Japan: dwarf satellite launched on a dwarf rocket

The Japanese, by themselves, are not a nation of big people, probably because all they do is miniature, including their own launch vehicles.

The Japanese space agency JAXA from Utinoura Cosmodrome successfully launched the smallest dwarf in the world among rockets, the SS-520-5 solid propellant launch vehicle. As a result of the launch, the Japanese small artificial satellite TRICOM-1 was launched into low Earth orbit.

Japan: dwarf satellite launched on a dwarf rocket

Seven and a half minutes after the launch, the carrier rocket reached a predetermined altitude and put into orbit a three-kilogram experimental satellite designed for geological exploration and communications. The University of Tokyo was engaged in the development of a multifunctional satellite.

The three-stage rocket carrier SS-520-5 is a continuation of a series of Japanese solid-fuel two-stage rockets SS-520. Its length does not even reach ten meters, a diameter of about 52 cm, and weight - 2,6 tons.

The previous launch took place at the beginning of last year and was unsuccessful. Shortly after launch, the rocket stopped transmitting telemetry data. Japanese experts did not take risks and did not start to signal the start of the second-stage engine. Soon after, the SS-520-4 fell into the ocean.

Photos used: https://www.japantimes.co.jp
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