The new head of the General Staff of Ukraine: We lost the Crimea long before 2014 year

On May 21, 2019, the new president of Ukraine Zelensky dismissed Viktor Muzhenko from the post of chief of the General Staff (General Staff) of the Armed Forces and appointed Ruslan Khomchak, a member of the Ilovaysky "boiler" (entourage) to this post. After that, Muzhenko and Khomchak “patriotically” spoke to the media.

For example, Army General Muzhenko said that Zelensky would not succeed in ceasing fire in the Donbass with his “strong-willed decision”. After which he expressed “concern” about the fate of the soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighting in the Donbass.

How can one order servicemen not to return fire if they are fired at? How can one substitute the entire personnel, their people, under enemy fire without any answer? Any commander understands this. APU return fire is the only way to deter aggression by militants; the enemy must understand that a reaction to violation of agreements will be adequate. In the context of military operations, such a step can be perceived as suicide for our military personnel

- said the dismissed general, however, without specifying why he regularly sent Ukrainian DRG to the territory controlled by the LPR and DPR.

In turn, Lieutenant General Khomchak was not so verbose, he said that Ukraine had lost the Crimea long before the peninsula separated and became part of Russia in 2014. He specified that the last time he was in Crimea on vacation in 2010. Then he was shocked by what he saw - "the widespread advertising of Russian vodka with tricolor." Khomchak emphasized that Russia was preparing to take Crimea to itself from the moment Ukraine declared its independence.

It was a bad remnant of the Soviet Union, (...) I asked myself a question, I am in Ukraine. I did not understand where I am

- said the saddened "patriot" Khomchak.

Today we need to capture this (pointed to the head - ed.), But already physically it is a matter of time

- summed up Khomchak.

It should be recalled that Ukrainian nationalists accuse Khomchak of having left nearly 1500 "patriots" near Ilovaisk in late August - early September 2014.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 25 May 2019 12: 17
    You lost Crimea on February 20, 2014, when, near Korsun-Shevchenkovsk, your Galician thugs stopped a convoy of 8 buses, in which Crimeans were traveling home from Kiev from Anti-Maidan. Your scum began to throw Molotov cocktails on the buses traveling by, dragging them out into the cold, they broke their arms, legs, heads with bats and fittings, and those who tried to escape were shot from machine guns and pump guns, then put them on their knees, forced to eat broken bus glass and sing the anthem of Ukraine. During this massacre, more than 70 people were injured and killed. , and more than 20 disappeared ... Then, when we managed to get out of there, and get to the Crimea, at the national Crimean Veche it was decided to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, about which the Supreme Council of Crimea made a decision on the same day ... And on the same day, the nationalists carried out an armed seizure of power in Ukraine, and the Russian language was outlawed in the Ukrainian parliament, and you still wanted Crimea and Donbass to stay with you after all this? So you will get what you deserve.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 25 May 2019 14: 17
    This, "widespread advertising of Russian vodka with a tricolor" - allegedly "a demonstration of Russia's readiness to take Crimea for itself" - this is the level of "strategic thinking" of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ??! request
    Every year, in the same years, as well as earlier and later in 2010, I visited Crimea, but since I am not addicted to alcoholism and "the pipes do not burn", I did not pay attention to the store shelves with vodka, and vodka advertisements on the Crimean streets. I did not notice cities, because according to Ukrainian legislation, public advertising of alcohol in those years was legally prohibited ?!
    But the major (or else-captain, starley ???) Khomchak "on vacation (or not only?)" Vodka advertisement "constantly saw", as in the folk tale about "the pig will always find dirt", eh, and even then " understood everything "about the Crimea, but" did not tell anyone "-" tainus agent ", shhh ??! smile
    I wonder what he, the "seer", "said" obsessive widespread advertising of NON-RUSSIAN alcohol "Royal" in the post-Soviet space, including in the Crimea, at the beginning of the "wild 90s" ??!
    There was no need for the Ukrainian "privates" to deprive the Crimeans of the original status of the ARC, to curtail their rights (including self-government), and in every possible way, in the Banderonazi and Turkoman manner, to spread rot on the Crimean population, raze and destroy industry, a sanatorium complex and agriculture peninsula!
    The Kiev authorities had to preserve, maintain the inherited all-Union property and invest in the development of infrastructure and the tourist attractiveness of this region, and not stupidly (through such alien "zaslanets" as Yatsenyuk) to rake and plunder, siphoning out all funds and resources, completely spitting on worries about local residents, also intimidating them with gangs of Bandera and Turkomans, indulging the unpunished revelry of extremists and organized crime, as a cover for their thieves' deeds of appropriating tidbits of the Black Sea coast (in which the Family of the "innocent" Yanyk was especially distinguished!)!
    And the bloody "Korsun massacre", attacks on the Crimean law enforcement officers (dastardly murders and injuries of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), who participated in the protection of the Ukrainian population from the attacks of the Nazi-extremist beasts of the anti-people Kiev "Euromaidan" the decree of the anti-state ZRada on the abolition of the law on regional languages, first of all, our Russian language of interethnic communication, has become only the "last straw" in the long-suffering of the multinational population of Crimea!
    So, isn't this “ATO dick” and “vodka analyteg” general assistant (Glav showman?) On the General Staff too “shallow”?