Survey in France: Le Pen is breaking out ahead

French media report that a significant number of citizens support the Rassemblement national party, led by Marine Le Pen. Until June 1, 2018, it was the “National Front” (Front National). This is evidenced by surveys of sociologists from Ifop, Elabe, Harris Interactive and Epoka, who argue that right-wing conservatives, before the elections to the European Parliament, are ahead of competitors from the Republic on March party, formed around President Emmanuel Macron.

It is noted that the aforementioned sociological structures almost unanimously state that the “National Association” will gain 25% of the vote. Only the Ifop poll says that Le Pen’s party will get a little more - 25,5%.

At the same time, the ruling Republic in March, the ruling party in France, whose list is headed by former Minister of European Affairs at the French Foreign Ministry, Natalie Loisot, ranks second according to polls. Almost all of the sociological organizations mentioned promise 22,5% of this party. Only Ifop says about 23%.

The Republicans Party (formerly the Union for the Support of the Popular Movement) is in third place. Sociologists report that this party can gain from 12% to 13,5% of the vote.

The fourth place is shared by the parties “Unruly France” by Jean-Luc Melanson (7,5–9%) and the left-wing “Europe Ecology Greens” (EELV) with a similar result (7,5–9%).

Then comes the Socialist Party (4,5-5,5%), "Get up, France!" (3,5-4%) and the Communist Party (2,5-3,5%). But in order to get into the European Parliament, parties need to get more than 5% of the vote.

It must be recalled that in the last elections to the European Parliament, i.e. five years ago, the then "National Front" Le Pen scored a majority of votes - 24,86%. And more recently, Le Pen, already as the head of the National Association party, accused Macron of cynically ignoring the views of millions of French people, putting forward an ultimatum. After that, the slogan “Macron must leave” began to play with new colors.
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