Trump gave Russia a "black Tuesday"

April 9, 2018 may well go down in the history of the Russian stock market as “Black Monday”. The first working day of the week began with the collapse of the Moscow Stock Exchange. Quotations of shares of Norilsk Nickel fell by 14,28%, Alrosa - by 3,7%. Sberbank collapsed by 20%, VTB - by 10,52%. Oilmen were also unlucky: Rosneft lost 11,45% of its value, Lukoil - 4,93%. The Russian gas monopolist did not account for 7,8% of the quotes. The ruble is falling against the US and European currencies. For the "American" they are now giving 59,76 rubles, the "European" will cost 73,15 "wooden".

Cheaper and Russian sovereign Eurobonds. Market experts describe the collapse as follows:

This is a reaction to the sanctions imposed and the associated uncertainty. Not only stocks are being sold, we also see sales in Eurobonds, in OFZs, the ruble is falling

Recall that last Friday, the United States authorities imposed sanctions against 38 Russian businessmen, top managers and officials, a number of companies and Russian government agencies. The business hit Oleg Deripaska and Viktor Vekselberg, whose closeness to the Kremlin eventually turned out to be Washington’s disfavor. On the morning of April 9, Oleg Deripaska's business empire collapsed, his UC Rusal lost 31,38% of the value of shares on the Moscow Exchange amid reports of a possible technical default due to sanctions, in Hong Kong UC Rusal managed to lose half the value before closing.

The panic reaction of investors is noteworthy. Sanctions have been imposed so far on only one publicly traded company UC Rusal, but the animal fear of losing their assets forces investors to sell in advance everything in the asset portfolio while it still costs something. Economists also associate the fears and reluctance of businesses to have Russian securities with the impending sanctions on Syria.

Summing up, we can come to the sad conclusion that this whole situation is a consequence of the integration of Russia and its economics into the global economic capitalist system. One click away from the ocean can bring down the financial system of a large country. The behavior of investors eloquently testifies to the real state with Russian sovereignty. The only correct way out of the economic trap where the economic liberal bloc drove the country is not an attempt to make peace with the West at all costs, but a repetition of the path that the Soviet Union once passed: the country's exit from the capitalist system and building its own, self-sufficient.
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  1. pavelpavel Offline pavelpavel
    pavelpavel (Pavel Dementiev) April 9 2018 20: 36
    When will the grant be announced for the creation of a new world system without reserve currencies on the principle of time is money? When? After all, we lived in a costly economy, and "two pillars are more reliable than one."
  2. sxfRipper Offline sxfRipper
    sxfRipper (Alexander) April 9 2018 22: 28
    Again Chef, u have gone !!! ©
    I still hope that the very liberal ones will finally be annoyed not in the SovMin, but in Skolkovo - let them have fun.
  3. savage1976 Offline savage1976
    savage1976 April 10 2018 00: 22
    It's time to send a couple of Amer aircraft carriers to the bottom. Then these idiots will immediately understand that it is not good to shit in someone else's house, and our market will accordingly not fall, but grow.
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) April 10 2018 11: 04
      And what will the Americans send to the bottom in response?
      1. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
        yuriy55 (Yuri) April 10 2018 12: 49
        Quote: UralRep
        And what will the Americans send to the bottom in response?

        In any case, we have the opportunity to send to the bottom ten times higher (1:10) lol
  4. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
    yuriy55 (Yuri) April 10 2018 12: 48
    Russia was dragged into this dependence, drafted by law, constitutionally recorded in the Kremlin tablets and now wonder how it happened? If before, a person living in a rural area was not dependent on food prices in stores and could not be intimidated by any sanctions, except for locust infestations and pests and weather conditions independent of human will, then he lived chuckling at those who produce (food ) seen only in stores. And the USSR, not accepting the dollar as a means of payment, lived spitting on sanctions. Wait for someone to wake up (the people) and break down for the most I do not want ... As in 1917 ...
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) April 10 2018 15: 03
      Wait for someone to wake up (the people) and break down for the most I do not want ... As in 1917 ...

      Will the people break themselves? Will break into unborn millions as a result of the unrest? Breaking Russia's hunger Kremlin evil? It is sad that you are my compatriot.

      Such fought the country in 17 and 91 nodding to the authorities. And in the 13th year, it was just people like you who wore pots on their heads in a neighboring country and are still looking for the truth and worthy rulers.

      Well, people like you broke the USSR, neither Gorbachev, nor Yeltsin - but people like you, who went to the rally in a million people and legalized the demolition of the system, after which a bolt was put on a popular referendum - an impressive amount of circus actors left you.

      In general, from such characters in the country of devastation. And not because of Medvedev or Putin.

      With disrespect to you, the author of revolutionary threats.

      PS I look at former classmates - all those who were dutiful or achieved nothing - they have the most claims to power. And with what clever view they talk about securities and the actions of the government - while I remember how he looked for Volga on the map, poking a finger at the Nile.

      You are funny revolutionaries. Sharikov really could lead your crowd. The level is perfect. And ditties would sing about Medvedev fervently.