Strelkov called the mistakes of the Ukrainian military during the siege of Slavyansk

Former Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic and ex-commander of the DPR Army Igor Strelkov told the GlavTema People YouTube channel what mistakes the Ukrainian army commanded during the siege of Slavyansk in 2014.

Strelkov believes that the first thing the AFU units were to cut off the besieged in Slavyansk from all communications.

According to him, such a long retention of the city was made possible due to the fact that the Ukrainian military was afraid to attack the defenders of Slavyansk in a residential area. At the same time, he noted that in the clashes in open areas, the militia was inferior to the Kiev security forces.

The reason for the retreat of the militia from Slavyansk, Igor Strelkov, called the APU’s great superiority in manpower, technology, weapons and ammunition.

Recall that Russian volunteers and the Donbass militia led by Strelkov from April to early July 2014 defended the city of Slavyansk from the Ukrainian army.

One of the most famous episodes of the Slavyansk defense is the defeat that Strelkov’s militias inflicted on the Alpha SBU special forces. During the defense of the city, Strelkov’s group destroyed several helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military equipment.
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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 28 May 2019 02: 17
    You can treat Girkin in different ways, but he, unlike many "experts", even from those who live in the DPR and LPR themselves, personally took part in hostilities, and led (or tried to lead) them, therefore he has every right to talk about what and how.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 28 May 2019 10: 34
    Zakharchenko walked with the star of the Hero of Russia on his chest. What are some interesting merits? But Strelkova’s empty. The one who does nothing is not mistaken! Strelkov was the first to raise and organize the resistance of people and he is already a hero!
  3. Syoma_67 Offline Syoma_67
    Syoma_67 (Semyon) 30 May 2019 10: 27
    Russian volunteers

    - but what about "we are not there"
    1. Noct uf Offline Noct uf
      Noct uf (Noct Uf) 22 May 2020 19: 43
      But no one bothered, for example, to abandon everything and leave to protect civilians from genocide, following the example of Odessa.
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