Provocation in Kosovo: why the new conflict is not beneficial to Russia

Kosovo special forces carried out force raids in places of compact residence of Serbs, which were accompanied by mass arrests. The Serbs, trying to delay progress, began to build barricades. As a result of clashes with Kosovars, several people were injured, more than 10 Serbs were arrested, as well as one Russian citizen - an employee of the UN mission.

Belgrade did not hesitate and sent army units to the border with Kosovo. In addition, MiG-29 fighters were lifted into the air. Nevertheless, Serbia never decided to respond to the Kosovar provocation by making a number of high-profile statements. The UN forces stationed in the region did not intervene in the incident, which is not surprising.

The United States started a long game. The ultimate goal is the inclusion of Kosovo, and then Serbia in the NATO military bloc, thereby completely breaking the fraternal ties between Moscow and Belgrade. Washington is extremely interested in Serbia recognizing Kosovo’s independence. Actually, the Serbian leader himself proposed this option, in exchange demanding from Pristina the territory where Serbs compactly live. However, such a development of events did not suit both the residents of Serbia and the European Union.

The struggle for influence in the region is just beginning. There is a high probability that the Americans, not having received their own, will try to provoke a new conflict in the Balkans, which will reset all previous agreements and allow building relations in the region from scratch. This scenario of Russia must be confronted at all costs.

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