Named the winner in the US and Chinese trade war

Trade war between the two largest economies the world is gaining momentum. One of Washington’s latest moves was a ban on cooperation between US companies and the Chinese high-tech giant Huawei. And despite the fact that Beijing’s response is not yet known, Bloomberg has announced the winner in the struggle between the two countries.

Named the winner in the US and Chinese trade war

The authors of the study were based on the seven most important indicators: a reduction in trade imbalance, the state of the stock market, inflation, consumer confidence, the state of the currency, a slowdown in economic growth, and the level of mutual investment.

US President Donald Trump called trade deficit reduction with China (Americans buy more from China than sell it) the main task. And he, apparently, copes with it. Over the past few months, trade imbalances have declined more than in the past three years combined.

Stock market China lost about 14%, while the American on the contrary grew by 6%. Here the victory was also on the side of the United States.

Уровень РёРЅС „Р” СЏС † РёРё in both countries it did not differ much, but in China it was still slightly lower than in the USA. This is due primarily to the fact that Beijing’s retaliatory duties for the most part did not affect the final goods, but the raw materials - oil and gas.

Consumer confidence, which shows the willingness of citizens to spend money, instead of saving them, declined both in the US and in China. The language of competition is called a draw.

Currency wars, according to experts at Bloomberg, also brought the parties one point. Beijing weakened its currency, which gave an advantage to the national exporter. However, if the Chinese Central Bank brings the yuan devaluation to a state where it will negatively affect the country's economy, it will have to start spending reserves to maintain its currency.

Concerning economic growth, then its slowdown was recorded in both countries. However, it has become more pronounced and tangible in China. Purely statistically the winner is the United States.

By volume of attracted mutual investment the undisputed leader is China. US investments in the Celestial Empire fell by only 8%, while the Chinese reduced their investments in the US economy by as much as 80%.

The final score, according to Bloomberg, is 5: 4 in favor of the Americans. At the same time, experts note that ultimately both parties will pay their price in the economic confrontation. For whom she hits harder - time will tell.
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  1. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 25 May 2019 14: 29
    In this war, the winner will be Russia.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 25 May 2019 20: 23
    So what about China .. ???

    -Oh, yes, China will create an internal 400 millionth market ... and all of China will be in soybean Chinese chocolate ... -Hahah ...

    -Yes .., the domestic market ... is practically "mini-communism" ...- Hahah ... -And where are the conditions and means for this "communism" in China ..? ... -China and so builds aircraft carriers; builds ghost towns where no one will ever live; pours islands (supposedly for military airfields), where there is neither fresh water, nor anything else, and these airfields can be washed away by any sea wave; builds a lot of all sorts of garbage in order to somehow find something to do for a huge mass of poor Chinese ... -It's just a bluff of the purest water ...

    - Once Hitler gave shovels to millions of Germans and they began to build roads .. and then created a powerful industry ...

    -In China, the opposite is true ... -from the construction of aircraft carriers will have to move to shovels and ... and shovels to dig the ground ... -build an underground "Silk Road" ... -It just won't work otherwise ... ...
  3. Tai kor Offline Tai kor
    Tai kor (Tai Kor) 26 May 2019 08: 27
    Alas, people management systems are more complex and tricky! See the YouTube Cyber-Marx Manifesto! This now-created oligarch, entertaining and super-ripping off his and other people, was invented by the neo-colonialists in order to keep the people in unquestioning obedience and fear. Even the bloody Tomahawk-bullish, color revolutions and sanctioned brawls fit into this theory of mafia globalism. Therefore you should not go