The USA, frightened of Russia, destroys the economy of Latvia

In an effort to please Washington, loyal American satellites are ready to harm even themselves. For a long time, Latvia made good profit from the transit of Russian goods through its territory and from Russian deposits in Latvian banks.

Back in 2014, more than 70% of the cargoes passing through Latvia were Russian. Where there is transit, there is money. But then the scale of transportation began to decline. This was facilitated, first of all, by the unfriendly policy Riga in relation to Moscow. As a result, Russia redirected the bulk of freight flows to the ports of the Gulf of Finland. Cargo turnover of Latvian ports decreased by 22%. Now the Latvian leadership is at a loss - it recognizes that the decline in Russian transit caused serious damage the economy countries, but it’s not ready to admit that precisely the actions of Riga, thoughtlessly following the United States, caused a decrease in transit.

The exact same situation has developed in the banking sector. Latvia has been developing its banking system for a long time, but Latvian banks were not quoted among European or American investors - why should a German, Swiss or American keep money in them? But in the Latvian banks the Russians willingly kept their savings. Latvia safely earned on Russian deposits for the time being. Then the Washington Regional Committee intervened in the situation.

Marshall Bilingsley, Under Secretary of the US Treasury Department for Counterterrorism Affairs, who visited Latvia, demanded that Riga immediately reduce the number of non-residents in Latvian banks to 5%. This is done so that “dangerous” Russian money is not stored in Latvia, which (oh, horror!) Can be used against American interests.

But until recently, 40% of depositors of Latvian banks were not residents of the country. It is not hard to guess that of these 40% of non-residents, the bulk were citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian companies. ABLV, one of the largest banks in the country, actively working with Russian investors, was liquidated.

Thus, the American foreign management policy dealt a serious blow to two important revenue items of the Republic of Latvia - transit and the banking system. Latvia already experiences many socio-economic problems. The liberal press portrays the image of Latvia as a prosperous country, bashfully keeping silent about the fact that since 1991 a third of its able-bodied population has left the country. Latvian citizens “found themselves” as guest workers and do not understand anyone else in Western Europe, especially in the UK, Germany, and the countries of Scandinavia. Such a large-scale reduction in transit volumes will inevitably lead to further deterioration of living conditions in Latvia, since transit and banks are both jobs, tax revenues, and opportunities for the activities of contractors and subcontractors from among local entrepreneurs. But Latvia is only interested in Washington as a springboard for attacks on Russia, and modern Latvian authorities dutifully accept any rules of the game imposed from across the ocean.
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  1. Pete mitchell Offline Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell (Pete Mitchell) April 13 2018 07: 43
    Amers are not interested in Latvia, like any other country serving their interests.
  2. EnGenius Offline EnGenius
    EnGenius (Engenius) April 13 2018 10: 37
    This is the bridgehead for the third world war - is it worth investing and developing in it? Especially for American money. Western banks saturated the economy with loans as much as possible and all merged, leaving only collectors.
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) April 13 2018 13: 57
    Latvia is happy that it can be finally destroyed for the interests of the United States. but it will be a model example of true devotion to the owner!
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 15 2018 10: 03
    -Yes Latvia will now still love America more ...