Sanction strike of the West: Washington did not take into account one moment

New US sanctions against Russia led to the collapse of the value of shares of a number of Russian companies. April 9 will go down in the history of the Russian market as “Black Monday”.

In one day, the stock market lost 820 billion rubles of capitalization. The euro and the dollar immediately began to rise, with the dollar exceeding 60 rubles, and the euro jumped to 75 rubles - for the first time in the past year and a half. This is not surprising - the new US sanctions are the toughest in recent years and are directed not only against officials, but also against leading Russian companies.

GAZ and RusAl, Rosoboronexport and Basic Element, and other Russian companies fell under the hammer of sanctions. Within a month and a half before the start of summer, American companies and individuals will have to stop all operations, contracts and other forms of interaction with the listed Russian companies or their owners. Thus, the securities of all Russian large companies with a state share and operating in the United States automatically become cheaper. It should be noted that many investors have already begun to frantically get rid of Russian securities, which led to an instant reduction in their value. RusAl and other Oleg Deripaska’s structures suffered the most - the value of RusAl’s shares fell immediately by more than 26%. On the London Stock Exchange, by the end of Monday, RusAl shares fell 40%. Shares of Deripaska-controlled En + Group then declined in price by 41%.

Russia should be afraid, firstly, of the reaction of European business to the sanctions imposed by the United States. Unlike the USA, European countries have much more developed economic ties with Russia. The difference is about ten times. It is the reaction of European business that is of particular importance to Russia. If European investors begin to withdraw capital from Russia, this will really lead to adverse consequences for the domestic economy. Secondly, the beginning of the massive sale of Eurobonds can cause negative consequences, since now the United States is going to ban Russian bonds as well.

At the same time, you should not be afraid of an economic disaster. In recent years, Russia has managed to achieve practically comparable scales of external debt and state reserves. Many Russian companies have long reoriented their export flows, so they will calmly survive US sanctions. Sberbank of the Russian Federation said that the risks of sanctions for the bank are estimated at 2,5% of the size of assets. Unpleasant, but you can live. The ruble’s subsidence can accelerate inflation, but its scale is likely to remain within 4%. Therefore, it can hardly be said that the sanctions were able to inflict some kind of large-scale blow on the Russian economy. Already in the foreseeable future, the damage from them will be covered, it is possible that the American policy it will even benefit the Russian economy, as companies will find new markets for their products.
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  1. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
    yuriy55 (Yuri) April 10 2018 16: 52
    You need to sit at a table where all players play by the same rules. The sooner Putin makes a radical decision to break the global dependence of the country's economy on the dollar, the easier it will be. But waiting for this from him is useless. He has his own friends and partners and his own "cunning" plans. As for some exchanges and speculations about how you can make money out of thin air and securities, then you are in London. They love such ... to clean ... lol
    I’m not worried at all. Glad this is happening. Let the people on their backs make sure the right choice ...
    1. andj61 Offline andj61
      andj61 (Andrei) April 11 2018 10: 22
      Quote: yuriy55
      You need to sit down at the table where all players play according to the same rules. The sooner Putin decides to leave the global economy dependent on the dollar, the easier it will be.

      And where to get a table at which the players play according to the same rules. If the "gentleman" does not play well, he always introduces new rules and plays according to them! bully
      Yes, and to get out of the dependence of the country's economy on the dollar does not work - the entire world economy is tied to the dollar. We want to trade - we have to focus on the dollar. And trade, for example, oil and gas - all quotes generally go exclusively in dollars. Even China and we cannot switch to trade exclusively in RMB - it turns out that this is not at all in the interests of China and Russia.
      And the fall in the shares of Russian companies is only an occasion for the redistribution of property and the stock exchange game for a decrease - at half the cost. Someone will quietly acquire or have already acquired a good piece of one of the world's largest aluminum producers - and nothing more! hi
  2. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) April 11 2018 10: 57
    Russia is a self-sufficient country and we can develop economically, in science and education, and in all other sectors of the economy. The export of hydrocarbons will not be interrupted, because people live here both in our country and in the West. Now we need to work more with China to establish closer ties, given the US declared trade war to China. It is necessary to continue economic ties with the EU, since it is with him that we have established wide trade. It should be borne in mind that the EU is dependent on the United States in everything. And if the adopted sanctions against us also affect Europeans, then an early withdrawal of capital from our country is possible. Perhaps not if Europeans find strength and the will not to support the United States. We have problems, but we need to learn to solve them in a new way, since the circumstances are always different during crises, in our relations with the West.