How Ukraine break Putin's plan: six tips Zelensky

So far I played on the side of the Kremlin, I will try to play this game on the side of its opponents, not all, of course, but only those who remained on the other side of the curb (we will not consider overseas enemies today). Therefore, all Kremlin bots and other witnesses to the sect of the Great Kremlin Helmsman, so as not to injure their unbalanced psyche, please refrain from reading this article.

To begin with, I will reveal some secrets that were not obvious to many citizens of the Russian Federation, who were not even among those to whom I did not recommend reading this opus.

In the past elections, the Kremlin bet on the victory of the Confectioner

Do not rush to be surprised, gentlemen, it was so necessary. All observers of Russian-Ukrainian relations could not fail to notice that since the end of last year, Putin turned on the "always busy" regime for the Chocolate President, not wanting to participate indirectly in his election campaign. Which, however, did not prevent Chocolate from going to the polls under the motto: “Either me or Putin!” ... and lose them, to the Kremlin’s disappointment. And indeed, what could one talk about with a dangerous idiot who constantly arranges provocations and is not responsible for his own words? You can and should talk only with those who make their own decisions. Poroshenko was clearly not one of them, but this did not mean at all that the Kremlin put Zelensky in these elections. This fact is not surprising, but Zelensky’s victory was not at all part of the Kremlin’s plans. The explanation is simple. Moscow was betting on Petya to turn on the planer; with Vova, the planer is difficult because of his confidence rating, but the GDP has not changed plans anyway, and I will explain why below.

Naturally, they were preparing for the elections. For a long time. And not only in Kiev. Moscow also considered options. No one had any illusions about Boyko, especially when Confectioner knocked him at the start, launching under his torrent Akhmetov the torpedo Vilkula and Muraev, tearing their common electorate in half. Therefore, the Kremlin was not without reason expected to see Yulia and Petya in the final, and an action plan was prepared for them. Let's call his plan “A”. But the situation turned around diametrically, when the Ze’s pawn went into the ladies, after which Yulia’s star rolled up and a new star of Vova The Lensky came up in the sky, who painted all the electoral field in the first round in her own green color, winning in 1 out of 20 constituencies. After that Petya’s fate was a foregone conclusion and in Moscow they began to seriously consider Plan B.

Plan “A” in the event of a possible victory of Poroshenko or Tymoshenko (it didn’t make any difference for Moscow) provided for the automatic inclusion of a complete ignorance regime with the refusal to recognize the election results (there were more than enough reasons), followed by the recognition of LDNR status, even if only after Ossetia, with the instant issuance of Russian passports to everyone there (I think people who have been there over the past 5 years have already earned this right) and other consequences that follow, such as a ceasefire from the word “completely” (and let obuyut APU only once "palnut" in their direction, at the same time state of Ukraine and could end up), and cutting off the remaining nedostrany of trade with the Russian Federation (the benefit of the Agreement on friendship and cooperation they had already been terminated). And this would be the best option for the Donbass. I am sure that after this the new / old president (whoever he is) should have become more accommodating and the problem of Ukraine could have been solved before the expiration of the powers of the GDP in the rank of the president of the Russian Federation, i.e. even before 2024.

As a result of Zelensky’s victory, everything became much more complicated. You could, of course, scroll through the plan “A” for him, but that would not be far-sighted from the Kremlin. Because nothing can be changed by the fact of recognition or non-recognition of elections, the USSR was not recognized until the 30s of the last century, and so what? The main internal recognition of the legitimacy of the election. And here, thanks to Avakov, who worked on the instructions of the Washington Regional Committee, even the losing side agreed with the election results. Then the Kremlin’s decision risked going against the will of the Ukrainian people themselves and their hopes for change. You can fight against the regime, but it’s stupid to fight against the people. Moscow itself wanted the Ukrainian people to do something for themselves to save themselves. So he did - 73% of Ukrainians who came to the polls voted for Zelensky, thereby the candidate of the President actually united Ukraine both in the West and in the East, albeit so far only in hatred of the previous regime. And here the Kremlin, with the non-recognition of the elections, could fall into the position of a non-commissioned officer widow, who carved herself. Therefore, the hypothetical plan “B” suggested a certain pause on the part of the Kremlin and the expectation of the first steps of the new president on the internal and external track. This plan hit the Donbass most of all, as a result of which it risked to freeze in the status of unrecognized territories for at least another year. Poroshenko, if you remember, was also not immediately recognized. The pause was about three months. I ran around, looked into my eyes, complained to Grandma Merkel, then they recognized me on my head ...

It should also be taken into account that for the first time in 5 years, people united under the common banner of overthrowing the hated pseudo-dictator, even if these were illusory hopes, but they did exist, and people have a right to them anyway. Zelensky is a complete zero, not because there is zero, although this is also there, but because no one knows how he will behave, and who really stands behind him. For the right to influence him, a serious struggle has already unfolded between the Ukrainian elites, among whom, in addition to Beni, people of Pinchuk, Firtash, Fuchs and Khoroshkovsky are also noticed, at the time when Rinat Akhmetov was left out of business, (he needs it!), And American elites (I mean trampists and clintoids, Republicans and Democrats), where Trump now has all his trump cards to wipe away from the newly-minted light of Ukrainian democracy and their own hated democrats, and local Ukrainian oligarchs. That is why the Russian Federation is pulling with recognition and non-recognition of the elections. The sword is brought up, but sheathed again. Donbass again wait by the sea for weather, you will not envy. But this is a chance to get out of this vicious circle in the simplest way, not chopping this Gordian knot, but trying to untie it. All hope for a new president. How he behaves, everything will depend on this. Who will be appointed to the posts of Prosecutor General, Minister of Defense, Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, head of the Security Service of Ukraine, how he will behave with language law. A sharp turnaround for him is not possible, but that is why he is an ideal figure for this, he is considered his own both in the west and in the east of the country. There will be a smooth turn to Russia. Everyone is waiting! The main thing now is not to ruin Russia itself, otherwise I can see how some federal channels of the Russian Federation continue to spin the same barrel organ by inertia - Ukraine is an outcast, a country of fools who choose a fool, and that’s where they belong. And we are smart, we stand on the shore, wave their handkerchief. The inertia for 5 years has been accumulated such that they can’t stop at all in their ostracism, thereby embodying the most daring and unrealizable hopes of our enemies for breaking fraternal bonds between our peoples, in fact between the same people, torn by idiots-politicians lively in the 1991th. I personally believe that certain authorized comrades in the Russian Federation and society as a whole underestimate the changed circumstances and, by inertia, continue to "pour soup" on the brothers. Which is stupid, especially against the background of the Kremlin’s changed policy towards the country of ever-green tomatoes.

Now the Kremlin does not intend to repeat the mistakes of five years ago. Therefore, even before the 2nd round, in which Zelensky was clearly winning, Moscow initiated a number of steps ahead of schedule so as not to continue to depend on the actions of the new Kiev authorities, but to influence its decisions themselves. Up to this point, all actions took place under the carpet. Not explicitly. But with the explicit goal of creating additional elements of pressure on Kiev, and in relations with its sponsors from across the ocean, who are invisibly behind it, raise rates in the inevitable future negotiations on the fate of this territory. A territory that has become a bargaining chip and a stone of discord in the disputes of the powerful of this world, from which the Russian Federation cannot retreat for many reasons (and the fate of the brotherly / non-brotherly people is far from the first there).

Therefore, when the Kremlin made a demarche on April 18, it became clear that Putin included plan “C”. On this day, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation took new sanctions against Ukraine, allegedly in response to the actions of its Cabinet of Ministers, which were designed to stimulate the new Kiev authorities to an active, and most importantly productive, thought process. The measures were so harsh that from the moment they enter into force on June 1 of this year, the measures will go into the months, after which the Kiev regime and all the oligarchs who have been drinking blood from this country for 28 years will inevitably receive a hap, and within the next six months. We are talking about limiting the supply of coal and oil products to zero, which puts the Kiev authorities in front of the real prospect of a complete collapse. economicscaused by inevitable fuel and energy lockout. The Kremlin applied this fuel and energy embargo for the sole purpose of seizing leverage over the new Kiev authorities before others do it. Who are these others, I have already said above. And in order to protect hotheads in Kiev from unnecessary rash actions, on April 24, without waiting for the newly elected president to take office, Putin issues his famous Decree on simplifying the acquisition of Russian citizenship by LDNR residents.

Everyone understands that the scenario of the Russian passportization of the LPR and the DPR is an element of the bargaining between Moscow and Kiev around the future of Donbass. Moscow deliberately raises rates, clearly understanding that this step may close the hypothetical window of opportunity for negotiations that will open in the event of a change of power in Kiev, but it can no longer ignore the hopes of residents of the republics.

This I quoted RBC, on my own I can only add that Moscow can no longer ignore the hopes of its own population, for which such behavior of the Kremlin reduces the degree of trust and respect for it. Now everyone in Moscow understands that passportization is unlikely to aggravate the sanctions pressure on it from the West. Roughly speaking, Moscow already does not care! The image in the eyes of their own population is more expensive. The implementation of such a scenario immediately after the election only says that Moscow does not experience any illusions about the candidacy of the new president. The Kremlin is ready for the reciprocal steps of the Ukrainian side, but does not have much hope in this regard. If Vova Zelensky does not catch the trend coming from the Russian Federation, then he risks changing the “always busy” mode for Chocolate Diabetic to the “temporarily unavailable” mode for himself. And then Putin will no longer speak with him, but with his masters. That is why all this happened before the inauguration, and not after it. Why haven’t done so until now, I have a big question ?! But this question, as they say, is not for me, although I still try to answer it.

The power block drives. Babich will work on the "plan 2024"

Partially sheds light on this behavior of the Kremlin, the rotation of personnel, undertaken not so long ago in the office of Surkov, and the change of towers of the Kremlin, responsible for Ukraine and the countries of the Commonwealth. Surkov, who could not cope with the mission assigned to him, was replaced by Babich, who had a good reputation in Belarus. But the decision-making in Ukraine now becomes not the Surkov’s department, but the voice of the power bloc, linked in the minds of Russians to such figures as Patrushev, Naryshkin and Bortnikov. Surkov is not suspended, but deprived of his decision-making rights in Ukraine, while he remains an adviser to the GDP and the Kremlin’s main ideologist, but Mikhail Babich will now be in charge of Ukraine and the Commonwealth countries, with a potential aim to solve the problem of power transit-2024, implying the creation of a union states and associations under this sign not only of the Russian Federation and Belarus, but also of other CIS countries. But this is already a very distant prospect. Moreover, the consent or disagreement of Old Man Lukashenko is not even considered, conditions will be created for him that he will not have any opportunity to refuse this proposal. From the word "completely." Different people are already working on this problem, from completely different departments and their methods of persuasion are completely different. Running in of technologies held in real time now in Ukraine. As they say, watch your hands.

The first leaks that the changes are coming began in the autumn of last year, when the department of Vladislav Surkov, responsible for Ukraine and completely failed in this area, began a reorganization and a complete upgrade of personnel, which resulted in a change not only of the signboard, but also of the leadership. The result of this was the removal on April 4, 2019 from the post of Head of the Department for Cross-Border Cooperation of the AP of the Russian Federation Oleg Govorun, (supposedly for family reasons), and the appointment of Alexey Filatov, who had previously held the position of chief adviser in this department, who supervised relations with South Ossetia. I especially draw the attention of inattentive readers - with South Ossetia! Draw conclusions, gentlemen! Conclusions with a projection to Ukraine.

On April 17, Putin signed a decree. Oleg Govorun has headed the department since 2013. It was formerly called the “Office of the President for Socio-Economic Cooperation with the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia,” and received the current name “The Office for Cross-Border Cooperation of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation” in October 2018, after the release of the corresponding Decree of GDP . At that time, the area of ​​responsibility of the administration also changed - it continued to oversee Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but only Ukraine remained from the CIS countries in its jurisdiction. Prior to the newly appointed Alexei Filatov, work with Donbass in the Kremlin was supervised by Deputy Govorun Maxim Polyakov. He, like the other deputy. Govoruna, who oversaw the economic issues of cooperation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Denis Travin, remains at his post. Although the director of the Center for Political Conjuncture, Alexei Chesnakov, who is close to the AP of the Russian Federation, believes that the reorganization of the administration has been regular, purely for technical reasons, nevertheless, other experts do not think so. Claims to the Surkov department have accumulated more than enough. Sooner or later, this should have ended.

In the elections held in Ukraine, the power bloc put the Confectioner to victory, not because of great love for him, but pursuing very specific pragmatic goals, some of which I have already set out above, related to the non-recognition of the election results in the event of Poroshenko’s victory, recognition of the self-proclaimed republics and the issuance of Russian passports to their citizens. And also counting on quite possible actions in this case of mass discontent with the results of falsified elections among Ukrainian citizens, tired of a drunken diabetic, and linking their hopes with new faces, albeit without political experience, but at least not smeared in blood and corruption, in the hope take advantage of this to rock the situation. When, after the victory of the President, Plan “A” did not work, it was decided not to fundamentally change it, but to apply a modified plan “C”, designed to force the Kiev regime to cooperate on favorable conditions for Moscow using methods of economic influence. Putin does not have time to wait for Vova The Lensky to mature for independent decisions. The Kremlin finally realized the danger of the neutral position they had previously occupied in Ukraine and included a regime to force peace and friendship that had been torn from the cutting. So far, exclusively economic, but tough measures. It will not help, they will include measures of military-political influence (with the recognition of LDNR and other consequences arising from there, and here people with experience in South Ossetia will be more welcome than ever).

Turkish holiday Vova Zelensky

The fact that the “C” plan worked, it became clear immediately, as soon as infa about the “Turkish tour” of the new president of Ukraine leaked. I attach here a link to an interview with Oleg Tsarev on the News Front channel, we are interested in a fragment of his speech from 14:10 min.

Oleg Tsarev has a unique insider, absolutely closed infa from reliable and trusted sources, which he partially voices, apologizing that for obvious reasons he can not say more. But even from what has been said it becomes clear that Moscow is back in the game. According to the full program, the oligarchic factor is involved, the channels for the receipt of raw materials and marketing of finished products are precisely blocked (the latter applies only to Pinchuk), the oligarchic consensus formed during the overthrow of Poroshenko is beautifully broken and Moscow is again playing on the long-standing conflicts and internal contradictions of the Ukrainian oligarchy, contrasting the interests of the so-called “Gas-petrochemists” (Kolomoisky and Firtash) and “power-metallurgists” (Akhmetov and Pinchuk). The work of special services is clearly visible. Their handwriting. Surkov with his protege Zurabov could only dream of such a thing. Vova Zelensky here is just a pawn in the big game, which does not even realize what kind of foreign he got involved.

At the meeting in question in Turkey, the people of Beni Kolomoisky, who sits in Israel without any treatment and who even stood up for the GDP to be allowed into Ukraine together with comrade, were spotlighted. Saak (why shouldn’t you have any questions? Why didn’t you think of such generosity from GDP? GDP, in general, doesn’t ask for anything in vain, and then he spoke, forgetting about past grievances, but more on that below). In addition to Beni’s people, people in Turkey were also noticed - people of Dmitry Firtash (Firtash, like Benya, is limited in mobility - sealed by a criminal investigation to Vienna) and Viktor Medvedchuk (personally). But neither Rinat Akhmetov, nor Victor Pinchuk, nor their people were there! What is it for? Why such a favor? I explain - Russia is back in the game. Both Firtash and Kolomoisky are vitally interested in cheap Russian gas; without it, a pipe would already have come to their business. Benya is also interested in the fuel embargo from Russia, since he then becomes the only producer of gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine, receiving oil from Azerbaijan, and having the country's only working refinery (Kremenchug refinery). And the pipe with the solarium from the Russian Federation is in the hands of Medvedchuk (who is Medvedchuk, I hope you have not forgotten yet?). A tap from this pipe in the hands of Medvedev. As well as the faucet from coal supplies, without which not only Akhmet and Pinchuk with their metallurgical enterprises would get a full hitch, but also the entire Ukrainian thermal power industry, which was half transferred from gas generation to coal by the efforts of Konditer and Akhmet. Here's a tricky combination. The scheme begins to operate on June 1 of this year. And what will happen on June 1? It seems that Little Little Ze will ascend to the kingdom. And here is such an ambush! And on all fronts. No gas, no diesel fuel, no LPG, no coal. Father Lukashenko will not be able to talk over, he himself was blocked by a tap until the end of 2019. What to do?! Trumpet deal! Even worse - collapse, apocalypse! And then Vova Putin appears in all white and says: “Guys, let's live together!” Moreover, the word "live" here must be taken literally. He who does not want to live in harmony has the choice not to live at all. Do not believe me, ask Uncle Trump!

And Uncle Trump is also in share. His 1,5-hour telephone conversation with GDP and the subsequent shuttle voyage of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Sochi instead of Berlin, where he alternately met with Lavrov and Putin, is a vivid confirmation of this. If you have any doubts about this, look at Benya Kolomoisky. The United States had every opportunity, if it interfered with it, to seal it to the Promised Land, with which, as you know, there is no extradition, with various criminal prosecutions, as they did with Dmitry Firtash, who was sealed by a criminal investigation to Vienna and who are there under the sign of not to leave. But no, Benny is already in Kiev and is giving out an interview, introducing his recent comrades-in-arms on the Maidan into a state of grogg. “The Maidan can be confidently called an absolute evil, since it was he who led to the loss of Donbass, Crimea and 13 million citizens of Ukraine, as well as to a protracted economic crisis. The so-called revolution of dignity provoked a civil conflict in the south-east of the country, which is still destroying Ukraine, ”he said in a recent interview with the notorious Ukrainian journalist Denis Bigus. Doesn’t it bother you here? Until recently, a real term was shining for such words in Ukraine. Apparently Benya knows something! Probably the alleged meeting between Zelensky and Trump will clarify this issue. With only one correction, this meeting, if it does take place, will take place after Trump’s meeting with GDP on the sidelines of the G20 summit, which is due to take place in Osaka, Japan, June 28-29. What they agree there, only God knows.

But Benny and comrade Sahak is already in Kiev. And, it seems, this is exactly what the new President's GDP requested. And he instantly complied with this request. What is it for? Why did GDP generally ask for the return of Comrade Passport? Sahaku and Benya from the Israeli exile? Are we really seeing another tricky plan for GDP? After all, Benya and comrade Sahak, born destroyers, they will fight "for world peace" in such a way that they will not leave stone unturned. They are imprisoned on this from birth and have proven it with their whole subsequent lives. And the accomplices in Rotterdam + Petya and Ahmet understand this very well and are already looking for good lawyers and will think about fleeing the country. Just where? There is no escape from the American court! And what to do with the loot of overwork? You can’t take enterprises with you. And the new future owners of these enterprises are already rubbing their hands in joyful anticipation. And Benya is there first in the "lists for improving housing conditions." And if I don’t feel sorry for the Confectioner, 73% of the country's population just dream of seeing him hanging upside down on the first tree that comes across, then Rinat Leonidovich is sorry, he did not deserve such a share, of all the “oligators” he was the most sane, but went to feed the sharks business, like, insatiable Igor Kolomoisky.

With Kuchma’s son-in-law, Pinchuk will personally deal with Donald Ibrahimovic. He had nothing to poke his Faberge anywhere, with the basket of Soros he clearly got excited. And Trump is a vindictive and vengeful man. And Pinchuk will very soon find it out in his own skin, since his Faberge is already in the millstones of the scandal unfolding by Trump about Ukraine's interference in the 2016 US elections. And it was precisely about Pinchuk that Trump's lawyer Rudolf Giuliani spoke when he said that the new president was surrounded by personal enemies of Donald Ibrahimovic, and not at all about Kolomoisky. Trump's task is to wipe these enemies from the new president, and he will easily cope with this task. It seems that a consensus with Russia on this issue has been reached, the Republicans and Trump do not need a war in Ukraine, the Democrats needed it, and Trump has enough problems without Ukraine, he is not going to pull it on himself, therefore he is ready to consider options for what to exchange it for that will be discussed about many other things during his upcoming negotiations with the GDP at the end of next month on the sidelines of the Osaka summit. It seems that the fresh wind of change, which was opposed by the opponents of the outgoing president Petro Poroshenko, blew not with Bankova, and not even with the embankment of the Israeli city of Herzliya, where Ben Kolomoisky until recently was found, but from the Capitol Hill in Washington, and the Turkish "rest" Zelensky is a clear confirmation of this.

Each subsequent proposal by Putin is worse than the previous one. Who has not yet understood this?

It seems that Old Man Lukashenko has not yet understood this. Here are the last news from Belarus, I ask you to consider them in the context of the above (in part 2), regarding the problem of the upcoming transit of power-2024 and methods for solving it. I will only quote the source, but draw your own conclusions.

Putin will no longer be supported: it is time for the political elite of Belarus to think about the new leader of the republic.

Two sources in the AP of the Russian Federation confirmed the information that after the story with the Druzhba pipeline (which President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko frankly tried to use not only Russia as a reliable partner, but also personally Vladimir Putin to discredit the international community), a turning point in the communication between the two heads states.

Until that moment, Vladimir Putin, in any environment, showed parity between Russia and Belarus and agreed when Lukashenko said that the two presidents are old friends and will understand each other in any problem.

But starting from a meeting in Beijing (when Lukashenko “freaked out” in the presence of Nazarbayev), Putin de facto talks to Lukashenko with emphasized cold and “at a distance”, the Kremlin-based Reckless TG channel notes.

The Russian side actually put forward an ultimatum (for the first time its parameters were discussed in winter in Sochi, on the well-known "skiing" of Putin and Lukashenko) - or Lukashenko initiates a [referendum] procedure for the unification of the Russian Federation and Belarus, as a result of which Putin will head the united state, and Lukashenko will become Secretary The Security Council, or the President of Belarus, starts the procedure for transferring power to a successor (the candidacy of Viktor Lukashenko was discussed). Vladimir Putin spoke about it the other day a few days ago with Nursultan Nazarbayev, whose opinion he values ​​very much (approx. Info from May 30).

Both proposed options are still quite emotionally rejected by Alexander Lukashenko himself. At the same time, the AP of the Russian Federation is working on a backup option to “pacify” Lukashenko - it is about preparing a decree of the President of Russia on the free acquisition of Russian citizenship for residents of Belarus.

In connection with the foregoing, Putin’s proposal was immediately recalled that he voiced at a press conference following his last visit to China on April 27 of this year, from 12:56 min, on the possibility of granting Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure not only to LDN residents, but to all citizens Ukraine, expressed a similar desire.

And his pick with the newly elected president of Ukraine on this occasion.

By the way, there is also about the restoration of the rights of the famous Georgian comrades expelled from Ukraine, as well as some Ukrainian oligarchs hiding on the Promised Land, about whom I wrote above.

And here, returning to the topic of the possible granting of Russian citizenship to the citizens of Ukraine, and now also Belarus, I would like to draw your attention especially to the words of the GDP, which

if in Ukraine they will issue passports to the Russians (which Zelensky decided to scare GDP), and in Russia to issue passports and citizenship to Ukrainians, then sooner or later we will inevitably come to the expected result: everyone will have the same citizenship, which cannot but be welcomed!

And I even know who will be at the head of this single state. Putin masterfully drives Zelensky into a narrow decision-making corridor. At the same time acting in his favorite manner, when each subsequent sentence is worse than the previous one. And Vova Zelensky, like Old Man Lukashenko, who incorrectly reacted to the first, very advantageous offer, immediately ran into the second, much worse than the previous one. Zelensky’s first proposal from the GDP was to resolve the issue of Donbass, the old man should give up sovereignty in exchange for a comfortable old age. Both refused, now both run the risk of remaining presidents without citizens and not the fact that with the territories. Because contrary to the widespread belief that Putin needs people, not territories, Putin needs people and territories. Because Putin is a statesman! He does not scatter his lands, like people. I especially emphasize this for all stubborn Russians, like the mantra of the Taldych that I have been teaching for 5 years to the Ukrainian non-brothers, which they learned from American manuals. Proving this only two axioms, that for impossible idiots, nothing is impossible - this is the first. And that a useful idiot is worse than a traitor, the second. Well, okay, time heals and not so ...

How Ukraine can break Putin’s plan. Six Tips for Zelensky

Finally, we have come to where we started. In order to justify the hopes of the stubborn turbo-patriots who have mastered this text, although I warned them not to do this, now I will briefly, in six theses, state what the President should do to break the GDP plan. The authorship does not belong to me, the authorship of Maxim Goldarba is a well-known Ukrainian lawyer, auditor who worked for 14 years in various positions in the prosecution authorities and the Ministry of Defense (in the latter he headed the Department of Internal Audit and Financial Control of the Moscow Region before Maidan), reserve colonel, senior Counselor of Justice, has the 3rd rank of civil servant, now a top television presenter on NewsOne, by the way, the same age as Zelensky. Listen to a smart person, there is short, only 6 minutes.

For the lazy, in theses I will repeat the most important thing. Goldarb advises the newly elected president, addressing him emphatically on “you,” to begin with the first 6 steps:

1. His first visit to LDNR, not forgetting under what motto he came to power, his first task is to stop the war, withdraw troops;
2. The second visit to Moscow, enough questions have accumulated, you can start with the exchange of prisoners, all for all;
3. Sit down at the table of trilateral negotiations with the USA and the Russian Federation, try again to become a subject, not an object of politics;
4. Remove the blockade of Donbass;
5. Stop tariff lawlessness, withdraw Poroshenko’s signatures under memoranda with the IMF on raising tariffs for the population;
6. To introduce to the Rada the idea of ​​the resignation of the Prosecutor General, the head of the National Bank, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defense, the head of the SBU (at the same time, Goldarb was modestly silent about the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

On my own behalf, I would add to this also an assessment of the language law, the initiation of criminal cases against Poroshenko and his entourage, and the dissolution of the Rada. Which of the following has the new president done? So far, only p. 6 and the dissolution of the Council. Is there any hope that the rest of the items will be implemented? It is not strange, weak, but there is. Now we are making allowances for the upcoming parliamentary elections and the attempt of the newly elected to sit in two chairs at the same time, in the hope of collecting votes for his party “Servant of the People” from both banks of the Dnieper. Plus, do not forget who is behind him, and that he is not a revolutionary in spirit, but a revolutionary in circumstances. I have no big illusions regarding him, given that he is a product of the post-Soviet era and his mind is not burdened by Soviet ideologues. Unfortunately! For him, Ukraine is the homeland; Putin personally stole the Crimea from him. This is a common place for people born after 1979. In general, 1979 is a turning point. When the Union collapsed in 1991, they were 12 years old or less and their formation as an individual took place already in independent Ukraine, with all the ensuing consequences. Some pleasant exceptions have a place to be, but they only confirm the rule. These people are now fighting in the Donets Basin in the ranks of the Armed Forces, they have complete mess in their heads, everything is complicated there. I don’t know what is in Zelensky’s head, although I know him personally. By the way, he was born in 1978, whether this year will play a decisive role, let’s see. I rely more on the personal factor and excess of the performer. Believe me, there is enough ambition there. Becoming a savior of the Fatherland is one of them. With Zelensky, the Napoleon’s regiment arrived - that's for sure! The only thing I’m sure of is that the theme of Tomos, language and war will disappear by itself. And this is the main point! He is still bargaining with the war, but the trend is already clear. This is her end! Next, only the withdrawal of troops. The truth, however, does not add joy to the environment of Ze, although there are all pragmatists. I’m talking about puppeteers, and I will manage the GDP together with Trump. Have already found! Although, if Zelensky used the Goldarb plan, then the “C” plan for the GDP would have to be adjusted. What will happen, see, the story is written before our eyes.
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      1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
        Oleg RB (Oleg) 5 June 2019 10: 02
        How funny and formidable you are good
        1. Gunter prereen Offline Gunter prereen
          Gunter prereen (Gunter Preen) 5 June 2019 16: 41
          I am kind! But not good!
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 4 June 2019 15: 00
    He wrote a smartly smart Chukchi with a sick imagination. Everything is simple, as it is written in the Bible: what was, it will be. Passports - it’s one thing to declare, and who will receive them when? Especially when there is a team in no hurry. Nobody canceled the indulgence issued in Minsk for the murder of citizens of the republics of Donbass. Oil trading only with permission? So those permits are issued by those who receive kickbacks on this, etc. A vicious circle of betrayal. There would have been no duties on both export and import of interest of at least 50-70 percent, from which the money would go to Donbass. It is necessary to strangle the Nazis, and not their brothers to draw.
    1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
      Oleg RB (Oleg) 4 June 2019 18: 02
      Yes, he is constantly here like that - from empty to empty over 100500 times overflows here. She doesn’t know how to write an article simply - a thousand words, that another author would fit in a short paragraph + repeats several times per article, that he wrote above.
      Or fighting for the number of letters.
      Anyway funny, let him write smile
  4. YUG64 Offline YUG64
    YUG64 (Yuri) 4 June 2019 17: 59
    In this vast opus, I did not understand one place .. What kind of mistakes the Kremlin said five years ago the author said? Perhaps, in his opinion, it was necessary to conquer all of Ukraine urgently, or, on the contrary, to wait for American ships in Sevastopol? What exactly should the Kremlin do , being initially led in this win-win party for the Anglo-Saxons? It is a pity that such an intelligent person did not develop his undeniably clever thoughts in this direction, I would enjoy ..
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 5 June 2019 12: 14
      1. YUG64 Offline YUG64
        YUG64 (Yuri) 5 June 2019 14: 32
        Everything is clear with you. I am glad that I was not mistaken about you. Putin, having sent troops to Ukraine in 2014, would have put into his hands an iron, indestructible argument in the eternal aggression of the Kremlin and that it is Russia that is to blame for the citizens did not end up in the European paradise, the pensions of 1000 hryvnia, etc., did not get rid of, and nothing could have been done about it. Putin acted wisely, and now more and more people in Ukraine understand that they were shamelessly lied to, that the West is a predator, and not a friend. And - this is understood not by the mind, but by one's own skin - by the best analytical apparatus. Yes, the information matrix does its job - but any propaganda can be omnipotent for a limited time. People have something wonderful about this dictum: "any nonsense has short legs." Now, when the promised Euro-rai did not happen, the main propaganda trump card has been knocked out. Let's wait for sobering up. It will come - in our time of the Internet it is impossible to lie endlessly to everyone. - I will answer another folk wisdom: "Soon only cats will be born."
  5. M Nazarov Offline M Nazarov
    M Nazarov (M Nazarov) 5 June 2019 16: 08
    all Ukrainian thermal energy, which is half the efforts of Konditer and Akhmet transferred from gas to coal.
    As I understand it, the power plants are converted to coal gas group. And anthracite is needed specifically for metallurgy. So what threatens coal generation from Ukrainian coal?
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 6 June 2019 06: 37
      Do not consider yourself the smartest - Especially when you do not understand the issue. Open the link.
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 June 2019 09: 34
    A lot of letters are not relevant. kind of cleverly written, but endless digressions "I, I, I, I", etc. knock down the whole point.
    1. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
      Oleg RB (Oleg) 6 June 2019 18: 31
      I noticed this a long time ago. People do not know how to submit the essence, this is obvious. But the Administration apparently satisfies.