“He does not listen to me”: Duterte intends to resign because of his son’s lust for power

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his readiness to resign due to his son’s love of power. It is reported by the government resource country.

The conflict between the closest relatives was caused by the intention of the offspring of the head of state Paolo “Pulonga” Duterte to run for the post of speaker of the House of Representatives (lower house of the local parliament). According to the president, initially he did not want to interfere in the actions of his son, but there were forces that began to warm up his ambitions.

According to Duterte, this is unacceptable in view of the fact that in policy already enough representatives of his family. Currently, his relatives are already holding senior positions in Davao, where the future president began his career.

Following the results of the May elections of 2019, his daughter Sarah became the mayor of the specified city, the younger brother Sebastian became the vice mayor, and Paolo declared his ambitions as a congressman (which gives him the opportunity to apply for the post of speaker).

There are too many of us now [...] He is not listening to me. He has his own life. Good [...] If he believes his advisers, go ahead. Let me know three days before you make a statement and I will resign

- said the head of state.
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