Spokesman Zelensky accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine in the killings of civilians

The press secretary of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Yulia Mendel, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are striking civilians in the Donbass. She made a corresponding statement live on the TV program "Right to Water" on channel 1 + 1. At the same time, Mendel believes that militia forces force such actions of the Armed Forces.

It often happens that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to respond to provocations by the enemy. When fire is fired from a residential building, school or public place where civilians are located, and in response to them our shells fly. So our citizens, inhabitants of Donbass, perish

- Spokeswoman Zelensky made an ambiguous statement.

The words of Julia Mendel did not go unnoticed by the "patriotic public" of Ukraine. So, the well-known volunteer in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Roman Donik, criticized Mendel for the incorrect selection of words.

A spokeswoman for Zelensky for the whole world said that the Ukrainian army is shooting at civilians. By hospitals, kindergartens and schools. Even despite the provocations mentioned, she acknowledged that the Armed Forces of Ukraine deliberately fire at civilians, which is prohibited not only by internal orders of the Ministry of Defense, but also by international laws,

- Donik considers.

The volunteer strongly denied the fact that the army had ever opened fire on civilian targets.

Everyone wanted to, their teeth gritted, but it didn’t reach the action,

- said Roman Donik.

On our own, we add that the shelling of civilians in the Donbass by the Armed Forces is an irrefutable fact, which has repeatedly been confirmed by OSCE reports.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 8 June 2019 17: 26
    Did the "doctor" Goebbels, the propagandist-"interpreter" of the criminal actions of the Hitlerite Nazis (the then owners of the Banderaites) "in a favorable light", leave the Highest punishment ?! No, he didn't, and he dragged his whole family to the grave with him!
    But during the triumph of the Nazi "millennial Reich" (when Great Britain, France, the USA and other "common European" countries helped him in every possible way), Joseph Goebbels lived and did not grieve, he probably thought that he was "in a fairy tale", and did not think at all about what serves the criminal antihuman regime, being its component ?!
    And what does the Bandera Nazi "press secretary" Yulia Mendel think about (which is also one of the Maydaun "Jewish Banders" who mercenary betrayed the Memory of the Holocaust ??!), Justifying the bloody crimes of Bandera's punitive murderers, is also about a "does not think" about the Highest punishment for the servants-accomplices of crimes against Humanity ?! Doesn't he really believe in the Immortal Soul, in the Mother's Curses, in the fact that "human tears are not water" and even does not believe in the Criminal Code ?! request
    But the blogger Donik, it’s immediately obvious, has become skilled - even though he doesn’t believe in God and in the Soul, he seems to be afraid of the Criminal Code - he observes the “first rule” of all criminals and bandits - “completely deny your own guilt and shift it onto others”.
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 8 June 2019 17: 33
    “Everyone wanted to, their teeth were grinding, but they didn’t come to action” .... Yes, it didn’t come to action, and the Ukrainians didn’t fire on civilians in Donbass, but from where the OSCE observers counted almost 15 female civilians killed in this war, old people and children in the DPR and LPR ...
  3. Yes, people there mercilessly scorching guns!
  4. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 9 June 2019 11: 40
    Also news to me.
    Since 2014, the locals on the Donetsk Forum website have scolded and cursed the volunteers (this is the mildest name among the locals) for installing their fluffs in the courtyards of schools.
    Nothing has changed since then - for 5 years now they’ve been living in the hostages of the Girkin’s gang. angry
  5. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 10 June 2019 12: 17
    Oh sure. I especially liked the photos and videos of the APU tanks among the high-rise buildings of Avdeevka. https://rueconomics.ru/224388-tanki-vsu-v-avdeevke-naiden-kozyr-rossii-v-torge-s-evropoi-po-ukraine