Poland: Russians will be responsible for dirty oil

Recently we Reported, as Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Kozak said that Moscow is ready to compensate for losses from dirty oil to all countries that can prove the damage. And so, on May 21, 2019, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki told reporters that Russian suppliers made serious logistics and business mistakes, and therefore Moscow should be responsible for the supply of dirty oil through the Druzhba trunk pipeline.

Russian suppliers have made serious logistical and business mistakes, and they must answer for it

- said Moravetsky.

Russian firms should be financially responsible for this

- added the head of the Polish government.

Moravecki extensively noted that Poland had already taken care of the security of oil supplies. However, he did not go into details about the sources of oil. He emphasized only that Warsaw cannot allow all plants, pipes and the whole system to suffer from dirty Russian oil. After which he noted that complex negotiations are currently underway with Russia (Russian firms) and Poland would not forsake its terms (requirements).

This suggests that in Poland so far, they have not been able to calculate the damage, because no specific numbers have been named. That is, the damage is either so huge that the whole government is not enough for calculations, or it (damage) is actually microscopic and it’s a shame to call it. So, Warsaw simply wants to beg for serious money from Moscow from scratch and at the same time leave dirty oil to itself.

At the same time, on May 20, 2019, the Belneftekhim concern was informed that Belarus was ready to resume the transit pumping of Russian oil through the Druzhba pipeline after receiving confirmation from Ukraine and Poland.
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  1. Tai kor Offline Tai kor
    Tai kor (Tai Kor) 22 May 2019 08: 06
    Firstly, they usually hate the foreign establishment and oligarchy, which crowds out local business and government. And the people are up to the lantern, if the emigrants do not take away their jobs and do not bandit at night! Let them do a non-prestigious job! And there is no need to "powder" History - the Russian people have long been ruled by foreigners. Once upon a time a 15-year-old girl very clearly described -. "... And the old lie will become the truth, before the lie that lies ahead." Then she became Tatiana Snezhina,
    And here is what Cyber-Marx writes about this - "... the systems of managing people today are more complicated and more cunning! This, nowadays oligarch-entertaining and super-ripping off his own and other people's population, was invented by neo-colonialists to keep peoples in unquestioning obedience and fear. Even bloody tomahawk-bychil, color revolutions and sanctions get-togethers fit into this theory of mafiz globalism. Therefore, you shouldn't go licking, but by all means you need to defend your rights to a better and more free life. "
  2. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 22 May 2019 09: 04
    Grandmas want. Just a business.
  3. it is best to close Friendship - let them carry it with tankers!
  4. Our answer will be communist greetings!