China caved in under the United States: Xi Jinping issued a statement

China still gave slack in the confrontation with the United States of America. A key issue in the relationship between the two largest economies in the world was the illegal use by Chinese companies of intellectual property owned by American corporations. According to Chinese laws, for access to the Celestial market in high of technologies Joint ventures with local producers are required. As a result of this practice, the advanced developments of Western companies were available to enterprising Chinese.

The People's Republic of China has relied on the development of innovation in the country, investing huge amounts of money in its own R&D. But local developers do not shy away from the theft of other people's technologies. The desire of the Chinese leadership is to turn the PRC into a leading technological power, moving away from the status of a world assembly plant with cheap labor.

In Washington, the initiative of the Celestial Empire was not approved and moved to a direct confrontation. As part of the outbreak of the trade war, the parties exchanged several sensitive sanctions attacks. But, as originally assumed, China, critically dependent on access to the American market, retaining its face, backed away.

Xi Jinping, leader of the Chinese Communist Party, made an important statement at the Boao Economic Forum. He promised to ease the heat of confrontation with the United States of America. China will meet American partners in areas important to them, primarily in the field of banking services and copyright. Beijing will no longer impede the import of goods from the United States into the Chinese market, in particular, China is ready to reduce duties on imported cars. But which is much more important and can be considered a victory for Washington, the PRC will begin to ensure that Chinese manufacturers respect the intellectual property rights of American corporations and conduct a constructive technological exchange with them.

The word belongs to Washington, but now it’s obvious that the Chinese dragon, unfortunately, was not so formidable for North America.
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  1. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) April 11 2018 17: 45
    Blown away. But in vain. Now the Yankees will cling to them and will not let go. Beijing will lose much more. And it seems that allies of them are none.
    1. Vasya Rogov Offline Vasya Rogov
      Vasya Rogov (Vasya Rogov) April 11 2018 21: 58
      China has not won a single war. Even trading.
    2. Nick Offline Nick
      Nick (Nikolai) April 12 2018 09: 53
      Quote: shinobi
      Blown away. But in vain. Now the Yankees will cling to them and will not let go. Beijing will lose much more.

      I think Comrade X understands better than you and me, where he will lose more and where less. Pragmatism, MAJOR IN HIS POLICY, IMHO.

      Quote: shinobi
      And it seems that allies of them are none.

      Hard to judge. Russia has no experience of allied relations with China. Yes, actually no one has. China did not conclude agreements on military-political alliance with anyone.
    3. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) April 13 2018 09: 25
      Actually, they have territorial claims on the Far East pending for us.
  2. vev Offline vev
    vev (Eugene) April 12 2018 08: 59
    The Chinese are very hardworking and disciplined. Undoubtedly, copying other people's ideas, technical solutions and technologies in China is common. If we look at the history of China, we can find that following the law of self-profit in the current situation (in China they prefer to call this phenomenon flexibility), more than once led to the duplicity of the Chinese emperors, saying one thing and doing something completely different. Pitting one tribe against another, fomenting internal tribal hatred, juggling internal contradictions, involving some tribes against others as allies in military operations is an incomplete list of methods that Chinese emperors have always used. It is difficult to say how far the current ruling elite of China has moved away from ancient traditions or changed. In my opinion, China is an unreliable friend. It is possible that I am mistaken, but I believe that only the so-called “friend” can be with such a “friend”. cultural, industrial and other ties based on the coincidence of interests in a given time interval. In fact, China has made a technological breakthrough for the most part not due to its own developments, but due to modern production facilities using foreign technical and technological innovations. The sinking of China in this situation is a natural step.
  3. Igor Shkoda Offline Igor Shkoda
    Igor Shkoda (Igor Shkoda) April 12 2018 22: 09
    Knowing and working with the Chinese for 12 years, they will abide))))))))))))))) Well, it’s normal to do this with us.
  4. shirkoled Offline shirkoled
    shirkoled April 13 2018 18: 51
    China cares only about itself !!! Russia should also think only of itself !!! Russia has friends - the Army and the Navy !!!