Supersonic spaceship tested in the USA


Virgin Galactic has successfully tested its VSS Unity suborbital spacecraft, such as SpaceShipTwo. A test flight lasting 10 minutes was conducted over the Mojave Desert in the United States, California, at an altitude of 14,2 km. The engine was in normal operation, the ship managed to accelerate to Mach 1,87 (2,3 thousand km / h) and gain altitude of 25,6 km, after which the aircraft began to decline and successfully landed at the airport.

Earlier, in 2014, a similar test ended in disaster. The second test pilot Michael Alsbury (Michael Alsbury) did not cope with the management of the movable tail wings, using them too early when the ship was still accelerating. This led to a significant overload of more than 9G, tearing the ship apart. Alsbury died, and the first pilot Peter Siebold (Peter Siebold) received serious injuries.

Immediately after completing the tests, Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson said the company was "back to square one."

Recall that the ultimate goal of the project of billionaire Richard Branson is to develop a passenger shuttle for suborbital tourist flights. According to company representatives, a three-day training course awaits potential tourists, the apogee of the flight will be the short-term presence of the flight participants in zero gravity. Suborbital flight - a flight at a speed below 1 space, that is, insufficient for the spacecraft to enter the Earth’s orbit.

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  1. +2
    April 13 2018 12: 26
    Gygygy. Supersonic spacecraft tested in the SSA.
    I cried ... If it is supersonic, then it cannot be cosmic. By definition. It must be hypersonic.
    Altitude 25,6 (what an amazing accuracy) already at this altitude it should go to 4M if it wants to go into orbit.
    Imagine Hitler Germany 1942 ... We launched a rocket into space! Altitude 100 km reached! Here you have the suborbital apparatus.
    Although Mr. Richard Branson probably thinks the earth is flat, then it’s clear why he goes this way.
    1. 0
      April 17 2018 18: 03
      You are in vain so. No one knows what this iron is actually capable of. Therefore, it will be reasonable to gain both speed and height gradually. And, the main thing at the same time is not a flight up, but a successful landing. It is necessary to work out management techniques to find out the edge to which it is unacceptable to approach.