Jacob Kedmi explained why the West hates Russia

30 May 2019 years political Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi, on the evening talk show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia 1”, described in detail how a total information war is being waged against Russia. He reported on the methodology and cited the main components of anti-Russian propaganda.

According to Kedmi, the American CIA, during the Second World War, well studied and adopted the methods of propaganda of the Third Reich. The basis of propaganda is a repeatedly repeated lie, which is remembered by people in the absence of another informational alternative. And the Americans, in this "art" of deception, managed to surpass Nazi Germany. The United States, over many decades, brought the brainwashing to perfection.

With regard to anti-Russian propaganda, Kedmi identified (named) four main components (groups). The first is the special services, "they have such a job, to demonize the enemy." The second is the political circles that do this independently of Russia in their own interests. As an example, the US Democratic Party, which accuses President Donald Trump of having ties to Moscow. Third, all kinds of scandalists who love this kind of information. Fourth, these are opponents of the Russian authorities who are in Russia or have left Russia. As an example, “white” emigration after the civil war.

He emphasized that pouring mud on Russia in the West has become fashionable. Today, the intellectual elite of the West simply adopted such anti-Russian behavior, otherwise you will not be accepted in their society. It has long passed the rules of good manners and civilization.

Kedmi told how in Jewish society there were those who sought excuses for Nazism in the XNUMXth century, who served the Inquisition in the Middle Ages. But the Jews overcame this phenomenon within their own people.

They spewed out, now there are none

- said Kedmi.

As for Russia, according to Kedmi, a similar phenomenon (the presence of traitors) exists.

After that, Kedmi touched on the topic of the total war of the West against Russia. He specified that today in the media of the West you will not find a positive opinion about Russia, there it is seen as an attempt to justify the enemy. That is, the war is at the state level. Therefore, one information television channel RT will not fix the matter. Moreover, he was outraged that when French President Emmanuel Macron allowed himself to be prevented from attending the RT press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin was silent.

War must be answered by war

- said the patriot of Israel.

In the West there are courts and other means of influence that Russia does not use. And he gave an example of Ukraine, which clings to any international organization.

Those who wage war with passive means will always lose

- added the political scientist.

He concluded that if Russia does not respond to the "hybrid aggression" of the West, then it will lose this war. That is, Kedmi called on Russia to increase confrontation.
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  1. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 2 June 2019 12: 32
    You can't win a war defending yourself

    Su Tzu. Art of War
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 2 June 2019 12: 41
    Hatred of Western countries towards Russia has been going on since the defeat of the Teutonic knights, then the Poles, the French, the Japanese, the Germans, and in the Second World War, the same Europe sided with Hitler, so this fierceness towards the USSR, and now towards Russia, them in blood, and hoping for some improvement is a waste of time and money ... Our holy and great Russia has stood for a thousand years, and will continue to stand if we stop groveling before the collective West and the United States, and we will adequately respond to them all their meanness and provocations, so why don't we show our character in the same Ukraine, which has now become a direct and obvious threat to the security of our state, and which is simply necessary by military means, to force you to peace, as was done with Georgia, and do not care for all the squeals and hysterics of the same West, we need to put all the dots on I, otherwise we will lose our country, and we will lose ourselves, because. We already have a lot of "Ivanovs who do not remember kinship", all sorts of amnuels, Isaevs, Kasyanovs, Chubais, and other trash. We urgently need to get out of this lethargic, liberalistic dream, otherwise Russia will disappear.
    1. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
      Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 2 June 2019 13: 21
      Are you ready to die for Donetsk ???
  3. Ygm Offline Ygm
    Ygm (Yuri) 2 June 2019 13: 47
    Jews have always been liars and provocateurs!
    And propaganda, this is - passive actions, their outcome is obvious now.
    History repeats itself, but in the form of FARS, not War.
    What to do? More often to change the LEADER OF RUSSIA.
  4. Nikolai Bolotnikov (Nikolai Bolotnikov) 2 June 2019 14: 07
    Who will wage the war, if traitors and thieves in Russia who keep their money and their families over the hill rule in Russia?
  5. Tai kor Offline Tai kor
    Tai kor (Tai Kor) 3 June 2019 09: 40
    Yes, everyone already knows this - from the Ural dumplings!
    If simplified and malicious, the world is ruled by multimillionaires, and the oligarchy-millionaires rule everything on the ground! They are the ones who own the media, create parties, hire presidents, prime ministers and other rulers. And the uncontrollable are overthrown by color revolutions, bombing and tank invasions. (Cyber ​​Marx).

    Rockefeller once said:

    ... 2-3 billion servants are enough for the golden billion

    by 2050! That's 6 billion and squabble in order to remain in the "slaves", according to the selection of Darwin! BEADS are biologically flawed creatures, have already given up and do not want to reproduce.
    Look at the root!
  6. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 4 June 2019 05: 34
    Here, probably, we are talking about an information war?
  7. Vladimir Alekseevich (Vladimir) 4 June 2019 07: 46
    Not the one who defends himself will lose, but the one who lies. I don't remember who said, "Lies are quick, but the truth is hardy." But this is all about the humanitarian component of hybrid warfare. Without a serious military component, it makes no sense to start a confrontation at all. It seems to me that V.V. Putin, at best, will only solve this problem. He lacks brutality, and now even energy, to conduct a bright and effective humanitarian part of the confrontation. This stems from his duality in the fight against injustice within the country and his age. Putin, apparently, is associated with a local, and possibly international oligarchy, and therefore his shots at corruption are practically blank. The population feels it and seems to be getting stronger. And without real support from the Russians, the leader's strength will quickly run out. Any tactics and strategy of dealing with the enemy can be used, but the basis must be a truthful ideology. If there is a wormhole in the ideology, it is difficult to count on victory, even if you have a material advantage.
  8. Siberia1054 Offline Siberia1054
    Siberia1054 (Alexander Ivanovich) 22 March 2021 21: 31
    Su Tzu and his Art of War worked only within the country, while suppressing riots and uprisings. All wars with the external enemy China were lost. Therefore, it is difficult to consider him an authority.
  9. gorby777 Offline gorby777
    gorby777 (Evgeny Gorbachev) April 2 2021 07: 50
    War must be answered with war

    To respond with war means to play on the opponent's field with the same weapon, i.e. initially lose. The West is much stronger than us both in military and informational aspects. Putin is smarter than some experts, he has a completely different strategy. This strategy still shows its advantage. God forbid, it will continue to be so.
  10. The comment was deleted.