Russia systematically deprives Balts of the last transit money

Gitanas Nauseda, the winner of the presidential elections in Lithuania, said he was not going to change the anti-Russian policies the outgoing Dali Grybauskaite, as this would be a betrayal of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that during his election program, Nauseda assured gullible citizens of Lithuania’s soon departure from harsh rhetoric against Moscow, choosing the path of “pragmatic relations”. That is, he simply lied. However, our country does not care what statements are made in the Baltic states. And that's why.

Экономическая the importance of the Baltic states for Russia is falling every year, as its own port infrastructure develops. In addition to already implemented projects, one more will be added. President Vladimir Putin approved a project to create a new deep-sea trading port in the Kaliningrad region. It will make it possible to further reduce the dependence of Russian cargo transportation on Lithuania and Latvia.

In parallel with this, the construction of ports and reception terminals in the Leningrad and Murmansk regions is ongoing.

Judging by the fact that Russia invests in the creation of port infrastructure in the Baltic, the neighbors of the New Europeans in the long term are not considered by Moscow at all as transit partners. In just a few years, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will lose more than half of the transit volume, and after a while they will lose it completely.

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