What will Crimea give to the new railway?

In the first decade of December this year, it is planned to open the railway part of the Crimean bridge. The peninsula will finally be “tied” to continental Russia. Does the completion of infrastructural mega-projects that made Crimea the fastest growing region of the country mean the end of the “economic miracle”, as it was before in Sochi after the Olympics and in Primorye at the end of the summit, or is this just its beginning?

The Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol are the most special subjects of the Russian Federation, taking into account their geographical location and the circumstances of reunification with the "mainland." The previous “owners” did not invest money in the peninsula, which is why its infrastructure was in a deplorable state. It is the effect of the low base with large-scale investments that ensured its breakthrough growth in key indicators.

The volumes of construction and retail trade have increased, and wages in the public sector have grown. Crimea has become interesting to Russian tourists. However, this had its opposite side. Prices, for example, for foodstuffs, have seriously risen, and many questions arise for their pricing formula. Will reliable rail communication with the mainland help solve these problems and ensure further stable development of the peninsula?

The first trains will go from Crimea to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but by the next holiday season there will already be 11, and in total 29 pairs. To keep up to December, builders work without days off in several shifts, moving across the bridge towards each other. Recall that the contractor handed over the automotive part six months earlier than the contractual deadline.

The launch of car traffic has already given a powerful increase in tourists to the peninsula from 5,5 to 6,8 million. A huge number of residents of neighboring Kuban, Stavropol and Rostov region were able to easily ride a private car in Crimea for the weekend. With the beginning of the railway connection, the peninsula will become available throughout the Russian Federation. Yes, a new terminal was opened at Simferopol Airport, but the prices for air travel bite, because the increase in tourist flow that came to them did not exceed 2-3%. The representative of the tourism industry Dmitry Romashkin explains:

The route network of Russian Railways is many times greater. Many will be able to leave directly from their small town and get to the Crimean sea.

Economist Dmitry Kondratiev believes that 4-6 million more tourists will be able to arrive in Crimea by rail. But it is even more important that the cargo flow will increase, at the initial stage, by 1,5-3 million tons:

This will partially relieve the load from the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

This will have a very beneficial effect on the development of the construction industry in Crimea. Logistics will be simplified, and tariffs for the delivery of building materials will become more adequate. Increased mobility will contribute to the development of the regional labor market. Whether the launch of the railway will affect the reduction in food prices remains a very controversial issue. On the one hand, the head of the Republic, Sergei Aksyonov, believes that improving logistics and the emergence of new suppliers will allow prices to “stabilize”. That is, there is no question of lowering them. On the other hand, the aforementioned Dmitry Kondratyev assumes that the end consumers will not notice the effect, but Crimean entrepreneurs who will simply increase their own margins will benefit more from this.

Well, we won’t guess, we’ll see. In general, the completion of the construction of the Crimean bridge is an important milestone in the history of modern Russia. Finally, the peninsula will be reliably connected with the "big land", and ordinary Russians from the hinterland will be able to visit the main resort of the country.
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  1. Victor N Offline Victor N
    Victor N (Victor n) 12 June 2019 06: 52
    Opportunities for industrial development will open up. So, the Kerch shipyard is able to build very large vessels, but so far the transportation of materials is difficult.
    1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 12 June 2019 16: 18
      ... but so far the supply of materials is difficult.

      Kerch port. You can bring it by sea. Moreover, sea vessels can transport such volumes that the railroad never dreamed of.
      Of course, a bridge is needed. But its absence cannot be an obstacle for the Kerch shipbuilders.
      1. Petrol cutter Offline Petrol cutter
        Petrol cutter (Vitali) 17 June 2019 20: 22
        Yes and no. Sea-to-sea, but delivery on more or less land is much more stable.
        Here are some expectations of lower prices, this is from the evil one. There will be no decrease (except as a marketing move for a while) then everything will return to square one. This is not to go to grandmother. But thank God we are not children, believe in fairy tales ...
  2. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) 12 June 2019 15: 51
    If you add another 6 million tourists to the Crimea, then there will be nowhere to spit. Rather, there will be a redistribution of flows not in favor of air carriers ...
    1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 12 June 2019 16: 24
      If you add another 6 million tourists to the Crimea, then there will be nowhere to spit.

      There is so much wild coast in Crimea that it can take not only six, but twenty six. The main thing is not to skimp (not to hinder) and give all interested investors to invest in the development of tourism on the peninsula.

      Rather, there will be a redistribution of flows not in favor of air carriers ...

      Well, this is commonplace.
      But believe me, and with the opening of the bridge, air carriers will not have less work.
  3. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 15 June 2019 12: 29
    For example, in the Leningrad Region, the largest port of Ust-Luga, an ammonia plant were built, a huge supermarket chain was developed, etc. However, this did not affect prices and tariffs for the ordinary population of St. Petersburg and the region. On the contrary, prices for foodstuffs, consumer goods, construction materials, transportation costs, etc. are increasing every year, and incomes and pensions are low. It will be similar in Crimea, a beautiful package for foreigners, tourists and oligarchs.