish generals, officials and other "patriots", "heroically" moved through the Carpathians to Romania and other countries. But Trump did not correct Dudu.

This is our great neighbor, a country with much greater potential than Poland. Except for one thing - I think we have more courage, we are more courageous and able to fight to the end. This is what we demonstrated in World War II.

- said Duda, and on this curtsy towards friendship with Russia ended.

After this, the Russophobe spoke in the usual manner. He said that Russia "again shows its unpleasant unpleasant imperial mask." Duda emphasized that Russia "always wanted to seize part of the territory of Poland." He also said that Poland was “occupied” by the USSR. So Duda reacted to the question of the American journalist, whether he considers Russia a friend or an adversary of Poland.

At the same time, Trump called this issue “mediocre” and said that he was counting on excellent relations with Russia.

I hope that we (USA - ed.) Will have excellent relations with Russia

- Trump specified.

In turn, the famous Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov commented on the statements of the Polish president.

We understand the offended feelings of Duda, only it is unclear who offended him. At least not Russia and not a Russian soldier who liberated the perfectly warring Poles from the Nazis

- Soloviev told the newspaper "Sight".

The Poles are really great at fighting, this is well known in history, do not underestimate them. At the same time, I recall that no matter how valiantly the Poles fought, they could not resist the German army in 1939. Let's not reckon, but be objective

- added Soloviev.

We can only remind readers of the reception in the Kremlin, which took place on May 24, 1945. Then Joseph Steely made a toast “For the Russian people!”.
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  1. Port Offline Port
    Port 13 June 2019 18: 19
    Unlike the Poles, the Russians do not bark behind someone else's back.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 13 June 2019 18: 43
    Duda is blowing into a tune of anti-Sovietism and Russophobia ?! negative
    Yes, it was after the liberation of the "occupation of Poland by the Stalinist Soviet Union" in 1945 that the territory of this (known for its alliance with the Nazi Reich and active "brave and brave" complicity in the most vile crimes against humanity during the Second World War - genocide of the Jewish, Belarusian and Ukrainian population in Poland, comprehensive service of Polish death camps, service of Polish citizens in the Wehrmacht, SS and auxiliary police, Volyn massacre of the Ukrainian population and the destruction of mixed Polish-Ukrainian, Polish-Belarusian families, dastardly murders of Soviet partisans and intelligence officers, Red Army soldiers, attacks on communications and small subdivisions of the Red Army ....) "European hyena" INCREASED BY THIRD precisely thanks to the will and persistence of "rotten Poles" Joseph Stalin (USSR), contrary to the will, sharply objected to the Polish expansion of territories, "true friends of Poland" . Roosevelt (USA) and W. Churchill (WB)!
    But the "grateful" Polish panstvo - "pani and panova" with their "ambitious" complexes of "petty" lytsar "commercialism, they boldly" do not remember at all "and, which year, are they bravely fighting the monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators ?!
    Although there were no Soviet (American and English gifts to Poland and no !!!) gifts "brave Poles" willingly used and are using, and, encouraged by their Anglo-Saxon "friends", eagerly glance at the neighboring post-Soviet territories, publicly discussing what else, "primordially his - from mozha to mozha ", chop off yourself from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia!
  3. Ygm Offline Ygm
    Ygm (Yuri) 13 June 2019 20: 00
    The Poles do not even understand that they surrendered the territory of Poland to America.
    I won’t be surprised if the USA declares it to be its new state.
  4. Dan Offline Dan
    Dan (Daniel) 13 June 2019 21: 15
    This is our great neighbor, a country with much greater potential than Poland. Except for one thing - I think we have more courage, we are more courageous and able to fight to the end. This is what we demonstrated in World War II.

    In 1939, about 450 Polish soldiers and officers surrendered to the Red Army (000 divisions !!!). The government fled to Romania leaving the country to its fate. During the occupation, the Home Army confronted the occupiers so "formidably" that they did not pay attention to the fact that the AK people kept their weapons at home. The Polish resistance killed 20 people, which is 35 times less than in Yugoslavia and 000 times less than in Albania in specific terms of population. But there are industries in which Poles are ahead of Europe. Poland is the most mono-national state in Europe. In the fight against Germany, the combat losses of the Polish military amounted to 20 people (30% of the population), in the USSR, at the same time, the loss of military personnel was 123% of the total population. But there is a place where the Poles really heroized on a massive scale - only prisoners of the Nazis-Poles we had 000 heads. There were only Czechoslovakians more than them - 0,3 4,5. With a comparable population of Italians in captivity, we had only 60 280.
    That is how they are, the Poles - "the vilest of the vile".
    1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 15 June 2019 12: 32
      That is how they are, the Poles - "the vilest of the vile".

      All this should be written in our history textbooks. So that future generations know who to help and who should not be released. And at the opportunity, select all territorial gifts made by Joseph Vissarionovich.
  5. the Poles fight to the end, and the Russians to victory! In that difference!
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 14 June 2019 12: 15
    Only the end of the Poles is always the same - complete submission to someone. That is, they always fight to the utter defeat.
  7. mister-red Offline mister-red
    mister-red 15 June 2019 13: 56
    Did he even teach history at school? Or do they teach history like this? To fight to the end, is it in 2 weeks to lose the war to the Germans?
  8. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 16 June 2019 17: 58
    Speech of Emperor Nicholas I to Warsaw deputies on October 4, 1835 // Readings at the Imperial Society of Russian History and Antiquities at Moscow University. 1864. January-March. Book One. — M., 1864. S. 217

    Having ordered the Deputations of the city to enter the special hall, the Sovereign Emperor, in the presence of the Field Marshal, the Viceroy of the Kingdom, when one of them began to speak on behalf of all, interrupted her, saying: “Enough!”

    “I know, Lord, what you want to tell Me; I even know the content of your speech; but in order to rid you of a lie, I do not want to hear it. So, Lord, in order to save you from lies: for I know that your feelings are not the ones in which you want to assure me. And can I rely on them when you said the same thing to Me right before the outrage? Weren't you yourself repeating to me, in five, in eight, before that, about fidelity, about devotion, bringing me the most solemn vows of devotion? After a few days, you broke these oaths and did terrible things. Emperor Alexander, who has done more for you than the Emperor of Russia should do (I say this because I think so), showered you with good deeds, patronized you more than his own subjects, put you on the level of the most prosperous and most prosperous people, experienced the blackest ingratitude . You were never satisfied with the most advantageous position, and ended up destroying your happiness yourself. I am telling you the truth in order to explain to you our mutual relations and show you what to hold on to; for the first time after indignation I see you and speak with you. Gentlemen, show yourself in practice, not in words: let repentance flow from here (pointing to the heart)! You see that I am calm and tell you, not hot. I have long forgiven the insults inflicted on Me and My Family. My only desire is to give you good for evil, to arrange your happiness, in spite of you. The Field Marshal, who is here, fulfills my intentions, strengthens my views and thinks also of your good.

    (With these words, members of the Deputation bow to Field Marshal).

    Why, gentlemen, these nods? First of all, she must fulfill her duties, she must behave as is characteristic of honest people. It remains for you to choose one of two things: either root in your dreams of an independent Poland, or live calmly faithful subjects under My rule. If you do not cease to persist in your dreams of a separate nation, of independent Poland and of all chimeras, you will expose yourself to the greatest misfortunes. I ordered a citadel to be built here and I declare to you that, with the slightest indignation, I will destroy the city, destroy Warsaw, and I will surely not restore it. It is deplorable to me to speak with you in this way, it is regrettable to the Emperor to treat his subjects in such a way, but I say this for your good. You must earn the oblivion of the past and only your behavior and your devotion to My rule can achieve this. I know that you are engaged in foreign correspondence, that harmful writings are sent here, with which they try to corrupt the minds. But no Police in the world, on such a border as yours, is able to prevent secret communications. You yourself must contain the Police in order to evade evil. By delivering a good upbringing to your children, instilling in them the foundations of Faith and fidelity to their Sovereign, you will create the paths that are right. An environment of turmoil exciting Europe, and all the systems that shock the public building, Russia alone remains strong and untouchable. Believe Me, Lord, that to belong to this State and to enjoy its protection constitute true happiness. I assure you that I will do good to you against your will. If you behave well, if you perform your duties, My fatherly care will extend to all of you and, in spite of everything that has passed, My board will not cease to cry about your good. Remember well all that I have now told you. ”

    Polish arrogance and venality are ineradicable.