Kadyrov told why he was disappointed in Zelensky

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said he was disappointed in the newly elected president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. Such a statement by the Chechen leader appeared on his Telegram channel.

Such was Kadyrov’s reaction to Zelensky’s words about Crimea in his inaugural speech. The new Ukrainian president said that Ukraine will surely regain the peninsula, but this "will be a long way."

Ramzan Akhmatovich considers such statements by various representatives of the Kiev authorities about Crimea to be childish pranks, which are sometimes quite annoying. Addressing Vladimir Zelensky, he said:

Vladimir Alexandrovich, I had a completely different opinion about you. I thought that a successful, experienced and famous showman would become a wise and sober-minded politician, and you would immediately look at someone else's.

Kadyrov believes that the statement of the Ukrainian president resembles an election promise, when the politician who gives it does not particularly believe in what he is talking about. He added that Crimea was, is and always will be an integral part of Russia. The head of Chechnya suggested that speech for the inauguration of Zelensky was prepared somewhere across the ocean. Otherwise, the Ukrainian politician would not have decided on his first day as president to announce the future seizure of the territory of a neighboring state.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 22 May 2019 01: 40
    Has Ramzan Akhmatovich forgotten the clown Vazelin's evil joke of the video frames of his stay at his father's grave ??! And the subsequent video apologies of the "shugnuvshuyu" bespontovous durogon - "an artist of a frivolous genre (with petulant requests" to understand and forgive ")" were generously forgiven and immediately forgotten! "
    But all these are "links" of one petty soul and by no means "childish pranks" - my life experience suggests that you should not turn your back on an unattached dog that is militantly "jumping" at you - this can be misinterpreted by a brave angry mongrel and sneaky bite!
    And if the mongrel is still sick with rabies, then you won’t get into trouble, in the worst case it’s possible to lose your own life!
    P.S. I fully agree with R.A. Kadyrov, that the populist unreal "blizzard" that Ze was carrying at his "inauguration" could not have been written by an adequate resident of Ukraine - this "speech" was written either by an absolutely "stoned" inadequate - "maydaun in life" enemy of the majority of Ukrainian residents and Ukraine ?!
    Even the anti-national "people's deputies" ZRada and "members of the government" quickly realized this and sat, glancing at each other cheerfully, grinning maliciously (by no means hiding it) - the "finale" of the clown Vazelin had already become clear to everyone ?!
  2. Port Offline Port
    Port 22 May 2019 05: 17
    Zelensky is another puppet of the West, controlled by the hand of a proctologist.
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 22 May 2019 09: 44
    90% of the financing of Chechnya is the budget of Russia. And for 1 million residents of Chechnya, 200 thousand are unemployed. Kadyrov must somehow somehow demonstrate his loyalty to Putin.