NASA wants to deprive Roscosmos of additional income

Recently we Reportedhow the Pentagon included Russia in the list of countries whose services it is forbidden to use during space launches from December 31, 2022. And so, it became known that NASA will begin to engage in space tourism in October 2019. This is provided for in the U.S. budget for fiscal year 2020 (starting October 1, 2019).

It should be noted that NASA plans to deliver tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) using American manned spacecraft. Prior to this, Roscosmos was a monopolist in the market for such services and from 2001 to 2009 sent seven tourists to the ISS.

At the same time, NASA carried out the last manned flight in 2011. So after the closure of the American Space Shuttle program (Space Shuttle - “Space Shuttle”), people were delivered to the ISS exclusively by the Soviet-Russian one-time three-seater spacecraft Soyuz TMA, Soyuz TMA-M and Soyuz MS. By the way, during this time, the United States paid Russia about $ 3 billion for space transportation services (the price of one seat for an astronaut in Soyuz MS is $ 82 million).

In turn, the Russian state corporation has already responded to the Pentagon’s actions and condemned them, calling it another manifestation of unfair competition of Washington in the international space services market. Roskosmos believes that such a decision could adversely affect international cooperation in organizing regular launches of spacecraft into target orbits on a commercial basis.

In fact, this is an attempt to deprive American manufacturers of the opportunity to work with the Russian rocket and space industry, to artificially limit the use of Russian launch vehicles on the international market. The Pentagon wants to destroy what has been so created and maintained in Russian-American space relations

- says the statement of "Roskosmos", which is published on the official website.

It should be added that on May 28, 2019, the head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that while the United States will switch to its own transport system, Russia needs to intensify international cooperation (on manned programs) in other areas.

Despite the high costs, this area (manned space exploration - ed.) Is not purely costly, it can indirectly pay off. For a long time, this was due to cooperation with the United States, including due to the monopoly that developed at a certain point in the delivery of people and cargo to the ISS. This situation persists to this day, but it is clear that it is temporary.

- Rogozin said.

We remind you that earlier we informed about how a partially reusable seven-seater ship Crew Dragon, an American company SpaceX, exploded during a fire test of engines.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 31 May 2019 16: 45
    Shuttles were also the pride of the States, until they began to burn in the atmosphere. What do ecologists say about burning oxygen and increasing the ozone hole? If they launch over the States, then there will be a bigger hole there!
  2. additional income
    NASA wants to rob us
    oh how poor we are
    we will drink vodka with grief!
    1. Jhonnykzde Offline Jhonnykzde
      Jhonnykzde (Daniel "DannyBoy") 25 November 2019 14: 34
      So you drink ... with grief !!! And if the Yankees again begin to squabble in the space industry, then it will simply deprive the European, Australian and other American "hangers-ons" of the road to the ISS. NASA itself will lift its noses and twirl from European and other "partners", sending only its astronauts to the ISS, occasionally throwing bones at the double cost of ESA and others ... And in Russian ships with Russian cosmonauts astronauts will fly from Saudi Arabia (by the way, their first astronaut, who recently visited the ISS, in an interview with the American BBC warned that he was an astronaut and asks him to avoid the American form of the word astronaut - an astronaut), the Emirates, China, Vietnam, Singapore and so on. .. Wanted demon there is always a stiff spit on US restrictive sanctions !!!